Making Crystal Glass Beaded Bracelet with Golden Chain


Hey, do you love glass bead charm bracelet? Are you searching for crystal beaded bracelet? Here I will show you a beaded chain bracelet, hope you will like it and make one yourself.
Supplies you’ll need in making crystal beaded bracelet:
6mm Faceted Glass Beads
Golden Cross Chains
Golden Headpins
Golden Acrylic Beads
Spring Clasps
Needle Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Step 1: Slide an acrylic bead and a 6mm clear glass bead to a headpin, and then make more such bead patterns as pictured.
Step 2: Prepare a golden cross chain and attach some bead patterns to the chain as pictured.
Step 3: Attach all the bead patterns to the chain one by one, then link a bead pattern to one end of the chain while link a jump ring to the other end of it.
How beautiful this glass bead charm bracelet is, yes? It is quite suitable to wear on both hot summer and cold winter, do you agree with me? What’s more, you can make one and send it to your friend, and I think your friend will be happy for your heart. Have a nice try now!


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