How to make a wrap ring using jewelry making supplies?

It is simply a wonderful fact that many jewelry making supplies take us making accessories that we can’t help but adore ceaselessly. Let me share a tutorial about how to make a wire-wrapped ring.

Now we all know that wire-wrapped is an easy-to-do and easy-to-learn craftwork that boasts sheer elegance once it takes its finishing touch. You will learn of using any wire and any type of bead to craft this ring. So, let us wrap the talking and start learning by each and every step.

But first of all, make sure you are sufficient of the following jewelry making supplies:

  • Silver filled, square hard wire – 20 gauge
  • Swanstrom round-nose pliers
  • Stepped and plain wood ring mandrel set having base
  • Flat-nose pliers having nylon jaws
  • Beads* – 12mm in length
  • Fine tip permanent Marker
  • Ruler

*You can use almost any color or any center-drilled round, rectangular or oval beads.

Now focus and dive your absolute concentration to my step-to-step guide. WARNING: Use sharp jewelry making supplies or pliers under adult supervision if you are a child.

Step 1: Grab your marker and ruler. Measure the center of the 25 inches wire piece and mark it using your marker. Take a bead and put it over the wire, exactly overlapping the center of your mark. Now bend the wire perpendicular using your finger nail at every bead to keep it tight in a place.

Step 2: Now put the bead above your ring mandrel at a place that is twice larger in size than your final ring size. For instance, about the size 9 for a finished ring that is size 7.

Step 3: Next up, start wrapping the shaft. Place a bead over and pull your wire’s each side underneath the mandrel and pull back up on the corresponding side. Then, crossover them over and repeat the previous process; make sure your shaft has four wires thick layer on the bottom side with the ends on top for you to wrap. Here’s a tip: You can use your Nylon jaw pliers to prevent your wire from bending or twisting while you work.

Step 4: Followed by, begin wrapping your bead. The wire placed at one ending point of your bead will move up around one side of the bead to the corresponding end. Your opposite wire will set around the other side of the bead, finishing up on the reverse end.

Step 5: In order to achieve your desired look, keep wrapping the same way around the bead as many times required.

Step 6: Then, pass the wires into the interior of the ring; begin with laying them over the shaft and afterwards, position them underneath and back up into the inside of your ring on the other end.

Step 7: Pull your ring off the mandrel. Now you need each wire measuring 4” to conclude the wrap. If they are longer, cut off until you reach 4”. To compress the shaft wrap flat, use your Nylon jaw pliers.

Step 8: Continue wrapping the wire around the shaft until you reach four wraps at each end of the bead. Cut the wires and leave enough space to push the ends inside the ring using your round-nose pliers.

You’re all done. Get creative with your jewelry making supplies by adding mixed metals or organic beads!


How to Organize Jewelry Making Supplies?

Jewelry making supplies are the most difficult challenge to organize because they are so small and are of many different kinds of things to keep a track of. I have a lot of jewelry supplies as I have an addiction to collect different types of beads and charms. Too many things mean you have a bigger mess to clean. It is very important for a jewelry maker to store all bits and bobs organized and controlled for further use. When you have organized everything in a system, it becomes easier for you to find things you want in almost no time. It also helps you in saving money from buying something you need again and again and you are unable to find it due to misplacement.

To keep your jewelry making supplies organized in a place, you need to remember just a few rules that I am going to discuss with you. These general rules will help you to organize your things systematically.

Rule no. 1:

There must be a place for every single thing you have in supplies and everything must be present in its own place. This rule means you must have a specific place for each thing and you must take care of putting that thing in its place. You cannot just shove your molding tools with paintbrushes and expect to be able to find any of them easily when needed. It is best to simply group all similar tools and supplies, then put them in appropriate sized containers.

Rule no. 2:

The jewelry making supplies and tools you use frequently must be stored within your nearest reach. If you use anything too often then you must keep it closer to you, but the tools or supplies you use less frequently are the hardest things to find when you need them. If you organize things well you don’t have to work that much harder to find the rarest materials.

Rule no. 3:

Label the containers to know what you have kept in which container in the 1st glance. The ability to identify the materials in boxes and the containers will save a lot of time and effort. To keep the place neat and tidy, label same looking containers in the same way and line up them in a row prettily.

Rule no. 4:

If you are a jewelry maker, you will be very visual which means that visual mess can interrupt your creative thinking process. Be sure that your jewelry making supplies   storage is neat, clean and attractive. Use pretty containers and tidy storage boxes; place them in a good organized way by stacking them together. Once you have used a tool put it back on its place.

