Advantages and disadvantages of using magnetic clasps

Magnetic ClaspsMagnetic clasps are jewelry clasps that use strong magnets as fasteners to keep both ends of a jewelry item together. These clasps are available in a variety of beautiful designs, and yet they are functional as well. These clasps have become quite popular among jewelry makers. Clasps with magnets have quite some advantages that make them popular with jewelry lovers.

Pros of using magnetic clasps in jewelry

Safe and easy to use

It’s easy to use jewelry with clasps made of magnets because all you have to is place both ends of the jewelry item together to fasten it. The magnetic pull of the metal will attract both ends to each other and keep the jewelry item securely closed. Hence, these clasps are often used to make ornaments for people with joint problems and children so that they don’t have to struggle to put their jewelry on and off.

Magnetic fasteners have health benefits

Magnets in jewelry have been proven to have health benefits. In fact, some people wear magnetic jewelry for therapeutic purposes rather than adornment. The magnetic pull in jewelry can help in pain relief and blood circulation problems. Hence, many people suffering from arthritis, chronic joint pains and inflammation benefit from wearing jewelry with magnets.

Things to consider when purchasing magnetic clasps


Magnetic fasteners are available in a variety of sizes, and a buyer needs to make purchases according to his/her needs. Keep in mind that how heavy a jewelry item is will determine the size of the clasp you buy. For example, if the jewelry piece is big and heavy, then you need a big clasp proportionate to it to ensure that it stays secure when it is put on.


Clasps can serve more than one purpose in jewelry. If you want your clasps to be decorative in addition to securing a jewelry item, then there are many decorative clasps with beautiful designs to choose. However, if you are looking for a clasp that is just functional, then choose the ones that are simple and can handle the weight of your jewelry item to ensure its stays locked when worn.

Different metals

Magnetic clasps are available in different metal tones and plates. Some clasps are silver plated; others are gold plated while others are brass or bronze. Hence, there is a wide selection of clasps to choose from on sale in shops and online.

Shopping online for clasps

WireKnitz claspIt’s easy to purchase clasps online. The benefit of purchasing clasps from reputable online vendors as opposed to purchasing from brick and mortar shops is you save time and money. Online shops are just a click away, and you don’t have to leave your home or office to shop for clasps. Online shops also have the latest styles and designs when it comes to magnetic clasps, and they sell them at quite affordable prices. Clasps are an essential item when it comes to jewelry making so why not order your clasps today!


Securing Best Deals for Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Are you always worried about securing the best deal when buying magnetic jewelry clasps? If yes, this article will make for a good read because it will discuss all the critical tips for better purchase. It is not always rosy when in the market to buy jewelry since you will come across a wide range of stores to serve your needs. Some of the stores will not meet your expectations while others will have what you need. Despite all that, never lose hope on getting the right deals and the following strategies should work in your favor.

  • Understand the 4 Cs– these are carat weight, clarity and cut as well as color which have a direct impact on the price of magnetic jewelry clasps. You might find out that most of the stores sell to you and other customers what you actually don’t need. That is all because of their ignorance on these four aspects. However, you will be safe to get the right deal once you have a good understanding of the four. Make proper market research and you will get hold of all the important information on that.
  • Wholesale purchase– you will never get good deals if you continue buying your magnetic jewelry clasps in retail. That is a sure way to freeze you of money since price is always high. Through wholesale purchase, you will be in a position of bargaining for the best deals since many dealers offer discounted prices. If you buy from far countries, you might even enjoy free shipping for your clasps depending on the type of dealer you have engaged.
  • Online shopping– you will only enjoy the benefits of this once you have had firsthand experience. Unlike in physical shops, online stores offer a wide area for consideration on what every store offers in terms of price. You can be able to look at offers from hundreds of websites at a go and there is no better way to settle on a cheap deal than that. It will provide for an opportunity to make price comparison through which you will secure the best deals. At any given time, internet will be resourceful as far as getting the best magnetic jewelry clasps deals is concerned.

  • Choose season– there is a season of the year when jewelry is on demand and that should not be the right time to buy. Prices are obviously high then and deciding to make purchase will only subject you to high expenses. For you to secure good deals, be sure to study the seasons of a year and then make a determination on when it is low for jewelry business. You can then go to the market and get the deals you have yearned for since demand will be down. Valentines and Christmas are two seasons when prices of jewelry skyrocket and you should avoid them by all means possible.

Just to reiterate, shopping at the opportune time and doing a detailed price comparison are the only sure ways to securing good deals.

Common Types of Bracelet Clasps

aa369c828564013c2c19569847897b84Do not expect that bracelet clasps which appeal to your friends will do the same to you. They are in different shapes, colors and designs so expect varied levels of satisfaction. Notably, you will experience diverse pros and cons of these clasps whenever you have some for personal use and satisfaction. To help you choose on the one that suits your needs satisfaction, the following types of clasps for bracelets will be discussed in details.

