DIY Handmade Chain Movie Necklace with Balloon Pendant

Have you ever seen a movie about a flying house? Today I will share a DIY pendant necklace with you guys. The balloon pendant is really like the flying house, if you cannot imagine it, just follow me to see such a movie necklace.
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making pendant necklace:
24mm Round Acrylic Beads
12mm Lampwork European Beads
Jump Rings
Cross Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
6mm Round Acrylic Bead (not shown)
Head Pins
Step 1: Cut about 25-30 pieces of cross chains (with a length about 5cm).
Step 2: Attach 6 pieces of cross chains to a jump ring.
Step 3: Attach 2 pieces of cross chains to a jump ring and make other 5 such chain patterns like the first one, then attach each of them with the ready 6 cross chains as pictured.
Step 4: Connect each cross chain with a jump ring and then attach a cross chain to each jump ring as pictured.
Step 5: Put a 24mm acrylic bead on center of the chain net. Thread a 6mm acrylic bead to a head pin and add the chain net and the 24mm bead to the head pin and then make a loop at the other end of the head pin.
Step 6: Cut 4 pieces of cross chains (with a length about 18cm), thread a European bead to a chain and connect the 2 ends of the chain with a jump ring. Add other 3 pieces of chains with the bead together.
Step 7: Attach the European bead to the acrylic bead through jump rings, then attach a long piece of cross chain to the balloon pendant as pictured.
Now, this handmade chain necklace is finished, love it? Wearing such a movie necklace is so fashion, right? So, wanna have a try then?


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