These were some of the basic rules, start following them and you will find your jewelry making supplies storage easy to maintain and manage. An organized space is very favorable to an orderly productive brain, as it reduces the stress of finding things.

Ultimate Guide for Jewelry Making Supplies

Beaded JewelryYou should always be keen to make the right purchase decision whenever in the market looking for the best jewelry making supplies. You must be well informed on how to make the right purchase whether you want to start a jewelry business or for your personal satisfaction. It will be cumbersome getting the best out of your mission in case you are not well prepared. For beginners, the following are some of the jewelry making supplies and equipment that they need to have in place before embarking on anything:

  • Bench pin and anvil– these supplies are very useful whenever there is some bending required. They are also used to sew and hammer.
  • Torch– you can use a torch for varied purposes when working on a jewelry project. They include melting of metal, altering as well as joining materials and many more. The size of the torch to use will be determined by the nature of project you are undertaking.
  • Magnetic tumbler– this helps in polishing of jewelry. It has brought a complete change in the modern world and polishes the undercuts, channels as well as underside of rings.
  • Rolling mill– this will come in handy when you are using metallic material for your jewelry. It presses on metal to make a thin sheet out of it that you can work with easily.
  • Magnifying lamp– since the role of light when working on a jewelry project is supreme, you must be sure to invest in a good source of light like magnifying lamp. That is one of the top jewelry making supplies to consider. It will be used for illumination especially if you are working indoors. Beginners can have just a single lamp but as the business grows, it’s good to invest in many lamps.
  • Flex shaft– among the many jewelry making supplies that you will be lined up to consider buying, this is the one that helps to suppress effects of fatigue. Actually, every beginner must have this equipment because it makes everything at the bench more than easier. You can use it to accomplish a wide range of jewelry making tasks thus it’s reliable enough.

Jewelry Key ChainSome of these jewelry making supplies are new to many people but they are very much suited for satisfying your needs. You must always ensure the selection criteria used for choosing the best ones is flawless. To make sure you don’t take chances with your purchase, consider using the internet because it’s very resourceful, convenient and above all reliable. When you purchase online, it will allow you a number of benefits to enjoy.

It will save you precious time that you take to search for these supplies. With physical shops, you might spend even a whole day because shops are located at far distances from one another. The process of considering jewelry making supplies from each of those shops will be tedious. But when you choose to buy online, you will just search from one website to another simultaneously and it will take few seconds or minutes to complete.

2 of My Favorite Supplies for Making Jewelry

Hello, my dear readers, instead of sharing jewelry making tutorials, today I want to introduce 2 of my favorite supplies for making jewelry, glass beads and Tibetan style pendants.
glass beads
Glass beads are fascinating, beautiful creations with various colors, they have functioned as currency, gifts, works of art, While one of the most common use of them is jewelry making. Amazing, right?!
beaded bracelet
This beaded bracelet used glass beads in blue and black, which makes the bracelet a little neutral. I believe that anyone who wears it will stand out from the crowd, since glass beads are never out of date.
beaded necklace
Different from the bracelet, this beaded necklace used glass beads in bright color, which make it so dazzling and sparkly.
Tibetan style pendants
As a Chinese girl, I have been yearning for Tibet. So I prefer to use Tibetan style pendants in jewelry making. They are full of exotic atmosphere, which always makes me think up fascinating and charming heroines in old movies.
Tibetan style bracelet
This bracelet with Tibetan style pendants surprises me absolutely with its unique color assortment. Brilliant beads with silver Tibetan style pendant, it looks so neoteric, I couldn’t sigh with emotion, nothing is impossible!
Tibetan style necklace&bracelet
This kind of beaded necklace and bracelet would be so ordinary and common without Tibetan style pendants. I could not imagine what the necklace and the bracelet will look like if the Tibetan style pendants had not been added to them. Sometimes little small things turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.
After appreciating the above supplies, do you have a crush on them? Do you want to use them to make your own jewelry? What you need to do is go for some jewelry making supplies and tutorials online, I’m sure you will fall in love with them.

Jewelry Making Supplies to Know About

DIY Jewelry MakingIn the market, you are assured of getting several jewelry making supplies that you can use for making unique and stunning pieces. You must have been used to the normal beads and a few others but there are those that you have no idea about. They are real game changers in the world of jewelry making and will be good for your consideration. Buying these supplies in wholesale is a very noble idea to think about because it will help save costs.

