Stunning Beadwork Design by Customer

Hello guys. Today I wanna share you some pretty beadwork design by Jana Morgo?ová. Do you love wearing chandelier earrings? Chandelier is like lopping tree branches. Let’s start to see.
Chic Chandelier Earrings1.Chic Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Brass Headpins, Glass Beads Strands, Crystal Suncatcher, Tibetan Style Links, plated eyepins, Iron Jump Rings, Single and Double Loops, Silver Color, Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands, Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, the earrings look like absorbing emeralds, and it’s not difficult to make! The part where a glass bead in the circle is the most special design! And this type of earrings match dress perfectly!
Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings2.Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Tibetan Style Links, Chandelier Components, Iron Earring Hooks, Electroplate Glass Beads Strands.
So wonderful earrings! I love its heart shape so much!  If you wear the earrings in summer, the teardrop pendant will must be dazzling through sunshine. By the way, heart shape earrings suit chubby face well, it will make you look slimmer.
Red Glass Chandelier Earrings3.Red Glass Chandelier Earrings

Materials: Crystal Suncatcher, Glass Beads Strands, Iron Jump Rings, Brass Cross Chains Cable Chains, Brass Lever Back Hoop Earrings.
The red beads look like the sun in summer,  its hot color makes people in high spirits easily!
Teardrop Bead Earrings4.Teardrop Bead Earrings

Materials:Alloy Links, Chandelier Components,Crackle Glass Beads Strands,Iron Jump Rings, Iron Headpins,Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, wonderful! Its earring hooks attract me most, and its color matches the teardrop beads so well! Love it~
As we can see, the pendant components can’t only be used in earrings, they also can be used in necklace and other jewelry. Hope you love today’s lovely beadwork design by our customer, have a nice day!


3 Steps to Make Fabulous Hoop Earrings at Home

Compared to necklaces and bracelets, earrings are often being ignored by us. But a pair of proper earrings can make us win more attention, especially big hoop earrings. I guess most of you bought earrings before without thinking of making your own hoop earrings. Today I will tell you how to make beaded hoop earrings at home, want to have a try? Now let’s get started!
Materials and tools needed in making beaded hoop earrings:
0.8MM Copper Wire
0.3MM Copper Wire
4MM Seed Beads
Earring Hooks
Step1, first trim off about 18cm, 0.8mm copper wire, and bend the wire into “U” shape, then loop at one wire end. Second, hook the wire to close the mouth of “U”. We can see from the picture that the wire looks like a teardrop now.

Step2, first trim off about 30 cm 0.3 mm copper wire, and twine it about 2cm around the teardrop. Then string forty 4mm seed beads onto the 0.3mm copper wire, and repeat to wrap the beaded wire about 5cm around the teardrop. Next, trim off the extra wire after twining the 0.3mm wire.

Step3, add an earring hook to the top loop of the teardrop frame.
hoop earrings
Tata, a pair of fabulous beaded hoop earrings are instantly finished. I like white so I make white hoop earrings. You can choose other beads with different colors and shapes as you like. Based on this beaded hoop earrings tutorial, I believe that you could make more pretty earrings. Sometimes we don’t know how big our potential is without trying, so just do it!

Beaded Jewelry Sets’ Floral Look

Floral Jewelry is the best choice of girly jewelry. These are totally floral beaded jewelry sets for jewelry making designers and crafters to try! If you love them, prepare the detailed jewelry making supplies like flower beads to DIY yourself.

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look

Beaded Jewelry Sets' Floral Look
Hope these can inspire you and start to personalize your own beaded jewelry sets for the summer with lots of color. Enjoy!

DIY Fringe Earrings Tutorial from Cinzia

This is not a beginner’s project because there are many techniques needed from this tutorial. But this can be a beginner’s chance to try, I share this DIY tutorial video with you, enjoy! These fringe earrings are made by Cinzia. If you like this design, prepare needed jewelry making supplies the video shared now.


Rose of red – FIMO jewelry set

I LOVE it!! Not only a best Christmas Gift choice, but also a pleasant Valentines Gift. Can’t help choosing some polymer clay beads or else handmade roses, then make one for myself. 😀

rose jewelry sets

Monique Design

Roses again, in two shades of red: one lighter and brighter, and the other one with glitter effect. The green leaves complete the fine look. The box is also handmade, with a little bow on the inside cover and a quilled ornament on the front. Being in the colors of Christmas, this set is a present for a seven years old girl who loves jewelries! I hope she will like this present! I hope you will like it too! 🙂

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Three Tassel Earrings , how do you vote?

Tassels arent just for lamp shades or curtain tie backs. They are also perfect for jewelry making too! Especialy earrings and necklaces, tassel style is a very hot in fashion girls. Now, tassel earrings competition time! Wow, it’s time for you, my friends, to take a shot. Which one is the easiest one to make? Which one is the most beautiful one in your mind?

Three Tassel Earrings , how do you vote
Here are the brief details of these “three  players”.
No.1 – Tassel Leather Earrings in turquoise color. If you would like to try to make your own ones. Here are the main materials: earring hooks, suede cord…
No.2 – Braided Tassel Earrings. Simple but unique design, I love them most. :)If try, the jewelry making supplies you need: earring hooks, iron chains, iron wires etc.
No.3 – Violet Crystal Tassel Earrings, this pair of earrings is a beaded craft. Beaded crafters could have a try.

Which one do you vote for? No.1, No.2 or No.3? I am very happy if you can share with me. 😀 (images source: 1, 2, 3)

DIY Star Jewelry with Star Pendants

Because of the special shape, star pendants are commonly used for jewelry designers and craft makers.  There are various star jewelries with star pendants, for example, star pendant necklaces, star pendant bracelets, star pendant earrings, star pendant rings, star pendant brooches, etc.  Star pendants can be seen anywhere, especially necklaces and bracelets making.
Here I will list some star jewelries which I collected from other craft makers or esty sellers.  If you are jewelry designer, hope these can inspire you in making new style excellent star crafts.
Star pendant necklaces
This kind of retrohollow out moon stars necklace is made of star pendants and chains by Luulla. Easy to  make but unique feeling.

Star pendant bracelets
By using a small star pendant , a glittery blue glass cabochon and other supplies to create a new fresh style bracelet, I seriously love it! Bracelet shared by Anna Cucurull

Star pendant earrings
Wow, I believe this DIY chains and stars earrings could be the hottest crafts with star pendants, right? Shared by Gina Michele

Star pendant rings
Being made of a gold chain and a tiny gold star, this chain ring is delicate and simple. Shared by Avnis

Stars brooch
This is one of my absolute favorites. The design is elegance and well executed. Shared by Becky Cole


Which one do you like best? Share with me if you have done your own star crafts with star pendants. 😀