Handmade Purple Pearl Beaded Dangling Earrings

Hey, everybody, wanna make a pair of handmade dangling earrings within 15 minutes? Next I will bring you all a pair of handmade beads earrings which is made with purple pearl beads. I can bet you will like the elegant purple beaded earrings. Let’s see!
Supplies you’ll need in making pearl earrings:
3mm purple glass pearl beads
0.3mm tiger tail
Crimp beads
Bead tips
Hoop earrings
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of tiger tails, slide enough purple pearl beads to them and make a Josephine knot with the 2 bead strands as pictured. Step 2: Connect the 4 tiger tails together, slide a crimp bead and a bead tip to the tiger tails and pinch the bead into flat to fix them, and then cut off the excess tiger tails.
Step 3: Attach an earring hook to the bead pattern as pictured.
Repeat above steps to make the other pearl beaded earring, then this pair of pearl beaded earrings is finished quickly.
Love the handmade beads earrings? It is quite easy to make them, if you do not know the Josephine knot, then you can search it or tell us, I will tell you the detailed steps in making it. And you can also share your own jewelry crafts with us~ Have a nice try!


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