Simple Flower and Pearl Beads Dangle Earrings

Hey friends, do you love flower dangle earrings? Do you wanna make simple yet nice beaded dangle earrings? Look here! Next I will share a pair of original pearl earrings to you, are you expecting it? Then follow me to see HOW!

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making this pair of flower linking earrings:
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Flower Resin Beads
Mixed Shape Linking Rings
Golden Earring Hooks
Golden Jump Rings
Golden Eyepins
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Step 1: make a pearl bead link and flower resin cabochon link with eyepins, then make a loop at the other end of the eyepins and connect these 2 links together, then attach an earring hook to top of the flower resin cabochon as pictured.

Step 2: Attach a golden star linking ring and a golden square linking ring to a golden jump ring, and then add this linking ring pattern to the pearl bead link as pictured.

Now I finished this pair if flower dangle earrings quickly!

This pair of dangle beaded earrings is so simple but it is really nice to wear, do you wanna own them? I will bring you more such simple yet delicate jewels next time, are you expecting them? See you next time~


Handmade Ocean Style Beaded Tassels Earrings

How do you like beaded tassel earrings? Here I will share a pair of ocean style earrings made with chains and beads to you guys. Hope you can get some inspirations from them and can make one pair such nice tassel hoop earrings later.
Supplies you’ll need in making the shell beads earrings:
8x6mm Faceted Abacus Glass Beads
6x4mm Faceted Abacus Glass Beads
Silver Star Pendants
Sea Shell Beads
Silver Twisted Chain
Silver Headpins
Silver Hoop Earrings
Silver Crimp Beads
Silver Jump Rings
Long Nose Pliers
Step 1: Prepare 4 parts of silver twisted chain (with the lengths about 3cm, 5cm, 7cm and 10cm), and then attach a jump ring to one end of each chain.
Step 2: Add 2 shell beads to 2 chains through jump rings as pictured, then make some bead links with 8mm and 6mm abacus glass beads and silver headpins.
Step 3: Attach all the bead links to the chains one by one, you can hang them to the chains as you like of course.
Step 4: Attach the one chain to a hoop earring and add a silver crimp bead to it, then add other chains to the hoop earring with more crimp beads between each one, then add a star pendant to it through a jump ring.
This pair of tassel hoop earrings is quite easy to make, so if you also wannna make such nice ocean style jewelry yourself, just follow my detailed steps to have a nice try!

Simple Handmade Tibetan Style Beads and Hematite Beads Bracelet

Do you like simple handmade beading bracelet? Today I will share a hematite beads bracelet with you all, if you are interested in making this Tibetan style bracelet, just follow me to make one later.
Supplies you’ll need in making the Tibetan bead bracelet:
8x5x5mm Oval Hematite Beads
4mm Black Glass Pearl Beads
Tube Tibetan Style Beads
Tibetan Silver Cube Spacer Beads
0.2mm Transparent Fishing Wire
Crimp Beads
Crimp Beads Covers
Tibetan Style Toggle Clasps and Tbar
Flat Nose Pliers
Step 1: Cut a piece of fishing wire and add a crimp bead and a Tibetan toggle clap to it, then cross the wire back through the crimp bead and pinch it into flat to fix the wire.
Step 2: Add a crimp bead cover to the flat crimp bead and close it, then thread a 4mm black glass pearl bead, a cube spacer bead, an oval hematite bead, a tube Tibetan bead, an oval hematite bead and a cube spacer bead to the wire in sequence.
Step 3: Continue to add more such beads in sequence that showed in step 2, till the length of the bead pattern is enough to you.
Step 4: Add a crimp bead and a Tbar to the wire, then cross the wire back through the crimp bead and pinch the crimp bead into flat, then add a crimp bead cover onto the flat crimp bead and cut off the excess wire.
Another pictured:how-to-make-tibetan-triple-strands-hematite-beaded-bracelet2
How do you like this hematite beads bracelet? It is quite easy for even a green hand to make, then do you wanna have a try?

Making a Simple Suede Cord Bracelet with Agate Beads and Gemstone Pendant

Hey dear friends, do you wanna make suede cord bracelet? Here I will show a suede cord bracelet with agate beads with you all. Hope you will like it and make one yourself later. Then follow me to check the details.
Supplies you’ll need in making the agate bead bracelet:
8mm Mixed Color Round Agate Beads
Mixed Color Gemstone Pendants
3.0×1.4mm FireBrick Suede Cord
8mm Golden Brass Cord Ends
Golden Lobster Claw Clasps
Golden Headpins
Golden Jump Rings
Flat Nose Plier
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Glue Gun
Step 1: Cut 6 equal parts of fire brick suede cord and add a golden cord end to both ends of them with hot glue gun.
Step 2: Slide an 8mm round agate bead to an eye pin and make a loop at the other end of it, then make other 2 such bead patterns with agate beads and attach them to one end of the cord end as pictured.
Step 3: Hang a gemstone pendant to the agate bead link through a golden jump ring, and attach a golden lobster clasp to the other end of the cord end, then connect the clasp with the jump ring together.
More pictures show to you!
How do you like this agate bead bracelet, my friends? This handmade cord bracelet is really personalized and characteristic, yes? If you also love this simple suede cord bracelet, follow here and try to make one for yourself now~

Making Easy Crystal Multi-strand Glass Beaded Bracelet

Hey body, do you wanna make easy beaded bracelet? Today I will show a multi-strand beaded bracelet with you all, hope you will like it and can try to make one yourself later~


Supplies you’ll need in making crystal glass beaded bracelet:

8mm Faceted Abacus Dark Salmon Glass Beads

6mm Faceted Abacus Dark Salmon Glass Beads

8mm Faceted Abacus Deep Sky Blue Glass Beads

6mm Faceted Abacus Deep Sky Blue Glass Beads

8mm Faceted Abacus Cornflower Blue Glass Beads

6mm Faceted Abacus Cornflower Blue Glass Beads

10mm Faceted Round Deep Sky Blue Glass Beads

10mm Faceted Round Cornflower Blue Glass Beads

4mm Silver Spacer Beads

2mm Silver Spacer Beads

30mm Sliver Tube Beads

Silver Crimp Beads

Silver Bead Caps

Silver Headpins

Sliver Jump Rings

Silver Twisted Chain

Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

Tiger Tail Wire

Round Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers



Step 1: Snick off a part of tiger tail wire, add a crimp bead to the wire and pinch the bead into flat, then add a bead cap to it and cover the flat crimp bead with it.

