How to make a napkin ring using wholesale beads?

Hello, friends! It is about time that we admit that getting crafty has rewarded us a creative potential that we can unleash in handcrafting various beautiful projects. Today I am going to present you a step-by-step guide on utilizing wholesale beads to make a napkin ring.

It is as easy as it sounds like, and you require the usual materials and some time off your busy schedule. Just think how you could present them in this year’s Thanksgiving Day in November.

So now, let us begin… First and foremost, make sure you have the following supplies ready at hand:

  • Memory Wire bracelets – Gold; each one would make two napkin rings, so feel free to have any number you want
  • Looping pliers
  • Assorted wholesale beads – you could use gold/orange/brown or loose beige wholesale beads
  • Wire shears
  • Green Leaf beads
  • Jump rings – gold, 10mm

Well, I could tell if you have started getting all worried about a memory wire, but the good news is that you could still use any golden wire that is 18-22 gauges if you are short of memory wires. I just used one because I had it already.

Get started using your memory wire shears and cut your coils. For every ring you make, you require exactly 2 loops. Afterwards, you need to keep the wire separate and cut it using wire cutters. Just do not use your regular scissors because it would ruin the scissors blade. Trust me, I have been there and done that; the wire is too strong.

Now grab your looping pliers and make a tiny loop at one of the finishing points of your memory wire or any wire you use. This way, you will prevent your wholesale beads from falling off to the ground. You now also have a good place to hang dangles.

Now the part we all crave for – stringing our beads. It is as amazing as it gets with time how you become so fond of stringing your wholesale beads. The best part is that this is the part where you get all creative and energetic, so enjoy while it lasts.

Anyway, go for a random pattern of stringing around 3 to 5 beads. Then, string 2 green leaf beads. You could make a pattern out of it, but it’s also good to remain undecided. How about getting your little girls to help? In fact, I prefer you could really use the idea. Even if you do not have kids, let your aunt or any kids to do so.

Now that stringing beads is all done, time to make one more loop at the end that is free. In order to form a dangle, simply string 3 to 5 leaf beads over a jump ring. Followed by, thread the jump ring into a loop and close the opening.

That’s it! Quite simple, isn’t it? Look at just what you made. Great job!

I will be back with more crafty tutorials, so stay tuned.


How to make a wooden beads summer necklace?

Summer is around the corner, and the need to wear light also comes down on your jewelry. Summer clothes do not really require jewelry to match with usually, but there are certain ideas that could adorn your summer look on a lateral level.

Today, I present you with another step-to-step guide on a necklace you can make using wooden beads. Let me share you the supplies first. Make sure you have everything ready at hand to work! Just relax, sit tight and focus on each and every step. If you are a small girl, let an elder one to use sharp objects for you. You don’t want to hurt yourself!


  • Wooden beads
  • Rondelle beads
  • Gold spacer beads
  • Amazonite beads
  • Metal chain
  • Crimp beads
  • Elastic beading wire
  • Jump rings
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp pliers
  • Bead board (optional to use)
  • White paint (optional to use)

 Step 1: Make a layout of your necklace design using your bead board. Put your wooden beads along with other and form the best design.

Step 2: Form a loop at an end of your beading wire, slide a crimp bead through and using crimp pliers, secure it tightly. Leave a small part out of your wire so your loop remains fixed.

Step 3: String wooden beads and the rest. Your loop will work as a barrier to keep them in one place. Your small wire part will be covered inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 4: Now let me share one professional tip with you:  

  1. Right after you formed a design, trim away the piece of wire in excess, so you are at easy of working.
  2. At the end of your beaded wire, put a crimp bead and a jump ring, and afterwards, form a loop in the strand.
  3. Using one or more pair of pliers and hold your jump ring in place, pull the extension of your loo in order to tighten it down.
  4. Followed by, crimp your bead. Then, use cutters to trim away the wire extension, but leave enough to hide it inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 5: Open up your jump rings using the pliers and slide onto a metal chain. Using pliers again, close the jump rings. It is up to you how much you keep the measure of your chain’s length. Put it around your neck to make a decision. Make any adjustments until and unless you reach a suitable size. Then, cut it.

