Easy Way To Create Earrings With Cheap Beads

We love earrings for their power to make an ordinary look trendy and on the go. Many times people just ignore them, but when you have a minimalistic eye catcher dangling around your ears, there is no reason to burden yourself with bold chokers and fancy bracelets. Just invest in a couple of beautiful and intricate earrings and you’re good to go.

Even better options are out there, and since my personal inclination has always been creating personalized jewelry, I am going to call out on all the earring lovers today and present them with very valuable steps to designing your own earrings. You can put these on for school, a girl’s night out or simply a day in the park with your favorite book under the sunlight.

A beautiful pair of earrings can be created with cheap beads, easily. These beads are not of the premium quality but are best for light suited pieces. What’s more is that if you lose or break these pieces, you can always make new ones.

Things you need to create earrings with cheap beads

Prepare this checklist below, before heading out to the stores. You will need these items in bulk because once you get the hang of it; there will be no stopping you. It is indeed the best thing about personalized crafts!

  1. Tools: Since you will be dealing with metals, reshaping them and cutting pieces will need a nose plier and a wire cutter. More tools are used but since we’re talking about pieces made of cheap beads, these two will suffice.
  2. Earring hooks, clips & studs: Stainless and hypo allergic material is the best investment you can make while buying hooks for earrings because you wouldn’t want your customers or yourself troubling with earlobe infections.
  3. Beads: you can purchase cheap beads in bulk because you’ll find that as the product demand soars you’ll need to restore them very quickly. Consider buying these beads in various sizes.
  4. Beading threaded needle

Create your earrings with following steps

Follow these steps and create your first pair of earrings with no complications.

  1. Pick your favorite combination of 5 or 4 beads because we are going to work our way into making single strand beaded earrings. Arrange them in the order you would want your earrings to have. Mix and match colors and create a pattern.
  2. Insert these beads one-by-one in each headpin. Now take a plier and create a soft bend on each needle.
  3. Now mark a point on the bended needle at distance of half-inch from the beads. Cut the outward portion from the marked point using wire cutter.
  4. Now using plier, further bend the remaining needle to complete 180 degrees. It will form into a fishnet hook.
  5. Finish off the product by inserting each bent needle into earring hooks. Further, seal the needle curves inward using pliers and you’re set to try on your personalized pair of earrings!

Be sure to experiment with different styles from time to time. Purchase cheap beads in wholesale because the items just magically run out or become expensive with time.


Beaded Jewelry Sets’ Floral Look

Floral Jewelry is the best choice of girly jewelry. These are totally floral beaded jewelry sets for jewelry making designers and crafters to try! If you love them, prepare the detailed jewelry making supplies like flower beads to DIY yourself.

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look
Hope these can inspire you and start to personalize your own beaded jewelry sets for the summer with lots of color. Enjoy!

How To Get Top Quality and Wholesale Beads

Any sensible jewelry maker, who wants to make meaningful profit, will think of buying nothing other than wholesale beads for his or her work. This is the only sure fire way to make meaningful returns in this business. There are lots of individuals engaged in this business already and one of the best ways to keep your head above water of losses is to reduce overhead cost as much as possible. One of the best ways to reduce overhead cost is to buy things cheaply. You can only buy cheaply when you buy wholesale. The amount you are able to save per purchase may not amount to much in the initials, but they do add up over time to something early significant. There are so many sites you can patronize out there today for your wholesale beads. Ok, how can you actually your beads at wholesale? This particular question will be answered by this write up.

beads for jewelry making
The number or quantity of beads you buy actually depends on how much bead work you have on your hand. It also depends on what your customer base is, as well as how many customers you are expecting for that particular period. Be that as it may, you need to understand that the price you pay on our wholesale beads goes down as the quantity increases. Lots of outlets out there are willing to offer you the beads at wholesale price. However, you should not jump into the same boat with just any of them without taking time to investigate the reliability of their wholesale beads deal. This will save you lot of heartaches in the long run.
Do not make your purchase from the very first outlet you come across; exercise some patience and compare the prices a number of other outlets have to offer. Go for the one with the most considerate price among them. This way, you will be able to save as much as possible over the wholesale beads you are buying. To further reduce how much you have to pay on the wholesale beads, find out if the outlet you are planning to patronize offers free home delivery. If they do not, then look out for a site offering good deal on the beads as well as free home delivery.
While it is important to keep an eye out for price cut on the wholesale beads, it is equally important to keep an eye out for top quality beads. No matter how cheap the particular outlet is selling the beads, it is not an entirely good idea to patronize them if the quality of what they offer is poor. Good quality beads will help set your jewelries apart from the crowd. It is never a good idea to place quantity above quality when buying the wholesale beads. It may even be better to buy the beads at exorbitant rate but at very good quality than to buy very cheaply and at very poor quality. Such will mar your band name and damage your reputation in the bead making industry.
Low price is good when buying wholesale beads , but it must never be placed above quality. If the outlet cannot offer top quality wholesale beads, then look out for a more reliable outlet to do business with. You can get more information from pandahall .

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads

We handmade crafters love making jewelry and diy crafts. I especially love beaded crafts. I watched many crafts tutorials with seed beads on Youtube, which inspired me. I’d like to make something with these cute beads too. Here I collected some of my favorite easy and fun to make DIY crafts with seed beads, which you can make by yourself in leisure time. All the materials and tools will be shared below the finished crafts. Gonna prepare the jewelry making supplies, and try them out! Enjoy!