  1. Box clasp– it has a unique construction that is commonly referred to as tongue-and-groove. As a result of that, there is a closure formed with the shape of a cube and it makes it to be more secure than any other in the market. Furthermore, these bracelet clasps come with flexibility because you will be able to fasten them as well as unfasten by the use of a single hand.
  2. Lobster claw– you can use this one to fit a rounded ring into a clasp that is oval shaped. It is difficult to understand how that happens but it is a reality. It is among the easiest to use of the many clasps available and is common with necklaces.
  3. Hook– this one is a very simple clasp even though it does not guarantee any security to your jewelry. Its main components are ring and tension hook which are highly attractive when used with bracelets.
  4. Toggle– when using these bracelet clasps, you will see a bar whose main purpose is to fit into the ring. Gold and gemstone are used to cover these clasps for decoration purposes so you are assured of gaining class by choosing to use it. You will definitely enjoy some ease of use with this one.
  5. Spring– there is a rounded tube that features prominently on this clasp together with a handle that are all joined to the spring. The resultant pressure ensures it is tight thus cannot open easily unless you want it to open. You will have a sense of security with this clasp even though not an easy one for use.
  6. Extender– this is a utility chain that comes with short length but used to increase the length of bracelets. That might seem to be very contradicting in some sense. They always have a style that matches that of the bracelets for uniformity reasons. If you are looking for a unified appearance with your bracelets, this is the right type of bracelet clasps to go for. In some cases, they can be used with anklets.

When you are looking for the right clasps to use with your bracelets, consider quality because it is very critical. That will be determined by the type of material used in constructing the clasps and they are many in the market.

e92ef8bdd9cfd600ab74a838dcee85aaGo for a high quality material because that has a durability guarantee. The other thing you might probably want to consider is design. It should match that of the bracelet in relation to color, shape and size. You will look to be odd if designs of the clasps and that of the bracelet contradict.

Three Tassel Earrings , how do you vote?

Tassels arent just for lamp shades or curtain tie backs. They are also perfect for jewelry making too! Especialy earrings and necklaces, tassel style is a very hot in fashion girls. Now, tassel earrings competition time! Wow, it’s time for you, my friends, to take a shot. Which one is the easiest one to make? Which one is the most beautiful one in your mind?

Three Tassel Earrings , how do you vote
Here are the brief details of these “three  players”.
No.1 – Tassel Leather Earrings in turquoise color. If you would like to try to make your own ones. Here are the main materials: earring hooks, suede cord…
No.2 – Braided Tassel Earrings. Simple but unique design, I love them most. :)If try, the jewelry making supplies you need: earring hooks, iron chains, iron wires etc.
No.3 – Violet Crystal Tassel Earrings, this pair of earrings is a beaded craft. Beaded crafters could have a try.

Which one do you vote for? No.1, No.2 or No.3? I am very happy if you can share with me. 😀 (images source: 1, 2, 3)

Cool Metallic Bracelets out of Stud Beads

For those who want to DIY your own easy but trendy bracelet, this one can be a great knock-off.

First, you will need 20 metal stud beads, an elastic cord, 2 clamp bead, pliers and scissors.

jewelry making supplies

Second, thread 1 camp bead on elastic.

thread 1 camp bead on elastic.

Third, thread through studded beads.

thread through studded beads.

Forth, thread the other clamp bead at the end.

thread the other clamp bead at the end.

Fifth, tie the two ends of the elastic and do a double knot for security.

tie the two ends of the elastic and do a double knot for security.

Sixth, trim the excess thread.

trim the excess thread.

And well done! Do match this stylish bracelet with simple gold rings.

finished metallic bracelet

Tutorial from: a pair & a spare


The Importance of Choosing the Right Jewelry Clasps


Jewelry clasps are an important part of jewelry because they hold jewelry together. They are used to secure the item so that it does not falloff when you are wearing it. While these items are made for functional purposes, they are fast becoming a part of jewelry design as they are being incorporated into elaborate jewelry designs. In many cases, you will find that it’s even hard to identify the location of the clasps because they have been incorporated into the jewelry design so well.

There are many types of jewelry clasps you can buy from vendors such as Panda Hall to use in your jewelry. There are magnetic clasps, toggle clasps, trigger claps, hook and eye clasps and more. As much as the clasps vary, the material they are made from also varies. Some are made from pearls, precious metals such as silver and gold, and even porcelain among other kinds of material. You will find that there are clasps to complete any kind of jewelry you design and compliment it beautifully while securing it properly.

The selection of jewelry clasps you make from pandahall must be guided by the kind of jewelry you are trying to make. The different clasps on offer have their advantages and disadvantages. You must be aware of them so that you choose the right clasps for the jewelry you design.

Factors to consider when choosing clasps


One of the major factors to consider when choosing clasps is the security of the clasps. You need to ensure that the clasps you choose can hold the weight of the jewelry so that it doesn’t fall open at will. At the same time, it must be easy to open so that the wearer of the jewelry does not have problems putting on and taking off the jewelry anytime they feel like. The cost of the clasps also matters based on the budget you have available for buying clasps and the price at which you are planning to sell your jewelry.

One of the most valued clasps you can consider buying is fish and hooks clasps. These types of claps are popular because they are secure and relatively inexpensive. If this is not your style, try push claps which are valued for the fact that they are fairly easy to open and close. However, if you are looking to combine the ease of opening and closing with affordability then magnetic clasps are the right choice for you. They are strong and secure and easy to fasten and unfasten.

There are many more types of clasps. You can shop for great quality jewelry clasps from online shops such as Pandahall where you will find lots of variety to choose from. Remember that picking the right clasps is very important and will determine the functionality of the jewelry making so choose wisely.