You are all done! Wasn’t it too easy? I am sure you loved making a wooden beads necklace and shall make more for your family & friends.

If you want to go more crafty and creative, let me share a sumptuous trick with you about painting the wooden beads. Let your imagination and creative head work here and enjoy it all along! You can reach all possibilities of creativity once you keep on making it. Remember, practice makes a woman perfect, too!

Stay tuned on my blog for more step-by-step tutorials regarding handcrafted jewelry!

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Clasps

Making jewelry items is a hobby of many people. Not only women but some men are also interested in creating new jewelry pieces. You can check out the major jewelry designers of the world and will come to know that the ratio of men jewelry designers is more than women. Every jewelry item made is created with great care, passion and innovation. Quality materials always sell fast and at the best rates. Making jewelry is definitely an art but with the supplies you can’t do anything about that art or talent. When we talk about the supplies, the magnetic clasps are the ones that are used in many jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and such.

Magnetic clasps have become quite popular when it comes to using jewelry findings. Not all designers love to use clasps in their jewelry items but some love to as they find them convenient. These clasps come in different forms and types that are used according to the style of the jewelry item. They are just like a button that has got a loop on the back. You can find these clasps in the market pretty easily. All kinds are available at very affordable prices.

Kinds of magnetic clasps

The usual clasps used in the jewelry items are:

  • Toggle clasps
  • Snap clasps
  • Stainless steel clasps
  • Bracelet clasps
  • Magnetic jewelry clasp

These magnetic clasps can be used in different kinds of jewelry item depending on the preference of the jewelry maker and the style the jewelry item has got.

Below are the pros and cons of the magnetic clasps on the basis of which you can decide on whether to use them or not:


Clasps with the magnetic field have got tons of benefits to the users. The jewelry designers use them because of several reasons or benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Jewelry that has got clasps with it is easy to put on and remove too.
  • Elderly people can wear the jewelry items easily that have got clasps with them.
  • Clasps add security to the jewelry items and the jewelry won’t unconsciously fall off either.
  • No losing your jewelry anymore and the clasps are strong enough to hold them safely in place.
  • The electric current from these clasps assists in increasing oxygen and heat to the body.
  • Apart from this, clasps also regulate the normal functions of the body and heal shoulder pain, osteoporosis, bed sores, wrist pain and asthma.
  • They increase the worth of your jewelry too.


The magnetic clasps do not have much disadvantages with them as they widely used but in some cases they do not suit people. Where there are roses, the thorns come along as well. Here are the flaws that clasps carry with them:

  • The jewelry with clasps should not be used in places of the body that can be affected by the magnetic fields.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using the jewelry made with clasps.
  • Heavy pollution and wearing jewelry with clasps can be dangerous to the immune system.

Overall, using clasps with magnetic field in jewelry items works in all situations. Only some rare cases demolish them.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Glass Beads?

Beads made from glass have always been in the spotlight since the era of the ancient Egyptians. These were used in jewelry making for the Pharaoh and the royal court attendants as well. Glass beads have got a smooth texture and with their beauty, they enhance the appearance of the person wearing them as well. This is why they were of great importance in the ancient rule. Since then the use of these beads had started and are used still now in creating beautiful crafting projects. Every jewelry maker knows how important they are in creating attractive jewelry thus they always include it in their works.

glass beads

I am personally a big fan of these beads which is why I am going to share some tips with you in order to choose quality glass beads:

