Beebeecraft guide on how to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

It’s no secret that simple details can make all the difference in an outfit and necklaces happen to be one of those simple details. Do you often wear necklace? It is of great importance to know how to choose the right necklace for different necklines and you will be very gorgeous when you wear the right necklace. Here it is some beebeecraft guides on choosing right neckalce for u.

Before choosing the right necklace, it’s important to know what the different kinds of necklace lengths there are.

Choker necklace – Chokers are the shortest, usually between 14-16 inches. Choker necklaces generally sit high or directly on the neck without hanging.

Princess necklace – The princess necklace is lying slightly below the neck, and rest around the collarbone area 17 – 19 inches in length.

Matinée Necklace – A matinée length necklace is typically 20-24 inches long (about twice the length of a choker). These necklaces rest at the bust line.

Opera length necklace – about 24-32 inches long, It can be worn as a single strand with high necklaces or doubled to create a fashionable two-strand choker.

Rope necklace – longer than 32 inches which can be both elegant and sexy.

There must be many dresses in your dresser and they may have different necklines including V neckline, halter necklace, one-shoulder neckline, jewel neckline and boat neckline. Different necklaces are needed to match when we wear different dresses, suitable necklace can make you look more elegant!

  1. V neckline

V neckline is very popular among people, you are supposed to pair a V-neck top with a V-neck necklace. And you can use drop pearl necklace, simple pendant necklace to match the V neckline.

  1. Halter neckline

Halter neckline is the two straps tied behind your neck. If you often wear the dress with this kind neckline, you can choose the necklaces that are close to your neck. That kind of necklace can decorate your bald neck well.

  1. One-shoulderneckline

As the one-should neckline is not symmetric, you’d better not wear short necklace with it. You are supposed to use pendant necklace to match the neckline. The necklace should be long enough at least two inches below the neckline.

  1. Jewel neckline

Jewel neckline is one of the easiest neckline to match necklaces with. You can buy bib necklace, pendant necklace or other any style necklace to pair jewel neckline.

  1. Boat neckline

You can choose long, dangling pendant necklaces when you wear a dress with boat neckline. You should remember that the necklace can’t be too short. The drop pearl necklace is a good choice to boat neck.

Beebeecraft owns many high quality brands such as Pandahall Elite, Benecreat, Beadthoven, Sweetiee and Sunnyclue, and Sweetiee have many fashion jewelry and necklace for you to choose from. If you’re considering a fine necklace to complement your neckline, hope these beebeecraft tips are helpful to u and wish u can find the suitable necklace!


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