DIY Beaded Bracelet with Chain

Good afternoon dear friends, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY beaded bracelet with chain. Are you expecting it? Let’s get down to business now~
Jewelry making supplies needed to make the easy DIY bracelet with chain:
Chain, elastic beading thread, beads (bronze spacers), glue~
Instructions on how to make the DIY beaded bracelet with chain:
First, trim off a proper length of chain and cut a long piece of elastic, and thread the elastic through the chain.
Second, begin to slide the cheap beads on the elastic.
Third, thread the beads up, the size is at your own will. Then pass the other end of the elastic through the other end of the chain.
Fourth, make a knot and fix the knot with the glue, then cut off the unnecessary part. Please see the picture below.
Here is the final look of the pretty DIY bracelet with chain:
Hey guys, how do you feel like the DIY beaded bracelet? Is it super fabulous and easy to make? Absolutely yes! So I f you are charmed with it, just try to make it yourself. And if you have any confusion, please leave a reply, good luck! Hope you like it and wish you a happy day.


Cute Christmas Earrings Worthy of Your Attention!

Hello PandaHall’s readers, nice to see ya again. Christmas is coming, so today I’d love to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY Christmas tree earrings. Please follow me to see HOW!
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (1)
Jewelry making supplies needed about how to make the cute Christmas tree earrings:
2mm seed beads, 6mm Czech glass beads, 0.5mm copper wire, eyepins, jumprings, earring hooks, bowknot brass links
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (2)
Steps for making the cute DIY Christmas tree earrings:
Step 1: prepare the main part of the DIY Christmas tree earrings
First, trim off a length about 30cm copper wire, shape a loop at one end, then keep the loop tight and wind the wire around itself 8 times;
Second, place the loop on one of the teeth of the round nose pliers and pull down the wire loop and stretch it out showing as the picture below;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (3)
Third, take the wire loop off the pliers and prepare the wire look neat;
Fourth, add a proper amount of seed beads on the wrapped wire until it’s full of seed beads;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (4)
Fifth, trim off the unnecessary wire and roll a turn at the bottom;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (5)
Step 2: finish the cute Christmas tree earrings
First, add a 6mm Czech glass bead on an eyepin, trim off the redundant part and shape a loop at the end;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (6)
Second, put the Czech bead connect to the bottom of wrapped wire loop, and combine the brass link with the top loop using a jumpring.
Third, attach earring hooks to the brass link.
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (7)
Here is the final look of the DIY Christmas tree earrings:
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (8)
Wow, fabulous! How do you feel like the Christmas tree earrings? I wonder that you can’t wait to try it now, right? If so, just take action! Because it really looks so stunning! Hope you like it and wish you a good day~

A Series of Fabulous Necklace Deserving Your Attention!

Good afternoon dears, it’s true that every girl has jewelry of her own style. So how about necklaces? Today I am going to introduce you a series of stylish necklaces, I guarantee they won’t let you down~ let’s see together.
Coco Nut Beaded Necklaces

  1. Coconut Beaded Necklaces

How do feel like this one guys? Do you think it’s special? I cannot imagine that we can make necklace with coconut beads if I don’t see it in person. This is a pretty innovative jewelry making idea! Besides, it’s also quite environmentally friendly. So it’s a good choice for chic girls~
Punk Rock Style Leather Skull and Leaf Necklaces
2.Punk Rock Style Leather Skull and Leaf Necklaces
Wow, so personalized! It will be cool to wear such a necklace. You see the skull ornaments? Do you think they are horrible? Absolutely not! On the contrary, they are so adorable! If they are placed with studs of other shapes, the necklace would be a commonplace. In addition, the leaf pendants are also a charming component. I have a special preference for Tibetan silver jewelry~ by the way, the punk rock style necklace suits girls who are cool and outgoing.
Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace for Women
3. Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace for Women
I love the necklace pattern sooo much! White pearl beads plus red beads is pretty perfect, which gives people a feeling of enthusiasm and vitality. Besides, shell pearl beads look so pure and because of its sleek surface and smooth edge, it has been adored by jewelry making suppliers and customers for a long time~
alloy coin pendant necklace
4. Trendy Women’s Alloy Coin Pendant Bib Statement Necklaces
Stunning! It bears a splendor of royalty, which is the first impression I have on it~ Frankly speaking, the golden coin pendants fascinate me most! I don’t know why the designer select golden coin as the pendants, maybe it stands out nobleness and richness! Do you like this one guys?
Which one impresses you deepest? Do they broaden your horizons? Anyway, I wannna share them with you and hope you all like them. Wish you a wonderful day~

A Set of Jewelry for Winter

Hello guys, nice to see ya again! You know, with the winter approaching, it becomes more and more freezing. People have already put on winter’s clothes, why don’t wear winter’s jewelry now? Yes, you are lucky enough guys. Today I am going to share you a set of pretty jewelry for winter. Ok, let’s start to see one by one~
icicle earrings
1.Sparkling icicle earrings
I love the jewelry design so much, the glass beads with different sizes are placed according to the sequence from big to small, which makes it seems like an icicle, so creative and vivid! Do you love it guys?
Snowflake Bracelet2.Snowflake bracelet
As an old saying goes, less is more! Yes, I was charmed by its simple design. Simplicity looks more graceful than complex things. The snowflakes are the finishing touch of this design. If no it, the bracelet would be tedious. Besides, the luster is also pure and clean. Love it!
sterling silver antler ring
3.Cute sterling silver antler ring
Wow, so cute ring! Its small and delicate pattern attracts me so much! As you know, Christmas is coming, so it’s a good choice for us. In addition, this one suits females at all-level.
Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant - Necklace
4.Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant – Necklace
Last but not least. I think the white and light blue colors matches so perfectly. And these 2 color also cater to the characters of winter~ meanwhile, I have a special preference for silver, so I choose it to share with you~
Hey guys, do you love today’s jewelry? If you wear them in winter, you must look more beautiful~ believe it or not. Hope you like them and wish you a good day.

