4 Stylish Ideas for Flower Jewelry

Hello, everybody! This weekend I will show you some flower jewelry which are chic and fashionable. Flowers are always loved by girls, we can use them to make some elegant jewelry directly or design flower jewelry with jewelry beads. Flower bracelets, necklaces and rings are very common in flower jewelry making, apart from them we can also make flower headband.

Flower Bracelet

Flower bracelets

This flower bracelet is made of pearl beads and Tibetan style leaf pendants. Girls who love vintage style can wear it and you could match it with dress.

Flower Bracelet

Mixed with seed beads and crystal beads with variety of colors, this bracelet is attractive and very suitable for summer! Red, purple and blue beads flowers let this beaded bracelet is unique compared with other bracelets.

Flower Necklace

flower necklace

So cute the silver necklace with flower pendant! The white daisy flower is very simple but it is really pretty , which is a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriends or mom!

 Flower Necklace

Wow, there are a variety of jewelry beads to make up this lovely Lucite flower necklace, such as the garnet beads, pearl beads, glass beads, seed beads, etc.

Flower Ring

flower ring

Vintage style red turquoise handmade flower ring and it is very easy to make, you can make it at home by your own. Making woven beaded ring needs some wire wrapping techniques, you can click here to learn more about beading techniques.

 flower ring

When I saw this white daisy flower ring, I can’t wait want to share with you guys. Yes, I really love daisy flower because it is very attractive and purity! Hope you will love this little flower ring.

Flower Headbands

 Flower Headband

Expect from flower necklaces, bracelets and rings, the flower headbands are also beautiful! Look at this wedding flower headband, the little seed beads make it amazing. I am sure you will be the most charming bride when you wear flower headband!

Have you got any good ideas about making flower jewelry? Sharing this if you love it!

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Jewelry Wire for Wire Jewelry Making

As we all know, jewelry wire plays a very important role in wire jewelry making. Make wire jewelry can be both fun and extremely exciting when you can admire your finished piece. There are different kinds of jewelry wire, like copper wires, tiger tail wires, aluminum wires and so on. Except materials, the prices of them also should be considered. Each of them has different characters, when you choose jewelry wires to make your own jewelry, you should learn more about their differences so that you can match well with other jewelry making supplies.

Today, I will introduce three kinds of jewelry wires and some wire jewelry made of them to you.

Copper wire

copper wirecopper wire


Copper wires were mainly used as electrical wires until people find out they are good materials for jewelry making. The copper wire always with silver or gold colors and it is coated by the use of the enamel.

Copper for wire jewelry making:

Look at this exquisite bracelet made of copper wires, the vintage style bracelet is so cool, isn’t it?

Copper Wire Bracelet Trade Beads Earthy Ethnic. $32.00, via Etsy.

Tiger tail wire

tiger tail wiretiger tail wire


Tiger tail wires are normally common in the jewelry making and they have a variety of sizes and colors. Tiger Tail Wires are very strong and flexible because they are made of braided wires.

Tiger tail wire for wire jewelry making:

Bright red acrylic beads and Tibetan style pendants threaded by tiger tail wires make this bracelet so charming and attractive.

Vigil Bracelet Rosary $18.00 - One Decade Agate Bracelet Rosary. Frosted Dragon's veins Agate, crackled glass, and Tibet silver on tigers tail wire.

Aluminum wire

Aluminum wireAluminum wire


Aluminum wires have bright and variety of colors, they are also very soft so that aluminum wires are easy to wrap around jig pegs. One point you should pay more attention to is that aluminum wires are easy to be broken and marred because they are more brittle than other types of jewelry wires.

Aluminum wire for wire jewelry making:

Silver aluminum wire butterfly necklace with pearl beads. This pretty necklace is so sparkling under the sunshine! I believe you will become the elegant woman when you wear this beautiful necklace.

Silver Aluminum Wire Butterfly Necklace by Karismabykarajewelry, $39.00

I’m so glad to share these jewelry wires and jewelry which made of wires with you. Hope you enjoy our sharing and have a fun day at the same time!

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How to Make a Colorful Woven Bracelet

woven bracelet


Today, I will teach you guys how to make a colorful woven bracelet which is made of four colors strands, the yellow thread, the green thread, the blue thread and the red thread. Jewelry making is very fun, especially when you wear this charming macramé bracelet made by yourself, you will feel very happy!

Supplies for making woven bracelets:

supplies for woven bracelet making


Brass Chains  

Waxed Polyester Cord

White Nylon Thread

Silver Brass Cord Ends

Bracelet clasps, here I choose Brass Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps

0.3mm Silver Copper Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Clear Plastic Stick

Needle Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

Iron Scissor

Processes about DIY woven bracelet:

Step 1:

half hitch knotting technique


Make a macramé bracelet using half hitch knotting technique. The half hitch technique is a simple knotting skill . First, we need to prepare a green and white thread and make a knot. Then, you need to use the half hitch skill to braiding: wrap the green thread around the white thread and pull the green strand tightly. Repeat it until you get a certain length. Last thing you should do is to make a knot at the end of this strand.


finish four strands


Repeat the step 1 and finish the red, yellow and blue strands. Then fix the silver brass cord at the end of these four strands. Ok, the four single macramé jewelry bracelets are finished.


Make a rhinestone circle.


Make a rhinestone circle.

(1) Wrap the iron jump ring with white nylon.

(2) Cut 0.3mm silver copper wire and fix it in the middle of the ring.

(3) Wrap the brass chain with the copper wire.


woven bracelet tutorial

Cross these four bracelets below the ring and on the top of the copper wire.


woven bracelet tutorials

Fix end of the four bracelets with slide lock clasps and jump rings as the picture shows.

woven bracelet

Now, a colorful woven bracelet is done! Someone thinks it is very difficult before making this woven bracelet, actually it is very easy to make as long as you follow the above steps.

The advantages of using wooden beads in jewelry making

 Hand Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

Since more and more people love the wooden beads, it became very popular recent years. It must be a reason why it is so popular among the people, I think the main reason is the versatility of the wooden beads. It is the versatility that making the wooden beads different from other types of beads. Now,.

Wooden beads are cheap

Sometimes, not everyone has an extra money to buy some expensive fine jewelry, but you can buy some jewelry decorations made with wooden beads because the wooden beads is more cheaper than most of other jewelry beads. When you are hesitant to spend much money on your jewelry purchase project, you can consider buying the wooden beads so that it is help you to save much money.

wood beads chain

Wooden beads are Light

The other reason why the wooden beads are so popular among the people recently years is that the wooden beads are much lighter than the gemstone beads of the same sizes. Wood beads jewelry is light and comfortable to wear. You can make it into any decorations you like, such as the bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Wooden beads are easy to make

The wooden beads are also very easy to make, you can make wood beads from twigs at home. Pick a fruit tree twigs or any twigs and cut it into an appropriate size, and peel all the bark from the twigs. You can make the wood beads in round, opal and other shapes. Also, you can paint the wooden beads with different colors.

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