Easy Way To Create Earrings With Cheap Beads

We love earrings for their power to make an ordinary look trendy and on the go. Many times people just ignore them, but when you have a minimalistic eye catcher dangling around your ears, there is no reason to burden yourself with bold chokers and fancy bracelets. Just invest in a couple of beautiful and intricate earrings and you’re good to go.

Even better options are out there, and since my personal inclination has always been creating personalized jewelry, I am going to call out on all the earring lovers today and present them with very valuable steps to designing your own earrings. You can put these on for school, a girl’s night out or simply a day in the park with your favorite book under the sunlight.

A beautiful pair of earrings can be created with cheap beads, easily. These beads are not of the premium quality but are best for light suited pieces. What’s more is that if you lose or break these pieces, you can always make new ones.

Things you need to create earrings with cheap beads

Prepare this checklist below, before heading out to the stores. You will need these items in bulk because once you get the hang of it; there will be no stopping you. It is indeed the best thing about personalized crafts!

  1. Tools: Since you will be dealing with metals, reshaping them and cutting pieces will need a nose plier and a wire cutter. More tools are used but since we’re talking about pieces made of cheap beads, these two will suffice.
  2. Earring hooks, clips & studs: Stainless and hypo allergic material is the best investment you can make while buying hooks for earrings because you wouldn’t want your customers or yourself troubling with earlobe infections.
  3. Beads: you can purchase cheap beads in bulk because you’ll find that as the product demand soars you’ll need to restore them very quickly. Consider buying these beads in various sizes.
  4. Beading threaded needle

Create your earrings with following steps

Follow these steps and create your first pair of earrings with no complications.

  1. Pick your favorite combination of 5 or 4 beads because we are going to work our way into making single strand beaded earrings. Arrange them in the order you would want your earrings to have. Mix and match colors and create a pattern.
  2. Insert these beads one-by-one in each headpin. Now take a plier and create a soft bend on each needle.
  3. Now mark a point on the bended needle at distance of half-inch from the beads. Cut the outward portion from the marked point using wire cutter.
  4. Now using plier, further bend the remaining needle to complete 180 degrees. It will form into a fishnet hook.
  5. Finish off the product by inserting each bent needle into earring hooks. Further, seal the needle curves inward using pliers and you’re set to try on your personalized pair of earrings!

Be sure to experiment with different styles from time to time. Purchase cheap beads in wholesale because the items just magically run out or become expensive with time.


Wholesale Beads – The Best Solution To Jewellery

If you like jewellery or want to design your own, the first rule of thumb that you need to understand is that glass beads are going to be the best thing you will ever lay your hands on. The versatility and freedom of creativity that glass beads offer is basically unparalleled. Not only can you make your own beads and have major bragging rights on the things you design, they are cheap. And thus we come to wholesale beads.

Why buy them at bulk?

If you are just starting out, you will not be able to understand why you should buy at a bulk. I did not too when I was starting out. But as it turns out, when you are working with beads, you need quite a bit to design your pieces. This becomes all the more important when you are looking to sell these off. Remember, all businesses start slow. In fact, the jewellery business mostly gains momentum by word of mouth. When someone sees an interesting piece of jewellery on someone else, the first thing that they want is to get one themselves. Hence, it is inevitable that you will have to make multiple copies of the same piece of jewellery. And therein comes the benefit of buying wholesale beads.


Just one word to describe all your hard work. Profit is one of the most important things ever invented (EVER). Thus, when you buy wholesale beads, you can argue for the price. No shop keeper likes to haggle over the price when you are looking to buy 10 pieces of glass beads. I mean why would they? They are not really doing any serious business. Go to them with an order of 500 pieces and you can see the sudden magical transformation the same shopkeeper has. Now, the question remains, how risky is that investment. What I suggest is this: Make about 5 different pieces of jewellery that you think are interesting. Have them appraised by people around you (family and best friends work wonders, trust me). When they have given their opinions on which they like, make a few changes here and there to the designs and make different versions of the same one. Finally, decide on how many you are looking to initially make for each. Count up the beads you need and there you go. Your very first order of wholesale beads confirmed.

Getting the right designs

When you are looking at glass jewellery, remember that there are 2 things that matter: newer designs and the quality of the beads. For the first, you have the internet. Prepare to invest some time to find out new designs. And aim low. Do not start working on highly complex ones at the very beginning. Start slow and once you gain experience, go higher. For the second, be ready to scourge through shops. Do not be encouraged to buy lower quality beads, even if the price is lower. Always ask yourself this: Would I buy it if sold to? Wholesale beads are already pretty cheap; especially if you mix your orders with different ones in a single lot. So always consider quality over quantity.