Right, it is a seed beads flower, pink & beautiful.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (1)

Seems to be a headband, but a seed beads flower bracelet. 😀

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (2)

Rainbow bracelet with seed beads, nice idea for kids, I think.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (3)

Seed beads sunflower – Love, Love, Love

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (4)

Is it a flower, or something else? Only sure it is made of seed beads. :)

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (5)

Wow, seed beads butterfly! Like really!

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (6)

Red seed beads jewelry set, nice idea for this Christmas, maybe.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (7)

Source from: lc.pandahall.com

How to Buy the Right Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

1406987548_shutterstock_1663312641Jewelry making has become one of the most loved arts that people from all over the world are more than willing to try out. As a jewelry designer, it is of paramount importance that you know how to shop for the right wholesale jewelry making supplies that suit your needs. By buying the right supplies for making jewelry, you will be able to create some beautiful jewelry pieces and the whole idea of making jewelry will be such an enjoyable one for you. Regardless of why you are involved in making jewelry, whether for your own use or for selling, it is essential that you know the best kinds of supplies that you want.

Watch your expenses

When you are involved in making of jewelries, it is essential that you always keep watch of your expenses when you are buying wholesale jewelry making supplies. This is because these expenses can be quite expensive and may cost you a lot if you are not careful. The good thing is that you just need to do some shopping and you will be able to find great deals on these supplies and avoid paying a fortune to buy them. However, even as you keep an eye on the cost of buying these supplies, you should be careful to ensure that you buy the right supplies that you need without compromising on the quality of what you are buying in any way.

Types of jewelry making supplies

indian-kasmiri-tribal-ethnic-beads-brown-silver-jewelry-supply-41899Among the most important types of wholesale jewelry making supplies that you should buy are wires and cords and you will need these when making jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. A much better alternative to these are silver and gold chains but these ones are a little bit more expensive and if you are concerned about your budget, it is better that you stick to cords and wires. Spacers and beads are the other types of supplies that you will need for your creations. There are so many affordable options available on the market such as glass beads, acrylic beads, wooden beads and plastic beads. When buying beads, you must consider the size and shape of the beads you are buying. Other supplies that you will need include hooks, clasps, scissors, pliers and cutters among others.

Why buy in wholesale

beaded-jewelry-suppliesBuying wholesale jewelry making supplies comes with so many advantages than you would imagine. For starters, bulk buying means that you have abundant supplies that can last you for a long time. Most importantly, wholesale buying means that you are able to get the deals and offers on these jewelry making supplies and save big on the purchase. When you order in wholesale, the seller will always extend some fantastic offers and special deals to you and this means that you are able to get great deals. Pandahall.com is the leading online store where you can buy high quality supplies at the most fantastic offers possible.

Detailed Jewelry Video: Make an Ornate Pearl and Crystal Necklace

If you love exquisite beadwork necklace, then you can make a statement with this necklace of glass pearls and electroplate glass crystals. Simple but elegant!

Prepare the below listed jewelry making supplies and let’s get started! Good luck!!

8mm Glass Pearls
6mm Electroplate Glass Crystals
3mm Silver Lined Seed Beads
2mm Electroplate Glass Seed Beads
0.38mm Tiger Tail
0.3mm Nylon Wire
Lobster Claw Clasp
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers


How to Order Wholesale Beads Online Easily

paper necklace 2 collage

While making jewelry is a hobby for some people, others take it as a business opportunity where they make jewelry for sale and reap the profits. When you are involved in jewelry making, it is essential that you have the best knowledge about the findings and supplies that you need. You must know the best place to find top quality wholesale beads and at the cheapest rates possible. This is a must if you want to enjoy the art of making good jewelry.

Buying beads online

Internet advancement has meant that buying wholesale beads is no longer a hassle anymore. You can order all the different types of beads you need at the comfort and convenience of your own home and get great deals on them. The web is home to many stores that sell these beads and you can be sure that you will not only find high quality ones but also a large selection of them being offered at awesomely great prices. As a jewelry designer, the internet is certainly the best place to buy these beads from. You just need to know more about the store and then place your order right away if you are satisfied with it.

Do your research


As you probably know already, there are so many internet stores that sell wholesale beads on the web and you certainly shouldn’t have any problem at all. As every expert will tell you, it is very important that you do your research as this will help you know the kind of online store that you are buying from. Most importantly, make sure that you check reviews written by other customers regarding the store and assess its reputation and credibility before you decide to do business with them.

Comparison shopping helps

The benefits that come with comparison shopping when buying wholesale beads are immense. So, rather than just buying the beads from the first store that you come across make a point of comparing what different stores are offering you so that you can be able to make an informed decision on exactly where you should source your beads from. Different stores price their beads for sale differences and you can be surprised at just how much some simple comparison can help you save. The savings might even be much more since you will be buying the beads in wholesale and you will thus be buying them in bulk. Pandahall.com is one of the recommended wholesale beads supplier who will help you to get a great deal to buy the beads in bulk amount.

Making jewelry using wholesale beads is something that you will truly enjoy and if you are more creative, you are going to make some awesome pieces. Remember that whether you are making the jewelry for reselling or for your own use, it is in your best interests that you make great pieces that everyone will truly love. The web is home to lots of great resources regarding on how to work with these beads and be able to make some great pieces. Start looking for the best online stores with a wide range of beads and at the best prices.