Beaded Jewelry Sets’ Floral Look

Floral Jewelry is the best choice of girly jewelry. These are totally floral beaded jewelry sets for jewelry making designers and crafters to try! If you love them, prepare the detailed jewelry making supplies like flower beads to DIY yourself.

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look
Hope these can inspire you and start to personalize your own beaded jewelry sets for the summer with lots of color. Enjoy!


Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY

Beaded wrap bracelet is big fashion this year with different sizes pearl beads. This beaded wrap bracelet is a perfect additions to spring season. It uses pearl beads and jewelry wire from my jewelry collection, re-worked into a new bracelet that is really simple to put together. All you have to do is wrap a bracelet and  start beading until you have your desired bracelet length. Happy crafting!

Main materials: jewelry wire and pearl beads

Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY

Gorgeous Pink Beaded Bracelet

Does Valentine seem to be approaching a bit too near? Are you looking for crafty ways to celebrate the valentine? This bracelet is just maken to be worn to your pretty light outfits, whether it be your Valentine day, a night on the town with your honey or that perfect spring party.  It is super pretty, uniquem and best of all.

Gorgeous Pink Beaded Bracelet
What you need:
Iron Chain
Jade beads
Shell beads
Hook and S-Hook Clasps
Tibetan style pendants

Gorgeous Pink Beaded Bracelet
Get prepared all the jewelry making supplies and try to make this bracelet by yourself. Hope this bracelet can rock your crafty world. :)


Rose of red – FIMO jewelry set

I LOVE it!! Not only a best Christmas Gift choice, but also a pleasant Valentines Gift. Can’t help choosing some polymer clay beads or else handmade roses, then make one for myself. 😀

rose jewelry sets

Monique Design

Roses again, in two shades of red: one lighter and brighter, and the other one with glitter effect. The green leaves complete the fine look. The box is also handmade, with a little bow on the inside cover and a quilled ornament on the front. Being in the colors of Christmas, this set is a present for a seven years old girl who loves jewelries! I hope she will like this present! I hope you will like it too! 🙂

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DIY: An Embedded Double Beaded Lace Bracelet

How to make an embedded double beaded lace bracelet is fun and special!  If you re trying to make a double beaded lace bracelet. There it is.  Watch the tutorial video below to see the step by step process for making this kind of bracelet. I am so excited to share this video with you. Coz I can’t help trying now! :)

Jewelry making supplies & tools:
8MM White Pearl Beads
4MM Czech Glass Beads
2MM Round Seed Beads
Tiger Wire
Crimp Beads
Toggle Clasp
Flat Nose Pliers
I have watched the video and found that it isn’t an easy project. It will even take several hours, but I promise it is worth every minute… am I right???

DIY Seed Bead Bracelets for Thanksgiving

If you are a jewelry designer as me, you may also plan to make something as thanksgiving gifts, right? Friendship bracelets , which were really a status symbol from 1985, could be a best choice. How many friends do you have? And how many friendship bracelets do you plan to make? Here I will share the easiest beaded friendship bracelet tutorial with you. Regardless, we sure love those fun colorful bracelets that your friends will love too. Coz you are friends. :)
Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Colorful round seed beads
Artistic wire
Embroidery floss
Wire beading needles
Other small colorful beads
seed bead friendship bracelet
Due to the seed beads are super tiny, so you need a wire beading needle to help you string the beads onto the embroisery floss. As to the order of stringing these colorful seed beads is depending on yourself. Just DIY your own friendship braclet with your own taste. Enjoy crafting! 😀
More detail steps you can get from:

DIY Star Jewelry with Star Pendants

Because of the special shape, star pendants are commonly used for jewelry designers and craft makers.  There are various star jewelries with star pendants, for example, star pendant necklaces, star pendant bracelets, star pendant earrings, star pendant rings, star pendant brooches, etc.  Star pendants can be seen anywhere, especially necklaces and bracelets making.
Here I will list some star jewelries which I collected from other craft makers or esty sellers.  If you are jewelry designer, hope these can inspire you in making new style excellent star crafts.
Star pendant necklaces
This kind of retrohollow out moon stars necklace is made of star pendants and chains by Luulla. Easy to  make but unique feeling.

Star pendant bracelets
By using a small star pendant , a glittery blue glass cabochon and other supplies to create a new fresh style bracelet, I seriously love it! Bracelet shared by Anna Cucurull

Star pendant earrings
Wow, I believe this DIY chains and stars earrings could be the hottest crafts with star pendants, right? Shared by Gina Michele

Star pendant rings
Being made of a gold chain and a tiny gold star, this chain ring is delicate and simple. Shared by Avnis

Stars brooch
This is one of my absolute favorites. The design is elegance and well executed. Shared by Becky Cole


Which one do you like best? Share with me if you have done your own star crafts with star pendants. 😀