Keep these small tips in mind and you will be set on your journey to becoming a true craftsman.


Why Acrylic Beads are the Best Choice for Crafting Projects?

Acrylic beads are surely unique and attractive but what it is to them that makes the jewelry items and other crafting projects. You can find these in tons of sizes, shapes, colors and designs as well. Being very affordable you can also easily purchase them from the craft shops or jewelry shops as well. These beads give an expensive look to the crafting projects as well. There are several reasons when it comes to use beads of acrylic in your projects to give them a new and creative look.

The choice of the size of the beads depends on the type of project you are about to work on. Let your imagination loose and think of the most creative and funky ideas for your projects and add in the acrylic beads as well. You can make a blend of stylish designs, appealing colors and distinct shapes to give your projects the look you desire. These beads are available in several designs of squares, hearts, flowers, dangling leaves, diamonds, clovers, stars, ovals, triangles and much more. Just like this the colors also vary which you can choose according to your preference.

I have also got the acrylic beads in various shapes, sizes and colors. These beads also come in faceted form, plain surface beads and the rhinestone studs as well. You can always choose according to your requirement and taste.

Now comes the question, why acrylic beads are the best choice for the crafting projects? The answer to this is simply given in the following manner:

Available in variety of colors and shapes

When it comes to selecting an appealing color you will find almost all of them charming. However, choosing from them becomes a bit hard as there are many colors. Doesn’t matters whether you want to make jewelry or include these beads in some other purpose. Just imagine and you will have the color you need. Not only this, but you will also find these beads in tons of shapes as well.


The material these beads are made from is synthetic which means they are affordable to produce and buy too. You can easily buy a pack within the most reasonable rates. Only with 50 beads you can produce three good looking necklaces and more than seven bracelets easily.


This feature of the beads make them easy to wear especially while making jewelry out of them. Heavy jewelry often irritates the user which is why you can be at ease with using the acrylic material beads. They feel light in weight on the wrist and especially around the neck.


Having jewelry items made from acrylic material beads is what I was fond of. Now revising my skills I came to know that ladies not only prefer these for their light weight but also for their durability. You can keep the items with for years without the fear of them losing color or grace. They do not even shatter if dropped on the floor.

Go for acrylic beads and make the best of them. Your crafting projects will surely result in incredible master pieces.

Sell Wholesale Beads at Kids Summer Fayre

If you are a parent to a young child, there are higher chances that you will be asked to provide support to the school one day or another. Schools don’t directly ask for donations upright, they organize fundraising events for the purpose of building community spirt. That’s why many schools organize the summer fayre. These fayres are meant for raising money for the school so that the authorities can continue with the repairs and upgrades during the summer holiday. Most of the parents come up with the idea of installing goods to donate for providing support for the event. In case you are looking for fun or inspiration and you don’t want to do the typical thing, it would be a great idea to sell the wholesale beads.

Sell the beads

Every kid wishes that his parents provide the best contribution. I know I would have wanted that. Commonly, parents choose to bake cakes and sell them at the school fair but in case you are a working parent and can’t really sweat in the kitchen, then the best idea to begin with would be choosing wholesale beads. They are widely available and they are inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of colors and they can be fun to use too.

If you think it is not a really good idea then I would like to tell you one thing here. Many kids would love to come to your stall to buy these wholesale beads because it would attract any eye to come and make crafts with beads and similar other jewelry findings. Don’t just keep the beads at your stall, have some jewelry items and craft items along too so that your audience gets to know they can make different things from these supplies.

Make the arrangements

On the summer fayre, all you will need a table and some chairs. The setting of the table should be according to the color of the boxes, and the size and shape of the beads you want to sell. Once the boxes are arranged, you are ready to go. Invite the kids to buy a seat and table and play with the beads. You can give 20 minutes to each kid and then play all they want with the beads. Talk to them and help them in tying the bracelet made from the cotton thread. You can give away these bracelets to the kids as a remainder of this exhibition at the fayre.

Make sure that you can find beads of bigger sizes so that it becomes simple for the kids use these beads and other parents would be satisfied that these beads are safe to use for kids. Make sure that you advise the children in picking the wholesale beads and let them use their creativity for creating the funny and funky jewelry pieces. It will even make them curious to learn more about beads and jewelry making. Wholesale beads would make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of making the jewelry with their creativity.


Buying Cheap Beads in Bulk

Bunte Glasperlen / Colorful Glass BeadsEvery fanatical maker of beaded jewelry always thinks of how they can buy cheap beads in bulk and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. It is no secret that every beader always covets of how they can be able to buy lots of beads in bulk so that they can have everything they need for their spontaneous jewelry making projects. Such could be all different sorts of beads ranging from stones to wooden beads, bone and even semi-precious gemstones and others. Buying these beads in bulk makes a lot of sense as you end up saving incredibly lots of money.

