How to use Beads for jewelry making?

Different kinds of beads used in pieces of jewelry give them the most elegant look. I love jewelry making, my projects are very special and rare as I use different types of beads for jewelry making. Beaded jewelry is the most popular and ancient invention. You can create a variety of various types of projects using beads for jewelry making that may include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and armbands. Nowadays, you can find an impressive range of beads in various different types, shapes, sizes, and textures. You can customize your work by using birthstones or their crystal equivalent beads for jewelry making.

Making your own jewelry is the most interesting and exciting way to get the exact kind of jewelry you want but never get in the market. When you are starting a project, you will need to have basic knowledge of tools and supplies that are going to be used for making jewelry and beaded projects. Let’s have a look at the basic tools and supplies that are used in making customized jewelry projects.

Basic tools used for making beaded jewelry:

Here are a few basic tools and supplies by which you can create the most artistic, elegant and classical looking projects. Whatever style you have in your mind, these tools will help you in giving a physical shape to your creative thinking.

You will need wire cutters, nose pliers, beading cord or plastic thread, crimping tool, big-eye beading needle, assorted clasps, memory wire,  measuring tape, strong adhesive, glue gun, ear-wires, crimp beads for jewelry making, and bead organizer.

Types of beads used for jewelry making:

There are countless styles and methods that can be used to make endless variations in jewelry. If you love wearing bracelets, you have a lot of options of making customizable stylish bracelets with simplest methods using beads.

Here are some kinds of beads that can be using in jewelry making projects:

Regular beads: these beads are used as the main body of the jewelry or can also be used to give spaces in any elaborate piece of the project. Large beads can be used as a single piece in earrings, rings, and even pendants.

Seed beads: seed beads available in a large size can be used as the main body while the smaller beads are mostly used as spacers.

Pony beads: these beads are mostly used in children’s crafts and can be used as spacers in making necklaces or bracelets. These beads come in various shapes and designs.

Charm beads: these are the most popular kind of beads, often used as a focal piece for necklaces and pendants. Bracelets made by charm beads are loved by all.

Specialty beads: these are used as links, clasps, stoppers and spacers in jewelry making and beaded projects.

Above mentioned are only a few types of beads for jewelry making, there is a huge variety that comes in different shapes and sizes. By using these beads and the above-mentioned tools, you can create amazing jewelry pieces for yourself as well as your friends.


Various Ideas for Jewelry Making

Among the many things you can make out of the beads for jewelry making is the bracelet. The great thing is that there are plenty of ideas available for making different types of bracelets. It does not have to be a simple beaded bracelet, you can bring many variations. All it takes is your imagination and you can accomplish many things.

Chevron Bracelet

In this post, I would like to share my personal bracelet called the chevron bracelet. All you need is a string and some nuts. I made my first one using blue string.

Here is the step by step tutorial that explains how you can make one.

  • Before starting the braid, I would recommend you to place one end of the bracelet between the drawers of the coffee table. This will help you in holding the bracelet strands and make a tight braid.
  • Make regular braid till 2 inches and then keep on adding nuts and braid. The nuts are supposed to be in the middle. As you reach the ends, shift towards the regular braid.
  • At the end of the bracelet, you are supposed to place a clasp. It is recommended to use a toggle clasp.
  • Now you must trim the extra lace and you are done with creating the bracelet
  • Instead of the nuts, you can also add different types of beads for jewelry making.

Shiny Ring

There is more that I would like to share with you when it comes to beads for jewelry making.  It is again one of my personal favorites; I call it the shiny rings.

You need to have the best glitter, adjustable ring having a setting pad, some toothpicks and ring cushion. Here is now you can make this beautiful piece of ring:

  • Take the ring and place it in the ring cushion.
  • Take half teaspoon of glitter and add 1/4 teaspoon of varnish glue and mix it will. Make sure the glitter is more than the glue.
  • Use toothpick to apply this mixture onto the setting of the ring. You can also place some beads for jewelry making on top if you want but I like mine simple.
  • Let the ring dry according to the instructions of the glue.
  • You will have your sparkling ring ready in no time. You can make it in different colors. Make sure you use the best quality glitter for this purpose.

There are plenty of other ideas related to beads for jewelry making which no jewelry lover can resist. When I first started making jewelry, I was so much overwhelmed by the ideas that it was getting hard for me to decide where to begin with. That’s why I have shared some simple ideas that anyone can get started with. You don’t really need expensive supplies and beads for jewelry making for the simple projects like these. As long as you have the right supplies and the best ideas in your head, you are going to end up making the most wonderful jewelry items. The benefit is that you will have a lot to wear.

