Simple Handmade Tibetan Style Beads and Hematite Beads Bracelet

Do you like simple handmade beading bracelet? Today I will share a hematite beads bracelet with you all, if you are interested in making this Tibetan style bracelet, just follow me to make one later.
Supplies you’ll need in making the Tibetan bead bracelet:
8x5x5mm Oval Hematite Beads
4mm Black Glass Pearl Beads
Tube Tibetan Style Beads
Tibetan Silver Cube Spacer Beads
0.2mm Transparent Fishing Wire
Crimp Beads
Crimp Beads Covers
Tibetan Style Toggle Clasps and Tbar
Flat Nose Pliers
Step 1: Cut a piece of fishing wire and add a crimp bead and a Tibetan toggle clap to it, then cross the wire back through the crimp bead and pinch it into flat to fix the wire.
Step 2: Add a crimp bead cover to the flat crimp bead and close it, then thread a 4mm black glass pearl bead, a cube spacer bead, an oval hematite bead, a tube Tibetan bead, an oval hematite bead and a cube spacer bead to the wire in sequence.
Step 3: Continue to add more such beads in sequence that showed in step 2, till the length of the bead pattern is enough to you.
Step 4: Add a crimp bead and a Tbar to the wire, then cross the wire back through the crimp bead and pinch the crimp bead into flat, then add a crimp bead cover onto the flat crimp bead and cut off the excess wire.
Another pictured:how-to-make-tibetan-triple-strands-hematite-beaded-bracelet2
How do you like this hematite beads bracelet? It is quite easy for even a green hand to make, then do you wanna have a try?