Benefits of bulk buying

il_fullxfull.371233878_ep05If you have never considered buying cheap beads in bulk, then you should know that you are really missing out on quite a lot. If you have a beading project in bulk, it is essential that you order your next round of beads in bulk and you will certainly reap a lot of benefits. Most importantly, you stand to benefit more by having a large selection of beads and this means that you will have all sorts of beads that you need for your project. It is needless to say that the large the variety of beads that you have, the better the outcome of your project will be.

Another benefit why purchasing cheap beads in bulk is worthy considering is that you will be able to make significant savings on money. This can be more beneficial if you are a budget jewelry maker and you are not ready to spend a fortune on your jewelry making project, you will be thrilled to know that this is an awesome opportunity for you to make significant savings on what you are buying. Keeping in mind all these benefits, then you know too well why you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase your beads in bulk next time you are shopping for them.

Where to find cheap beads

Finding cheap beads is not always as easy as such and sometimes you will need to be a very smart shopper so that you can be able to identify the best places to find these beads. Normally, many sellers of these beads will claim to offer the beads at incredibly affordable prices but you will need to be very intelligent to ensure that you are getting great deals. Remember that low priced beads can at times be associated with cheap quality and this is something that you will really want to be very careful about.

The internet is definitely the best place to look for cheap beads and the good thing is that you can order the beads easily and conveniently. Regardless of the project you wish to undertake, you will find great online stores such as Pandahall.com that are determined to ensure that you get the best deals possible and not pay a fortune for what you are buying. You just need to do your homework very well and look for great sites that are ready to give you a better bang for your money.

How to Find Cheap Beads Easily

Beads - Pandora_1

As demand for jewelry increases, so does the demand for cheap beads continues to skyrocket as well. Today, most people are opting for the online market as the best place to buy the beads they need for their project. Jewelry appeals a lot to everyone and people are always shopping for items such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, belly rings, pendants and earrings. While there are many types of jewelry making supplies available on the market, most people opt for jewelry made with goods and there are certainly some very good reasons behind this.


Why buy cheap beads

Buying cheap beads is something that every enthusiastic jewelry designer should consider especially if they want to save on their purchases. Some people usually associate cheap jewelry making supplies with poor quality or substandard items but this is not always the case. It is still possible for you to find high quality beads at amazingly cheap prices. As such, buying cheap beads is something that you ought to consider as it is going to save you some good amount of money and this will certainly boost your profit margin. Here is a couple of ways to find inexpensive beads for your project.

Shop online

Before you start pouring your money everywhere in the name of buying cheap beads, it is essential that you shop well on the internet. A simple search on the internet will serve you well as you will become aware of the various options available at your disposal. Make sure that you have a good understanding of exactly what you will be getting once you pay for it. Remember that cheap beads are available widely but in most cases, the retailers usually leverage on shipping as a way of making extra money. For this reason, be wise and check out the charges for shipping and delivery. If you can find an online retailer who offers you free shipping, the best for you as you will save even more.

Take advantage of clearance sales


Clearance sales are something that you must take full advantage of if you want to find cheap beads easily. As such, make sure that you spend some time looking for online retailers who are offering clearance sale and order the beads in bulk from them. This means that you should keep checking the retailers’ websites now and then and even subscribe for their newsletters so that you can get all the info you need regarding the discounts and sales in advance.

Some people also buy old jewelry as well when they want to find cheap beads. Once they get home, they just unstring the beads and use them to create some new items. Keep in mind the fact that there are so many vendors of inexpensive beads on the internet. However, it is very important that you work with credible stores like pandahall.com as they stock a large variety of top quality at fantastic prices that you can choose from for your beading project.

Decorate Your Heels with Beads

Heels are women’s best friends. They can make a low-key woman charming and sexy in one moment. You may not a fan of heels, but you should have at least one pair as some events call for it. However the truth is that many girls indeed love wearing heels, some of them even tend to decorate the plain heels the way they like. And the most common way to decorate the heels is using decorative beads. Beads like rhinestone beads, glass beads, sequin beads are used more widely for embellishments, as they can make the shoes more shinning and gorgeous. If you are looking for changing normal white heels to your wedding shoes, pearl beads should be your first options. And of course, glittering rhinestone beads and crystal glass beads can be added for the sparkling effect. And if you love candy color style heels, go for small seed beads with colors and tones. For other materials of DIY fixes for heels, you can try nail polish or glitters. Basically, there are so many options out there for you, you just need to find that one that fits your style.



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