3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet

Most girls must be quite familiar with pearl bead bracelet, but have you ever thought making a pearl bead chainmail bracelet? Pearl beads and jumprings, the combination sounds really chic and cool right? If you are curious about it, then, just follow me and see how the bracelet will look like!

3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 1

Not bad! Let’s see how to make this pearl bead chainmail bracelet together!

To get start, you need to prepare:
0.6mm Glass Pearl Beads
Mixed Jump Rings
Lobster Claps
Eye Pins
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier
Round Nose Plier

3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 2

Instructions on how to make the chainmail bracelet:
Step 1: Make the basic linking units.
1st, slide a pearl bead onto a headpin, make a loop at the bead end, and cut off extra part. Repeat to make 10 bead links.
2nd, add two 10mm jumprings to each pearl bead like picture shows.

3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 3

Step 2: Make the chainmail.
1st, add two 6mm jumprings to the previous units.
2nd, insert a 6mm jumpring through jumpring1, 2, 3 and 4, and insert another one on the below.
3rd, repeat to connect more units until you get your desired length.

3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 4

Step 3: Finish the chainmail bracelet.
1st, make two sets of jumpring links like picture shows, and add them to each side of the bracelet.
2nd, connect the bracelet with a lobster clasp.

3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 5

And here comes the final look:3 Steps to Make an Elegant Pearl Bead Chainmail Bracelet 6

Chic and not that difficult to make, if you are going to make one, just be patient and mind the arrangement of jumprings. Enjoy your crafting!


DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead

Hello there! Jewelry making time again! Today I’d like to share you a tutorial on how to make a wire wrapped ring with a cute cat eye bead, hope you guys like it~

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead 1

Materials and tools needed to make the wire wrapped ring:
0.3mm Copper Wire
Cat Eye Beads
Aluminum Wire
Cutting Pliers

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead 2

Step 1: Cut two pieces of 10cm aluminum wires and roll the ends of each wire. Wrap copper wire round two aluminum wires like picture shows. Once finished, inset the copper wire ends into the middle of the gap and cut off extra wires.

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead 3

Step 2: Bend the wire pattern to a circle ring according to you finger, and thread a cat eye bead to the center of the ring. Wrap the copper wires around the cat eye bead several times and inset the wire ends into the circle ring.

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead 4


DIY Wire Wrapped Ring with Cat Eye Bead 5

It looks really cute right? Wire wrapped jewelry/accessories have been on trend for years, if you are a jewelry fan, you can catch up with the trend by DIY some wire jewelry first!

Stunning Beadwork Design by Customer

Hello guys. Today I wanna share you some pretty beadwork design by Jana Morgo?ová. Do you love wearing chandelier earrings? Chandelier is like lopping tree branches. Let’s start to see.
Chic Chandelier Earrings1.Chic Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Brass Headpins, Glass Beads Strands, Crystal Suncatcher, Tibetan Style Links, plated eyepins, Iron Jump Rings, Single and Double Loops, Silver Color, Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands, Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, the earrings look like absorbing emeralds, and it’s not difficult to make! The part where a glass bead in the circle is the most special design! And this type of earrings match dress perfectly!
Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings2.Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Tibetan Style Links, Chandelier Components, Iron Earring Hooks, Electroplate Glass Beads Strands.
So wonderful earrings! I love its heart shape so much!  If you wear the earrings in summer, the teardrop pendant will must be dazzling through sunshine. By the way, heart shape earrings suit chubby face well, it will make you look slimmer.
Red Glass Chandelier Earrings3.Red Glass Chandelier Earrings

Materials: Crystal Suncatcher, Glass Beads Strands, Iron Jump Rings, Brass Cross Chains Cable Chains, Brass Lever Back Hoop Earrings.
The red beads look like the sun in summer,  its hot color makes people in high spirits easily!
Teardrop Bead Earrings4.Teardrop Bead Earrings

Materials:Alloy Links, Chandelier Components,Crackle Glass Beads Strands,Iron Jump Rings, Iron Headpins,Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, wonderful! Its earring hooks attract me most, and its color matches the teardrop beads so well! Love it~
As we can see, the pendant components can’t only be used in earrings, they also can be used in necklace and other jewelry. Hope you love today’s lovely beadwork design by our customer, have a nice day!

How Amazing Long DIY Seed Beaded Pendant Necklace!

Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner680330
Hi guys, do you love wearing pendant necklace? There must be lots of responses “yes”! So today I am going to share you a tutorial about how to make a pair of a long beaded pendant necklace. You can choose which material to use for beads, such as pearl beads, silver beads etc.
Follow me to see how to finish the cheap pendant necklace!
Materials needed:
2mm Seed Beads, Silver Lobster Clasps, Silver  Jump Rings Silver Eyepins, Silver  Twisted Chain, Round Nose Pliers ,Needle Nose Pliers, Diagonal Pliers.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner600400
Step 1:
Make the long DIY pendant.
Slide the seed beads on the silver eyepin according to the sequence as picture shows:
Make a loop at the bottom of the eyepin.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner1600400
Hang a silver ring on each of the loop of the eyepin.
Make  more such seed bead strands following previous 2 steps.
Connect these finished seed beads strands to the two silver rings.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner2600800
Step 2:
(1)Attach silver chain and silver lobster clasp.
(2) Attach a silver lobster clasp to both of the chain ends.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner3600400
Now, our long pendant necklace has been finished. How elegant and beautiful! The tutorial is very funny and simple, right? If yes, guys, try it now!

3 Steps to Make Fabulous Hoop Earrings at Home

Compared to necklaces and bracelets, earrings are often being ignored by us. But a pair of proper earrings can make us win more attention, especially big hoop earrings. I guess most of you bought earrings before without thinking of making your own hoop earrings. Today I will tell you how to make beaded hoop earrings at home, want to have a try? Now let’s get started!
Materials and tools needed in making beaded hoop earrings:
0.8MM Copper Wire
0.3MM Copper Wire
4MM Seed Beads
Earring Hooks
Step1, first trim off about 18cm, 0.8mm copper wire, and bend the wire into “U” shape, then loop at one wire end. Second, hook the wire to close the mouth of “U”. We can see from the picture that the wire looks like a teardrop now.

Step2, first trim off about 30 cm 0.3 mm copper wire, and twine it about 2cm around the teardrop. Then string forty 4mm seed beads onto the 0.3mm copper wire, and repeat to wrap the beaded wire about 5cm around the teardrop. Next, trim off the extra wire after twining the 0.3mm wire.

Step3, add an earring hook to the top loop of the teardrop frame.
hoop earrings
Tata, a pair of fabulous beaded hoop earrings are instantly finished. I like white so I make white hoop earrings. You can choose other beads with different colors and shapes as you like. Based on this beaded hoop earrings tutorial, I believe that you could make more pretty earrings. Sometimes we don’t know how big our potential is without trying, so just do it!

2 of My Favorite Supplies for Making Jewelry

Hello, my dear readers, instead of sharing jewelry making tutorials, today I want to introduce 2 of my favorite supplies for making jewelry, glass beads and Tibetan style pendants.
glass beads
Glass beads are fascinating, beautiful creations with various colors, they have functioned as currency, gifts, works of art, While one of the most common use of them is jewelry making. Amazing, right?!
beaded bracelet
This beaded bracelet used glass beads in blue and black, which makes the bracelet a little neutral. I believe that anyone who wears it will stand out from the crowd, since glass beads are never out of date.
beaded necklace
Different from the bracelet, this beaded necklace used glass beads in bright color, which make it so dazzling and sparkly.
Tibetan style pendants
As a Chinese girl, I have been yearning for Tibet. So I prefer to use Tibetan style pendants in jewelry making. They are full of exotic atmosphere, which always makes me think up fascinating and charming heroines in old movies.
Tibetan style bracelet
This bracelet with Tibetan style pendants surprises me absolutely with its unique color assortment. Brilliant beads with silver Tibetan style pendant, it looks so neoteric, I couldn’t sigh with emotion, nothing is impossible!
Tibetan style necklace&bracelet
This kind of beaded necklace and bracelet would be so ordinary and common without Tibetan style pendants. I could not imagine what the necklace and the bracelet will look like if the Tibetan style pendants had not been added to them. Sometimes little small things turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.
After appreciating the above supplies, do you have a crush on them? Do you want to use them to make your own jewelry? What you need to do is go for some jewelry making supplies and tutorials online, I’m sure you will fall in love with them.

Easy DIY Chain Necklace Tutorial

Hello guys! Today’s topic is about teaching you to make a DIY chain necklace. Have you ever made jewelry for loved ones? If no, I highly recommend you not miss this chain necklace tutorial. It’ll only take you less than 20 minutes to finish it and just imagine the laughing faces of your lovers when you show them the lovely wrapped chain necklace. I bet you can’t wait to start, let’s go!
jewelry making supplies:
making supplies
Medium chain
Jump rings
Lobster Clasps
Jewelry Pliers
1 yard 1/4 inch Ribbon
chain necklace steps
As the picture shows, at first, dip a little glue at the end of ribbon and chain. Then wrap the ribbon around your chain links. Make sure to wrap the ribbon to cover the links correctly.
Then glue at the other end until you wrap both ways. And repeat on the other side of the chain to let dry.
At last, connect the medium chain and lobster clasp with jump rings.
Congratulations! Your wrapped chain necklace is perfectly done! Time to send it to your girl! Nothing can compare with a handmade gift to express your love. You can even make the wrapped chain necklace more lovely and unique by attaching some cute cheap charms. But remember one thing, what make a chain necklace unique are not the chains, but your inner deep love for her.(Original source: I SPY DIY )