  1. Visit a local bead store and go through their glass bead collection carefully. You will find that there are tons of different beads in terms of color, shape, sizes and more. The most commonly occurring beads I have seen are the manmade beads.
  2. Beads made from glass have got various types as they come from different parts of the world. You will have plenty of choices.
  3. The size of the beads you buy should be appropriate to the requirement of your project. Don’t buy beads that look attractive but have no use in your project.
  4. The wide range of colors. You will also find lots of shapes in the beads such as shapes of animals, birds, square, round, oval, donut shaped, hex cuts, cubes, triangular, etc.
  5. Ensure the weight of the bead you are going to buy. The weight should be appropriate for the project you are going to start.
  6. Don’t miss out the lamp work glass beads. Lamp work beads are similar to the glass beads and are made by hand which is why they are one of the most unique and appealing ones in the entire bead class. You can definitely assume how worthy they are by their prices. Some lamp work beads have got metal inside them making them more durable.
  7. If you think that buying lamp work beads in bulk is expensive then you can just buy a few and add in along with the other beads to make the jewelry item look beautiful.
  8. Make sure that the beads made from glass you choose are annealed. This means that the beads should be heated and cooled down in a kiln.
  9. When you set out to buy the beads you need to trust on the retailer as well.
  10. If you are looking for the annealed beads then you need to pay attention on the price. If the price is cheap then you should know that they are not annealed.

All of this is from my own experience of buying glass beads and letting you know about this was my duty as I don’t want new passionate jewelry makers to be dragged here and there in search of the right thing.

Easy Way To Create Earrings With Cheap Beads

We love earrings for their power to make an ordinary look trendy and on the go. Many times people just ignore them, but when you have a minimalistic eye catcher dangling around your ears, there is no reason to burden yourself with bold chokers and fancy bracelets. Just invest in a couple of beautiful and intricate earrings and you’re good to go.

Even better options are out there, and since my personal inclination has always been creating personalized jewelry, I am going to call out on all the earring lovers today and present them with very valuable steps to designing your own earrings. You can put these on for school, a girl’s night out or simply a day in the park with your favorite book under the sunlight.

A beautiful pair of earrings can be created with cheap beads, easily. These beads are not of the premium quality but are best for light suited pieces. What’s more is that if you lose or break these pieces, you can always make new ones.

Things you need to create earrings with cheap beads

Prepare this checklist below, before heading out to the stores. You will need these items in bulk because once you get the hang of it; there will be no stopping you. It is indeed the best thing about personalized crafts!

  1. Tools: Since you will be dealing with metals, reshaping them and cutting pieces will need a nose plier and a wire cutter. More tools are used but since we’re talking about pieces made of cheap beads, these two will suffice.
  2. Earring hooks, clips & studs: Stainless and hypo allergic material is the best investment you can make while buying hooks for earrings because you wouldn’t want your customers or yourself troubling with earlobe infections.
  3. Beads: you can purchase cheap beads in bulk because you’ll find that as the product demand soars you’ll need to restore them very quickly. Consider buying these beads in various sizes.
  4. Beading threaded needle

Create your earrings with following steps

Follow these steps and create your first pair of earrings with no complications.

  1. Pick your favorite combination of 5 or 4 beads because we are going to work our way into making single strand beaded earrings. Arrange them in the order you would want your earrings to have. Mix and match colors and create a pattern.
  2. Insert these beads one-by-one in each headpin. Now take a plier and create a soft bend on each needle.
  3. Now mark a point on the bended needle at distance of half-inch from the beads. Cut the outward portion from the marked point using wire cutter.
  4. Now using plier, further bend the remaining needle to complete 180 degrees. It will form into a fishnet hook.
  5. Finish off the product by inserting each bent needle into earring hooks. Further, seal the needle curves inward using pliers and you’re set to try on your personalized pair of earrings!

Be sure to experiment with different styles from time to time. Purchase cheap beads in wholesale because the items just magically run out or become expensive with time.

