Lovely Wire Wrapped Heart Pattern Earrings Making

Hey, guys. Do you want to make any jewelry for your girl friends? How do you think of a pair of lovely wire wrapped heart earrings? They can be finished within just several minutes, so don’t be afraid and you can do it even you are a green hand. Easy wire earrings with heart pattern, most girls will love this design.
Supplies needed for wire wrapped heart earrings making:
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Twisted Chain
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Instruction on how to make wire wrapped heart earrings:
Step 1: Prepare the wire heart patterns
Firstly, cut off a piece of aluminum wire and twist the wire into a heart shape, and you can do it as the picture shows;
Secondly, make another sliver heart pattern, two blue heart patterns and two purple heart patterns with the same steps.
Step 2: Finish this pair of wire wrapped heart earrings
Firstly, cut off two pieces of sliver twisted chain with same length and they are about three links;
Secondly, attach the links with earring hooks together;
Thirdly, hang a blue, a purple, a sliver heart onto the chain and do it as the other one.
Now, let’s see the wire wrapped heart earrings together!
Simple yet adorable project, right? It is a great chance if you are a green hand and you can start your first step from this craft. Few materials and tools, and then you can get a lovely pair of earrings soon. So why don’t you make it now?


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