Step 2: Slide a 2mm spacer bead, a 4mm spacer bead, a tube bead, a 4mm spacer bead, a 2mm spacer bead, a 4mm spacer bead to the wire in sequence.

Step 3: Add some 8mm and 6mm deep sky blue glass beads to the wire alternatively.


Step 4: Repeat step 1 to step 2 to make same pattern of the wire as pictured, then the first deep sky blue glass beaded strand is finished.

Step 5: Repeat above steps to make other 2 beaded strands with cornflower blue glass beads and dark salmon glass beads as pictured.

Step 6: Close all the bead caps with pliers, then connect 3one end of the bead strands with a jump ring and attach a short part of twisted chain to it.


Step 7: Connect the other end of the bead strands with a jump ring and attach a lobster clasp, then make 2 bead patterns with headpins and blue faceted round glass beads.

Step 8: Hang the 2 bead patterns to the chain and then connect the crystal glass beaded bracelet.




One more picture for the handmade glass beaded bracelet:


This crystal glass beaded bracelet is quite shining and pretty, yes? I can bet you love it really, so why don’t you try to make such a nice multi-strand beaded bracelet now? Anyway, have a wonderful time~

DIY White Pearl Beaded Chandelier Earrings with Golden Chain

How do you like DIY chandelier earrings? Today I will share a pair of white pearl chandelier earrings with you guys. If you are searching for pearls chandelier earrings, then you can never miss this instruction on making beaded chain earrings.
Supplies you’ll need in making the DIY chandelier earrings:
15x9mm White Drop Pearl Beads
10mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
3mm Golden Acrylic Beads
Golden Flower Bead Caps
Golden Twist Chain
Golden Ball Headpins
Memory Wire
Golden Eyepins
Golden Earring Hooks
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Step 1: Slide a flower bead cap, a drop pearl bead and an acrylic bead to a ball headpin; then cut a piece of 5mm twisted chain and attach the pearl bead pattern to this chain.
Step 2: Make other 8 such pearl bead patterns and cut 8 pieces of chain (2x1cm, 2x2cm, 2x3cm and 2x4cm), then attach each bead pattern to each chain one by one as pictured.
Step 3: Cut a piece of memory wire and slide 3 6mm pearl beads and 2 acrylic beads to it in sequence, then link a 1cm dangle pattern to the wire.
Step 4: Add 8 6mm pearl beads and the 8 dangle patterns to the wire alternatively, and make sure the long one in middle part and the short one at 2 sides of it, then slide 3 6mm pearl beads and 2 acrylic beads to the wire in sequence.
Step 5: Make a loop at both side of the wire and prepare a piece of twisted chain, then connect both ends of the wire with the chain.
Step 6: Make another pearl bead pattern and attach it in middle part of the chain as pictured.
Step 7: Slide a 10m pearl bead to an eyepin and link it with an earring hook; then attach then to middle of the chain together with the bead pattern.
Now this pair of DIY chandelier earrings is finished quickly, do you like them? It is not difficult for even a green hand to make then, so if you wanna own then, just follow my detailed steps to have a nice try!

DIY Beaded Multi-strand Bracelet with Tassel and Charms

Wanna DIY charm bracelet? Today I will share a DIY beaded tassel bracelet with you all, hope you will like it and make one yourself later~ Now follow me to see HOW~
Supplies you will need in making the beaded multi-strand bracelet:
0.5mm Memory Wire
3mm Golden Acrylic Beads
4mm White Pearl Beads
8x6mm Faceted Clear Glass Beads
8mm Jade Beads
10mm Jade Beads
6x4mm Faceted Glass Beads
8x6mm Faceted Glass Beads
Golden Tube Beads
Golden Flower Spacer Beads
Pink Suede Cord
8mm Golden End Caps
Golden Headpins
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instructions on making the beaded tassel bracelet:
Step 1: Snick off 3 strands of memory wire and make a loop at one end of it, then slide 3 golden spacer beads, a white pearl bead and 2 faceted glass to it beads alternatively as pictured.
Step 2: slide a golden tube bead and then add more other beads (glass beads, flower spacer beads and golden spacer beads) o it, then add a tube bead to it.
Step 3: Continue to add more beads to the memory wire to finish the first strand as pictured.
Step 4: Slide more beads to the second strand and then add some golden spacer beads and white pearl beads to the wire, with glass beads, tube beads between them as pictured.
Step 5: Add more faceted glass beads, flower spacer beads and a jade bead to the wire and then make a loop at the other end of it.
Step 6: Slide a clear glass bead to a headpin and slide a blue jade bead to a headpin, then attach the 2 links to one end of the wire.
Step 7: Cut several pieces of pink suede cords, then inset then to an end clasp with hot glue gun and attach it to the other end of the wire.
Now this beaded multi-strand bracelet is finished quickly, how do you like it? If you also fall in love with such a beaded tassel bracelet, just follow me detailed instruction to make one~