Sell Wholesale Beads at Kids Summer Fayre

If you are a parent to a young child, there are higher chances that you will be asked to provide support to the school one day or another. Schools don’t directly ask for donations upright, they organize fundraising events for the purpose of building community spirt. That’s why many schools organize the summer fayre. These fayres are meant for raising money for the school so that the authorities can continue with the repairs and upgrades during the summer holiday. Most of the parents come up with the idea of installing goods to donate for providing support for the event. In case you are looking for fun or inspiration and you don’t want to do the typical thing, it would be a great idea to sell the wholesale beads.

Sell the beads

Every kid wishes that his parents provide the best contribution. I know I would have wanted that. Commonly, parents choose to bake cakes and sell them at the school fair but in case you are a working parent and can’t really sweat in the kitchen, then the best idea to begin with would be choosing wholesale beads. They are widely available and they are inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of colors and they can be fun to use too.

If you think it is not a really good idea then I would like to tell you one thing here. Many kids would love to come to your stall to buy these wholesale beads because it would attract any eye to come and make crafts with beads and similar other jewelry findings. Don’t just keep the beads at your stall, have some jewelry items and craft items along too so that your audience gets to know they can make different things from these supplies.

Make the arrangements

On the summer fayre, all you will need a table and some chairs. The setting of the table should be according to the color of the boxes, and the size and shape of the beads you want to sell. Once the boxes are arranged, you are ready to go. Invite the kids to buy a seat and table and play with the beads. You can give 20 minutes to each kid and then play all they want with the beads. Talk to them and help them in tying the bracelet made from the cotton thread. You can give away these bracelets to the kids as a remainder of this exhibition at the fayre.

Make sure that you can find beads of bigger sizes so that it becomes simple for the kids use these beads and other parents would be satisfied that these beads are safe to use for kids. Make sure that you advise the children in picking the wholesale beads and let them use their creativity for creating the funny and funky jewelry pieces. It will even make them curious to learn more about beads and jewelry making. Wholesale beads would make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of making the jewelry with their creativity.


How to Organize Jewelry Making Supplies?

Jewelry making supplies are the most difficult challenge to organize because they are so small and are of many different kinds of things to keep a track of. I have a lot of jewelry supplies as I have an addiction to collect different types of beads and charms. Too many things mean you have a bigger mess to clean. It is very important for a jewelry maker to store all bits and bobs organized and controlled for further use. When you have organized everything in a system, it becomes easier for you to find things you want in almost no time. It also helps you in saving money from buying something you need again and again and you are unable to find it due to misplacement.

To keep your jewelry making supplies organized in a place, you need to remember just a few rules that I am going to discuss with you. These general rules will help you to organize your things systematically.

Rule no. 1:

There must be a place for every single thing you have in supplies and everything must be present in its own place. This rule means you must have a specific place for each thing and you must take care of putting that thing in its place. You cannot just shove your molding tools with paintbrushes and expect to be able to find any of them easily when needed. It is best to simply group all similar tools and supplies, then put them in appropriate sized containers.

Rule no. 2:

The jewelry making supplies and tools you use frequently must be stored within your nearest reach. If you use anything too often then you must keep it closer to you, but the tools or supplies you use less frequently are the hardest things to find when you need them. If you organize things well you don’t have to work that much harder to find the rarest materials.

Rule no. 3:

Label the containers to know what you have kept in which container in the 1st glance. The ability to identify the materials in boxes and the containers will save a lot of time and effort. To keep the place neat and tidy, label same looking containers in the same way and line up them in a row prettily.

Rule no. 4:

If you are a jewelry maker, you will be very visual which means that visual mess can interrupt your creative thinking process. Be sure that your jewelry making supplies   storage is neat, clean and attractive. Use pretty containers and tidy storage boxes; place them in a good organized way by stacking them together. Once you have used a tool put it back on its place.

These were some of the basic rules, start following them and you will find your jewelry making supplies storage easy to maintain and manage. An organized space is very favorable to an orderly productive brain, as it reduces the stress of finding things.