  • Wires and cords– these supplies can be of great use in any type of project that you embark on for jewelry making. When used, they help to hold together beads more so to create bracelets and necklaces. They are very flexible because they allow one to add or remove links.
  • Spacers and beads– you can consider them as well among the many jewelry making supplies in the market. You must lookout for these once you have secured the right wires and cords since they work in tandem. You should make bulk purchase for an opportunity to secure the best prices. These supplies are as well found in their diverse types and that will demand for more considerations from your end.
  • Clasps and hooks– your jewelry will be incomplete without these. They are very critical because they help to fasten both ends and prevent beads from falling off easily. You will find them useful for making bracelets and necklaces. Depending on what you go for, it will be an opportunity to create extraordinary jewelry pieces using these supplies.
  • Scissors, pliers and cutters– you cannot make jewelry without cutting which makes these supplies very important for consideration. You can cut using any type of tools but it’s recommended you have standard ones like scissors and pliers. They are very precise in their cutting so no chances of damaging materials.

Out of all these jewelry making supplies, there is none that is more important than the other because each plays a different role. For that reason, you must put equal weight on specific supplies if you are to get the best ones at the end of our purchase mission. For the umpteenth time, it is stressed that you should consider making bulk purchase for these supplies. Those people who are in the business of making money know how critical that is. If you are just out to make your personal jewelry, you also understand the positive impact of buying wholesale supplies.

home made jewelryGenerally, you are assured of coming across the right jewelry making supplies in the market to help satisfy your needs. Whether you want a bright or dull colored supply that is what you will get from the market and in abundance. If you want light or heavy supplies, the market will be ready and willing to deliver that to you. Never limit your options in any way because the market has been liberalized due to growing competition. You just need to expand your scope of consideration to settle for the ideal supplies.

Order Wholesale Beads Online Now

4877778_origWhen you are thinking of engaging in the business of jewelry making, you will definitely need to buy some wholesale beads for this purpose. You can engage in the art of jewelry making simply as a hobby or else, you can do this as a way of generating some extra income. Knowing about the various findings that you need for constructing your jewelry pieces is something of paramount importance as this is essentially what will help you make some good jewelry.

Different beads available


Wholesale beads are of many different types and you have many different options to choose depending on exactly what you want. Ideally speaking, the kind of beads that you will buy will essentially depend on the kind of design and style that you are fascinated with and you can be sure and certain that you will surely be able to make what you want. Some of the most commonly used types of beads include the likes of wooden beads, seed beads, pearl beads, plastic beads and the like. Something worthy noting is that each of these beads comes with something different and unique to offer you and you have every reason in the world as to why you should consider buying them.

Why buy in wholesale

There are so many reasons why buying wholesale beads are something that you really shouldn’t hesitate to do as you stand to reap many benefits in the process. Wholesale rates come with numerous benefits starting with the fact that you will be getting a much better deal unlike when you are buying individual beads. So as a jewelry designer, you can be sure that opting to go wholesale will really help you to save big on your purchase. In addition to this, wholesale jewelry making supplies like beads come in a large assortment of colors, shapes, sizes and designs and you can be sure that you will be able to get exactly what you want.

Buying online

ladybug_beads_ladybird_necklace_-_red_beads_-_jewelry_making_beads_-_524ecbd8The internet has become such a very fascinating tool when it comes to buying wholesale beads and it is important that you take full advantage of the online portal. Here, you will be able to access many online sellers of the beads right at the comfort of your own home and this is something that you really can’t take for granted at any given time. The great convenience that online stores offer to buyers is something of significant advantage and you can rest assured that buying the beads will certainly be a dream comes true for you.

With so many online retailers of wholesale beads, the best thing that you can do is to engage in comparable shopping if you really want to get the best deals possible. So, don’t just buy the beads from the first vendor that you come across but take some time to check out what others are offering. By doing so, you can be sure that you will be able to make the most informed decision possible.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads

We handmade crafters love making jewelry and diy crafts. I especially love beaded crafts. I watched many crafts tutorials with seed beads on Youtube, which inspired me. I’d like to make something with these cute beads too. Here I collected some of my favorite easy and fun to make DIY crafts with seed beads, which you can make by yourself in leisure time. All the materials and tools will be shared below the finished crafts. Gonna prepare the jewelry making supplies, and try them out! Enjoy!

Right, it is a seed beads flower, pink & beautiful.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (1)

Seems to be a headband, but a seed beads flower bracelet. 😀

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (2)

Rainbow bracelet with seed beads, nice idea for kids, I think.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (3)

Seed beads sunflower – Love, Love, Love

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (4)

Is it a flower, or something else? Only sure it is made of seed beads. :)

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (5)

Wow, seed beads butterfly! Like really!

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (6)

Red seed beads jewelry set, nice idea for this Christmas, maybe.

7 Craft Ideas with Seed Beads (7)

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