DIY Seed Bead Bracelets for Thanksgiving

If you are a jewelry designer as me, you may also plan to make something as thanksgiving gifts, right? Friendship bracelets , which were really a status symbol from 1985, could be a best choice. How many friends do you have? And how many friendship bracelets do you plan to make? Here I will share the easiest beaded friendship bracelet tutorial with you. Regardless, we sure love those fun colorful bracelets that your friends will love too. Coz you are friends. :)
Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Colorful round seed beads
Artistic wire
Embroidery floss
Wire beading needles
Other small colorful beads
seed bead friendship bracelet
Due to the seed beads are super tiny, so you need a wire beading needle to help you string the beads onto the embroisery floss. As to the order of stringing these colorful seed beads is depending on yourself. Just DIY your own friendship braclet with your own taste. Enjoy crafting! 😀
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5 Snowflake Craft Ideas: Welcome Christmas

If you are on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll have seen that plenty of snowflake craft ideas being shared there.  I love decorating with snowflake ornaments in Christmas. I dare anyone to make just one of snowflake crafts! Coz they are an easy project that does not need lots of supplies, it’s something you can customize by using different  beads, and they only take about 5 minutes per snowflake craft to make.

snowflake craft ideas (1)

Snowflakes decorate anything interesting and impressive when they are of different size, but in the same style. The main materials of this green snowflake ornament are seed beads. Found on

snowflake craft ideas (2)

Snowflake crafts are a great way to decorate your home for Christmas. Use these cute rhinestone buttons to make a colorful button snowflake to brighten up your home.  Found on

snowflake craft ideas (3)

Wow, big collections of Perler beads snowflake crafts!! Oh yes, perler beads and correct snowflake pegboards are first hand needed supplies.  Found on

snowflake craft ideas (4)

What’s a list of the materials ever without loom bands for making special snowflake crafts? Shared by monica schmitz

snowflake craft ideas (5)

This snowflake craft seems to be easy and simple to do. Really love this. The materials are easy too – white glass beads and pipe cleaners. Found on
Quickly go purchase some jeweley making supplies online to make these cute snowflake crafts I shared. Happy crafting!

Detailed Jewelry Video: Make an Ornate Pearl and Crystal Necklace

If you love exquisite beadwork necklace, then you can make a statement with this necklace of glass pearls and electroplate glass crystals. Simple but elegant!

Prepare the below listed jewelry making supplies and let’s get started! Good luck!!

8mm Glass Pearls
6mm Electroplate Glass Crystals
3mm Silver Lined Seed Beads
2mm Electroplate Glass Seed Beads
0.38mm Tiger Tail
0.3mm Nylon Wire
Lobster Claw Clasp
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers


How to Order Wholesale Beads Online Easily

paper necklace 2 collage

While making jewelry is a hobby for some people, others take it as a business opportunity where they make jewelry for sale and reap the profits. When you are involved in jewelry making, it is essential that you have the best knowledge about the findings and supplies that you need. You must know the best place to find top quality wholesale beads and at the cheapest rates possible. This is a must if you want to enjoy the art of making good jewelry.

Buying beads online

Internet advancement has meant that buying wholesale beads is no longer a hassle anymore. You can order all the different types of beads you need at the comfort and convenience of your own home and get great deals on them. The web is home to many stores that sell these beads and you can be sure that you will not only find high quality ones but also a large selection of them being offered at awesomely great prices. As a jewelry designer, the internet is certainly the best place to buy these beads from. You just need to know more about the store and then place your order right away if you are satisfied with it.

Do your research


As you probably know already, there are so many internet stores that sell wholesale beads on the web and you certainly shouldn’t have any problem at all. As every expert will tell you, it is very important that you do your research as this will help you know the kind of online store that you are buying from. Most importantly, make sure that you check reviews written by other customers regarding the store and assess its reputation and credibility before you decide to do business with them.

Comparison shopping helps

The benefits that come with comparison shopping when buying wholesale beads are immense. So, rather than just buying the beads from the first store that you come across make a point of comparing what different stores are offering you so that you can be able to make an informed decision on exactly where you should source your beads from. Different stores price their beads for sale differences and you can be surprised at just how much some simple comparison can help you save. The savings might even be much more since you will be buying the beads in wholesale and you will thus be buying them in bulk. is one of the recommended wholesale beads supplier who will help you to get a great deal to buy the beads in bulk amount.

Making jewelry using wholesale beads is something that you will truly enjoy and if you are more creative, you are going to make some awesome pieces. Remember that whether you are making the jewelry for reselling or for your own use, it is in your best interests that you make great pieces that everyone will truly love. The web is home to lots of great resources regarding on how to work with these beads and be able to make some great pieces. Start looking for the best online stores with a wide range of beads and at the best prices.

Decorate Your Heels with Beads

Heels are women’s best friends. They can make a low-key woman charming and sexy in one moment. You may not a fan of heels, but you should have at least one pair as some events call for it. However the truth is that many girls indeed love wearing heels, some of them even tend to decorate the plain heels the way they like. And the most common way to decorate the heels is using decorative beads. Beads like rhinestone beads, glass beads, sequin beads are used more widely for embellishments, as they can make the shoes more shinning and gorgeous. If you are looking for changing normal white heels to your wedding shoes, pearl beads should be your first options. And of course, glittering rhinestone beads and crystal glass beads can be added for the sparkling effect. And if you love candy color style heels, go for small seed beads with colors and tones. For other materials of DIY fixes for heels, you can try nail polish or glitters. Basically, there are so many options out there for you, you just need to find that one that fits your style.



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Different Ways of Using Wood Beads


Wood beads from Panda Hall are quite popular with jewelry makers. This is because they bring an ethnic feel to jewelry items and they are one of the best organic materials to use in jewelry making. The idea of using organic materials for jewelry making is fast becoming a popular trend in the world of style as people try to make choices that will have a positive impact on the environment.

As a result of the popularity of organic materials, you will find that apart from beads being made from wood you will also find a number of other types of organic and recycled materials being used to make beads. Some good examples are newspaper, clay, bone, hooves and horns. Beads made from such material are being used to come up with interesting jewelry items. You will even find old car parts and other types of metallic waste being recycled and used to make beautiful jewelry.

Affordable beads in different varieties


The benefits of using wood beads and other organic based beads for making jewelry is that they are quite affordable. While it is common for people to buy these beads from online shops such as Pandahall, it is even easier to make one’s own beads from these materials. You also find the versatility of these beads to be another benefit of using them as they are not only meant for use in jewelry. They can also be used for other purposes such as house décor and children crafts projects.

Not all wood beads are the same. They differ in terms of the type of wood that has been used to make them and also in terms of the kind of finish that has been done to them. For as much as there are numerous trees in the world there is a similar amount of different types of beads made from wood. You can also have these beads finished in a number of ways. You can have them in their natural state, paint them, dye them, varnish them or even carve different details into them. These beads come in a number of sizes; from massive to tiny beads there is some type of bead for any kind of project that you have in mind.

Even if these beads are made of organic material nothing stops you from matching them with precious and semi-precious stone beads. All you need is a dose of creativity as you design your jewelry. You can also mix these beads with a variety of metals, as well. These beads can be used to make items such as bangles, necklaces and earrings. They don’t cost a lot, but they can be used to make quite expensive jewelry; so go out and get your wood beads today!