DIY Beaded Bracelet with Chain

Good afternoon dear friends, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY beaded bracelet with chain. Are you expecting it? Let’s get down to business now~
Jewelry making supplies needed to make the easy DIY bracelet with chain:
Chain, elastic beading thread, beads (bronze spacers), glue~
Instructions on how to make the DIY beaded bracelet with chain:
First, trim off a proper length of chain and cut a long piece of elastic, and thread the elastic through the chain.
Second, begin to slide the cheap beads on the elastic.
Third, thread the beads up, the size is at your own will. Then pass the other end of the elastic through the other end of the chain.
Fourth, make a knot and fix the knot with the glue, then cut off the unnecessary part. Please see the picture below.
Here is the final look of the pretty DIY bracelet with chain:
Hey guys, how do you feel like the DIY beaded bracelet? Is it super fabulous and easy to make? Absolutely yes! So I f you are charmed with it, just try to make it yourself. And if you have any confusion, please leave a reply, good luck! Hope you like it and wish you a happy day.


Tutorial about Easy DIY Fashion Accessories

Good afternoon dear friends, how’s everything going? As usual, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make cute fashion accessories, do you wanna try? Let’s see together.
Jewelry making supplies needed for making the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
30mm flat round wooden beads, 9mm colorful heart acrylic beads, 1mm black leather cord, scissors, lighter, hot glue gun.
Instructions on how to make the cute fashion accessories for girls:
Step 1: thread the wooden beads
First, trim off a length about 25cm of leather cord and thread both ends through the wooden beads;
Second, make a knot of the leather cord and melt the unnecessary part with lighter showing as the picture below;
Step 2: paste the eyes and ears
First, paste 2 yellow heart acrylic beads with glue on the wooden beads and paste 2 red heart acrylic beads in the ears’ place of the wooden beads, please see the picture below;
Second, trim off a proper length of leather cord and tie it on the double leather cord about 3cm far from the bottom;
Third, form loops through wrapping the long leather cord into the circles and fix them with glue, then trim off the unnecessary cord. Now, here is the final look of the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
Wow, what an adorable hanging accessory! Are you attracted with it? If yes, why don’t you try to make it yourself? It’s very funny and easy to make. If you have any confusion, please leave a reply. Hope you like it and wish you a happy day!

DIY Seed Bead Bracelets for Thanksgiving

If you are a jewelry designer as me, you may also plan to make something as thanksgiving gifts, right? Friendship bracelets , which were really a status symbol from 1985, could be a best choice. How many friends do you have? And how many friendship bracelets do you plan to make? Here I will share the easiest beaded friendship bracelet tutorial with you. Regardless, we sure love those fun colorful bracelets that your friends will love too. Coz you are friends. :)
Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Colorful round seed beads
Artistic wire
Embroidery floss
Wire beading needles
Other small colorful beads
seed bead friendship bracelet
Due to the seed beads are super tiny, so you need a wire beading needle to help you string the beads onto the embroisery floss. As to the order of stringing these colorful seed beads is depending on yourself. Just DIY your own friendship braclet with your own taste. Enjoy crafting! 😀
More detail steps you can get from:

5 Snowflake Craft Ideas: Welcome Christmas

If you are on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll have seen that plenty of snowflake craft ideas being shared there.  I love decorating with snowflake ornaments in Christmas. I dare anyone to make just one of snowflake crafts! Coz they are an easy project that does not need lots of supplies, it’s something you can customize by using different  beads, and they only take about 5 minutes per snowflake craft to make.

snowflake craft ideas (1)

Snowflakes decorate anything interesting and impressive when they are of different size, but in the same style. The main materials of this green snowflake ornament are seed beads. Found on

snowflake craft ideas (2)

Snowflake crafts are a great way to decorate your home for Christmas. Use these cute rhinestone buttons to make a colorful button snowflake to brighten up your home.  Found on

snowflake craft ideas (3)

Wow, big collections of Perler beads snowflake crafts!! Oh yes, perler beads and correct snowflake pegboards are first hand needed supplies.  Found on

snowflake craft ideas (4)

What’s a list of the materials ever without loom bands for making special snowflake crafts? Shared by monica schmitz

snowflake craft ideas (5)

This snowflake craft seems to be easy and simple to do. Really love this. The materials are easy too – white glass beads and pipe cleaners. Found on
Quickly go purchase some jeweley making supplies online to make these cute snowflake crafts I shared. Happy crafting!

Hot Halloween Supplies

dIY-halloween-JewelryHalloween is one of most popular holidays for decorating not only our surroundings but ourselves. You may want  to DIY some unique Halloween jewelry or accessories for this coming holiday. Or you may even know exactly what patterns you are going to undertake, right? However, the very crucial point you should do is finding the perfect craft supplies to make your idea come true. Check the below hot Halloween craft supplies and more from Pandahall.

Featured Halloween Charms:Halloween charms

Unique Halloween Skull Beads:Halloween skull beads

Cute Pumpkin Beads:Halloween pumpkin beads

Wanna get more? Check hot Halloween topic freely!

Tassel Necklace

tassel necklace


Do you love tassel necklace? This amazing one can be fun to make! Tutorial from P.S I made this


Add a wooden bead to the top of each tassel. Separate links on the acrylic chain and link tassels on, placing longest tassel in the center of the chain. Knot each end of the chain with metallic rope (or opt for ribbon), and tie to finish off.

Cool Metallic Bracelets out of Stud Beads

For those who want to DIY your own easy but trendy bracelet, this one can be a great knock-off.

First, you will need 20 metal stud beads, an elastic cord, 2 clamp bead, pliers and scissors.

jewelry making supplies

Second, thread 1 camp bead on elastic.

thread 1 camp bead on elastic.

Third, thread through studded beads.

thread through studded beads.

Forth, thread the other clamp bead at the end.

thread the other clamp bead at the end.

Fifth, tie the two ends of the elastic and do a double knot for security.

tie the two ends of the elastic and do a double knot for security.

Sixth, trim the excess thread.

trim the excess thread.

And well done! Do match this stylish bracelet with simple gold rings.

finished metallic bracelet

Tutorial from: a pair & a spare