Simple Flower and Pearl Beads Dangle Earrings

Hey friends, do you love flower dangle earrings? Do you wanna make simple yet nice beaded dangle earrings? Look here! Next I will share a pair of original pearl earrings to you, are you expecting it? Then follow me to see HOW!

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making this pair of flower linking earrings:
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Flower Resin Beads
Mixed Shape Linking Rings
Golden Earring Hooks
Golden Jump Rings
Golden Eyepins
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Step 1: make a pearl bead link and flower resin cabochon link with eyepins, then make a loop at the other end of the eyepins and connect these 2 links together, then attach an earring hook to top of the flower resin cabochon as pictured.

Step 2: Attach a golden star linking ring and a golden square linking ring to a golden jump ring, and then add this linking ring pattern to the pearl bead link as pictured.

Now I finished this pair if flower dangle earrings quickly!

This pair of dangle beaded earrings is so simple but it is really nice to wear, do you wanna own them? I will bring you more such simple yet delicate jewels next time, are you expecting them? See you next time~


How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings

There is no doubt that handmade jewelry is a great way to express your creativity and expand your jewelry collection. If handmade jewelry, especially earrings play an important role in your daily look. Today I have an amazing tutorial of making firemaker daisy earrings shared by Allison for you to make at home. If you are feeling dizzy to start your new earring’s making, the pair of daisy earrings will help you to solve your problems and will fresh your DIY ideas. Enjoy and have fun!

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings
What you will need to create this beaded earrings:
1.    Jewelry wire
2.    Earring hooks (I used 18mm long iron fishhooks in gold color)
3.    Wooden beads (I used 4x6mm colored wood oval beads)
4.    Glass beads (I used sky blue faceted 4mm bicone glass beads)
5.    Seed beads (I used 8 opaque mixed color seed beads)
6.    Pliers (round nose, flat nose and wire cutters)

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings
DIY Firemaker Daisy Earrings
Step 1: Make two smaller flowers
1) Cut a 5” piece of your jewelry wire, and slide a seed bead and a wood bead on. Thread the end of the wire back through the wood bead (shown as picture 2), keeping most of the wire on the rightmost side. Then thread on another wood bead and another seed bead at the long end, and thread back through that wood bead as picture 2, keeping pull tight to your first wood bead, like the picture 3.
2) Repeat “1)” to slide other four wood beads and four seed beads on to form a six petals smaller flower. Then make another small flower.

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings
Step 2: Make two bigger flowers and Add crystal beads center to the four flowers
1) Continue with this technique, make two bigger flowers with 8 petals (1 petal is made of two wood beads and one seed bead).

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings
2) To add the crystal centers, cut a 5″ piece of jewelry wire and thread on 3 glass beads, tight together to create a loop. Then wrap around the centre of the small flower up and down to secure. Add one more glass bead in the middle and wrap again, then cut the ends. Then add 6 glass beads to the center of large flower.

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings
Step 3: Finsh the daisy flower earrings
Connect the large flower and small flower with jumprings, then connect small flower and earring hooks together with a jumpring.

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings

Here is the finished firemaker daisy earrings! If you love it, share it and comment below.

How to Make Firemaker Daisy Earrings