A Collection of Four Fascinating Watches

Happy Wednesday dear readers, we often share you jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on before, however, today I’d love to share you something new—fascinating watches! Are you expecting them? Let’s appreciate them together~
classic wristwatch
1.Classic wristwatch
I believe most of people are not strange with watches, and they are also popular among us, because of its use. Long time ago, we have no watches or clocks, people usually estimate time according to the activity of the sun or sandglasses. It brings much convenience for people. Besides, it also has the use of decoration. Sometimes, we also add glass beads on this watch, and they look sparkling under sunshine. It will never be out of fashion~
Finger Ring Quartz Watches,
2.Cute finger ring watch
Wow, it’s amazing! Can you imagine we could wear watch on fingers? I think wearing a finger ring watch is so cool and innovative. Moreover, it’s very easy to carry. I just wanna say innovation is of much importance in the development of human beings!
stylish bracelet watch
3.Cool wrap bracelet watch
This bracelet watch matches with black wrapped watchband looks so cool and stylish, I love the watchband most. Why? I can give you countless answers to the question. Here I’d like to show you 2 important reasons. To start, black color is so cool and easy to match, you can wear the bracelet watch with both formal suits and casual clothes or dress, it’s up to you~ then, the cowhide leather material allures me so much, which is much enduring, so don’t worry it will be out of order.
Flat Round Alloy Pendant Pocket Quartz Watches Necklaces
4.Flat Round Alloy Pendant Pocket Quartz Watches Necklaces
How do you feel like when seeing the pocket watch? Very exquisite and vintage, right?  Pocket watches have run a long course in watch and clock line. people in any Era always have a preference for them. The filigree pattern on the cover look so nice, love it? As you can see, we can also wear the pocket watch as a necklace, how fabulous!
In a word, watches of any style cannot only be treated as watches, they are also looked as jewelry. Do you fall in with today’s gorgeous watches? Hope you love them, have a good day~

Stunning Beadwork Design by Customer

Hello guys. Today I wanna share you some pretty beadwork design by Jana Morgo?ová. Do you love wearing chandelier earrings? Chandelier is like lopping tree branches. Let’s start to see.
Chic Chandelier Earrings1.Chic Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Brass Headpins, Glass Beads Strands, Crystal Suncatcher, Tibetan Style Links, plated eyepins, Iron Jump Rings, Single and Double Loops, Silver Color, Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands, Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, the earrings look like absorbing emeralds, and it’s not difficult to make! The part where a glass bead in the circle is the most special design! And this type of earrings match dress perfectly!
Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings2.Heart Shape Chandelier Earrings:

Materials: Tibetan Style Links, Chandelier Components, Iron Earring Hooks, Electroplate Glass Beads Strands.
So wonderful earrings! I love its heart shape so much!  If you wear the earrings in summer, the teardrop pendant will must be dazzling through sunshine. By the way, heart shape earrings suit chubby face well, it will make you look slimmer.
Red Glass Chandelier Earrings3.Red Glass Chandelier Earrings

Materials: Crystal Suncatcher, Glass Beads Strands, Iron Jump Rings, Brass Cross Chains Cable Chains, Brass Lever Back Hoop Earrings.
The red beads look like the sun in summer,  its hot color makes people in high spirits easily!
Teardrop Bead Earrings4.Teardrop Bead Earrings

Materials:Alloy Links, Chandelier Components,Crackle Glass Beads Strands,Iron Jump Rings, Iron Headpins,Iron Earring Hooks.
Wow, wonderful! Its earring hooks attract me most, and its color matches the teardrop beads so well! Love it~
As we can see, the pendant components can’t only be used in earrings, they also can be used in necklace and other jewelry. Hope you love today’s lovely beadwork design by our customer, have a nice day!

Charming Leaf Beaded Pendant Necklace for Women!


Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- A Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace (7)

Hi guys, nice to see you again! Today I would like to share a tutorial about pendant necklace making. Do you like leaf beaded pendant necklace ? If yes, please follow me to see HOW! It’s very simple to make the leaf beaded pendant necklace for women!

Jewelry making supplies:

6mm and 8mm white pearl beads, aluminum wire, brass jumprings, cat eye beads, brass chain, copper jewelry wire, and a set of 3 pliers.

Step 1: prepare a leaf beaded pendant.

  • Trim a length of 18cm aluminum wire, and make 2 loops on both ends.
  • Cut a width of 0.5mm copper wire, then hang a certain amount of 6mm and 8mm white pearl beads and cat eye beads on the copper wire, and twist the copper wire on the aluminum wire showing as picture.

Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- A Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace (2)

Step 2:Finish the leaf pendants as the previous ways mentioned.

Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- A Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace (3)

Step 3: connect the jumprings and brass chain to the leaf pendant.

Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- A Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace (4)

Do you get the hang of making leaf pendant necklace? It’s the symbol of friendship. Wish your friendship lasts forever! So try the leaf beaded pendant necklace with your friends right away!