How To Get Top Quality and Wholesale Beads

Any sensible jewelry maker, who wants to make meaningful profit, will think of buying nothing other than wholesale beads for his or her work. This is the only sure fire way to make meaningful returns in this business. There are lots of individuals engaged in this business already and one of the best ways to keep your head above water of losses is to reduce overhead cost as much as possible. One of the best ways to reduce overhead cost is to buy things cheaply. You can only buy cheaply when you buy wholesale. The amount you are able to save per purchase may not amount to much in the initials, but they do add up over time to something early significant. There are so many sites you can patronize out there today for your wholesale beads. Ok, how can you actually your beads at wholesale? This particular question will be answered by this write up.

beads for jewelry making
The number or quantity of beads you buy actually depends on how much bead work you have on your hand. It also depends on what your customer base is, as well as how many customers you are expecting for that particular period. Be that as it may, you need to understand that the price you pay on our wholesale beads goes down as the quantity increases. Lots of outlets out there are willing to offer you the beads at wholesale price. However, you should not jump into the same boat with just any of them without taking time to investigate the reliability of their wholesale beads deal. This will save you lot of heartaches in the long run.
Do not make your purchase from the very first outlet you come across; exercise some patience and compare the prices a number of other outlets have to offer. Go for the one with the most considerate price among them. This way, you will be able to save as much as possible over the wholesale beads you are buying. To further reduce how much you have to pay on the wholesale beads, find out if the outlet you are planning to patronize offers free home delivery. If they do not, then look out for a site offering good deal on the beads as well as free home delivery.
While it is important to keep an eye out for price cut on the wholesale beads, it is equally important to keep an eye out for top quality beads. No matter how cheap the particular outlet is selling the beads, it is not an entirely good idea to patronize them if the quality of what they offer is poor. Good quality beads will help set your jewelries apart from the crowd. It is never a good idea to place quantity above quality when buying the wholesale beads. It may even be better to buy the beads at exorbitant rate but at very good quality than to buy very cheaply and at very poor quality. Such will mar your band name and damage your reputation in the bead making industry.
Low price is good when buying wholesale beads , but it must never be placed above quality. If the outlet cannot offer top quality wholesale beads, then look out for a more reliable outlet to do business with. You can get more information from pandahall .

DIY: An Embedded Double Beaded Lace Bracelet

How to make an embedded double beaded lace bracelet is fun and special!  If you re trying to make a double beaded lace bracelet. There it is.  Watch the tutorial video below to see the step by step process for making this kind of bracelet. I am so excited to share this video with you. Coz I can’t help trying now! :)

Jewelry making supplies & tools:
8MM White Pearl Beads
4MM Czech Glass Beads
2MM Round Seed Beads
Tiger Wire
Crimp Beads
Toggle Clasp
Flat Nose Pliers
I have watched the video and found that it isn’t an easy project. It will even take several hours, but I promise it is worth every minute… am I right???

Easy DIY Tutorial: Bracelet

Love Lulia R. vids these days! They are all helpful for crafters like me no matter you are the beginners or the professional. Here is an easy DIY bracelet tutorial video from her. Really super, easy to follow. This weekend, I would like to try and make my own one.
Main materials you need:
cotton wax cord
jump rings
end caps
lobster clasp

itz sooo cool, right? If you also think this bracelet is cuter than store bought like me, get these jewelry making supplies and turn your own similar bracelet out! Btw, I also love the background song. Who agree with me? :)

DIY Seed Bead Bracelets for Thanksgiving

If you are a jewelry designer as me, you may also plan to make something as thanksgiving gifts, right? Friendship bracelets , which were really a status symbol from 1985, could be a best choice. How many friends do you have? And how many friendship bracelets do you plan to make? Here I will share the easiest beaded friendship bracelet tutorial with you. Regardless, we sure love those fun colorful bracelets that your friends will love too. Coz you are friends. :)
Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Colorful round seed beads
Artistic wire
Embroidery floss
Wire beading needles
Other small colorful beads
seed bead friendship bracelet
Due to the seed beads are super tiny, so you need a wire beading needle to help you string the beads onto the embroisery floss. As to the order of stringing these colorful seed beads is depending on yourself. Just DIY your own friendship braclet with your own taste. Enjoy crafting! 😀
More detail steps you can get from:

DIY Star Jewelry with Star Pendants

Because of the special shape, star pendants are commonly used for jewelry designers and craft makers.  There are various star jewelries with star pendants, for example, star pendant necklaces, star pendant bracelets, star pendant earrings, star pendant rings, star pendant brooches, etc.  Star pendants can be seen anywhere, especially necklaces and bracelets making.
Here I will list some star jewelries which I collected from other craft makers or esty sellers.  If you are jewelry designer, hope these can inspire you in making new style excellent star crafts.
Star pendant necklaces
This kind of retrohollow out moon stars necklace is made of star pendants and chains by Luulla. Easy to  make but unique feeling.

Star pendant bracelets
By using a small star pendant , a glittery blue glass cabochon and other supplies to create a new fresh style bracelet, I seriously love it! Bracelet shared by Anna Cucurull

Star pendant earrings
Wow, I believe this DIY chains and stars earrings could be the hottest crafts with star pendants, right? Shared by Gina Michele

Star pendant rings
Being made of a gold chain and a tiny gold star, this chain ring is delicate and simple. Shared by Avnis

Stars brooch
This is one of my absolute favorites. The design is elegance and well executed. Shared by Becky Cole


Which one do you like best? Share with me if you have done your own star crafts with star pendants. 😀