DIY Pretty Bracelet with Black Pearl Beads and White Seed Beads

Hi, girls. Do you want to make a beautiful bracelet for yourself? If yes, you cannot miss today’s tutorial on how to make pearl and seed beads bracelet. You can see below picture which can be matched well with your clothes, right? Then please follow me to see the making details.
Supplies needed for the black pearl bracelet making:
6mm Black Glass Pearl Beads
2mm White Glass Seed Beads
Golden Wire Guardian and Protectors
Golden Lobster Claw Clasps
Golden Jump Rings
Silver Tiger Tail Wire
Flat Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make black pearl bracelet:
Step 1: start to slide beads
Firstly, attach a wire protector with a piece of tiger tail;
Secondly, slide four seed beads onto the two tails respectively then cross a black pearl bead;
Thirdly, tighten the wire and slide three seed beads, and cross a black pearl bead.
Step 2: continue to slide seed beads and pearl beads
Firstly, repeat to slide three seed beads and cross a pearl bead to make more same beaded patterns;
Secondly, add four seed beads onto two wires after you get desired length;
Thirdly, thread the two wires through the seed beads and pearl bead as picture shows.
Step 3: make the basic part of beaded bracelet
Firstly, slide three seed beads onto one wire and thread the wire through two seed beads and a black pearl bead;
Secondly, slide three seed beads onto the other wire and thread the wire through the beads as picture shows;
Thirdly, continue to slide beads until the whole pattern has been finished.
Step 4: finish this pearl beads bracelet
Firstly, add four seed beads at the two ends and attach a jump ring and a lobster claw clasp onto the two ends;
Secondly, connect the two ends to finish this bracelet making.
Now, it is done!
Look at it, do you like this style? The combination of black and white beads is attractive among jewelry fans. Simple steps and few materials, have a nice try!


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