DIY Beaded Bracelet with Chain

Good afternoon dear friends, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY beaded bracelet with chain. Are you expecting it? Let’s get down to business now~
Jewelry making supplies needed to make the easy DIY bracelet with chain:
Chain, elastic beading thread, beads (bronze spacers), glue~
Instructions on how to make the DIY beaded bracelet with chain:
First, trim off a proper length of chain and cut a long piece of elastic, and thread the elastic through the chain.
Second, begin to slide the cheap beads on the elastic.
Third, thread the beads up, the size is at your own will. Then pass the other end of the elastic through the other end of the chain.
Fourth, make a knot and fix the knot with the glue, then cut off the unnecessary part. Please see the picture below.
Here is the final look of the pretty DIY bracelet with chain:
Hey guys, how do you feel like the DIY beaded bracelet? Is it super fabulous and easy to make? Absolutely yes! So I f you are charmed with it, just try to make it yourself. And if you have any confusion, please leave a reply, good luck! Hope you like it and wish you a happy day.


Tutorial about Easy DIY Fashion Accessories

Good afternoon dear friends, how’s everything going? As usual, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make cute fashion accessories, do you wanna try? Let’s see together.
Jewelry making supplies needed for making the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
30mm flat round wooden beads, 9mm colorful heart acrylic beads, 1mm black leather cord, scissors, lighter, hot glue gun.
Instructions on how to make the cute fashion accessories for girls:
Step 1: thread the wooden beads
First, trim off a length about 25cm of leather cord and thread both ends through the wooden beads;
Second, make a knot of the leather cord and melt the unnecessary part with lighter showing as the picture below;
Step 2: paste the eyes and ears
First, paste 2 yellow heart acrylic beads with glue on the wooden beads and paste 2 red heart acrylic beads in the ears’ place of the wooden beads, please see the picture below;
Second, trim off a proper length of leather cord and tie it on the double leather cord about 3cm far from the bottom;
Third, form loops through wrapping the long leather cord into the circles and fix them with glue, then trim off the unnecessary cord. Now, here is the final look of the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
Wow, what an adorable hanging accessory! Are you attracted with it? If yes, why don’t you try to make it yourself? It’s very funny and easy to make. If you have any confusion, please leave a reply. Hope you like it and wish you a happy day!

Cute Christmas Earrings Worthy of Your Attention!

Hello PandaHall’s readers, nice to see ya again. Christmas is coming, so today I’d love to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY Christmas tree earrings. Please follow me to see HOW!
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (1)
Jewelry making supplies needed about how to make the cute Christmas tree earrings:
2mm seed beads, 6mm Czech glass beads, 0.5mm copper wire, eyepins, jumprings, earring hooks, bowknot brass links
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (2)
Steps for making the cute DIY Christmas tree earrings:
Step 1: prepare the main part of the DIY Christmas tree earrings
First, trim off a length about 30cm copper wire, shape a loop at one end, then keep the loop tight and wind the wire around itself 8 times;
Second, place the loop on one of the teeth of the round nose pliers and pull down the wire loop and stretch it out showing as the picture below;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (3)
Third, take the wire loop off the pliers and prepare the wire look neat;
Fourth, add a proper amount of seed beads on the wrapped wire until it’s full of seed beads;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (4)
Fifth, trim off the unnecessary wire and roll a turn at the bottom;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (5)
Step 2: finish the cute Christmas tree earrings
First, add a 6mm Czech glass bead on an eyepin, trim off the redundant part and shape a loop at the end;
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (6)
Second, put the Czech bead connect to the bottom of wrapped wire loop, and combine the brass link with the top loop using a jumpring.
Third, attach earring hooks to the brass link.
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (7)
Here is the final look of the DIY Christmas tree earrings:
How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads (8)
Wow, fabulous! How do you feel like the Christmas tree earrings? I wonder that you can’t wait to try it now, right? If so, just take action! Because it really looks so stunning! Hope you like it and wish you a good day~

Customize your Jewelry with Wholesale Buttons

Penny buttonsThere are very many types of buttons that you can buy for your jewelry making purposes. They range from assorted buttons to plastic buttons, coconut buttons, metal buttons, shell buttons, resin buttons, acrylic buttons, cuff links, shank buttons, wooden buttons, snap buttons and rhinestone buttons among many others. Even though they are good for customizing your jewelry, they will be expensive when bought in retail. Save on that by choosing to purchase wholesale buttons and it will offer you the best way to customize.

When making wholesale purchase, there are wide varieties of factors that must be considered. One of them is quality because there are those that come with high quality and others are of low quality. The quality of the wholesale buttons you buy will be determined by the type of material used. For instance, acrylic is not easy to break thus will be a better option compared to the fragile plastic beads. Don’t assume that just because you are making wholesale purchase the quality is assured. You must go out of your way to have that guaranteed.

Some wholesale buttons are very quick to fade out which will make them unsuitable for customizing your jewelry. In making purchase, it is advisable that you look at colors that don’t fade out easily and go for such buttons. You need to buy buttons that will not lose their natural color even when you wash them regularly or they are exposed to environmental factors like sunlight. Even though it might be difficult getting such buttons, you will have all the time to make detailed considerations.

Put all your efforts

buttons to make ringsJust leave nothing to chance in making sure you have the right buttons. You as well need to be concerned about pricing for your wholesale buttons. It has been the norm for people to make assumptions that prices are automatically low when bought in bulk. But, that is far from the truth because there are instances when buying in wholesale leads to financial burden more so if not careful on your considerations.

It will be your onus to bargain with the seller for the best offer otherwise you will be swindled while you think that is the best offer in the market. You should consider offers from different dealers before choosing the most affordable one. Wholesale purchase should always give you the guarantee to save costs and you should stop at nothing short of that when buying wholesale buttons for your jewelry. The place where you buy buttons in bulk matters as well. Physical stores have a lot of limitations thus you will be good to make online purchase your top priority.

Over the internet, you will come across very many options to consider because it offers reliability and convenience. You can shop from multiple stores at a go and at any given time whether at night or during the day. All in all, you must put in all the effort in ensuring the wholesale buttons you buy are well suited for customizing your jewelry.

Important Things to Know About Lava Beads

Lava Girl Stacked Beaded BraceletsCan you imagine how easy it is today making jewelry? Is that something you could have anticipated few years back? The reality is that fashion industry has evolved big with the advent of modern technology. Today, we have all types of beads in the market including lava beads that very few people know about. As an individual, you need to know everything about this type of beads because they are the real deal. For starters, these beads are derived from basalt which is a natural rock.

Beads are light in weight

The material is light in weight and porous which are two qualities that make it ideal for jewelry making. Furthermore, basalt comes with holes and bubbles that play a critical role in its unique texture. That explains why you will never get lava beads that have similar appearances. They trace their origin back in the 19th century and have evolved big to date where they are a force to reckon with as far as jewelry and fashion industry is concerned.

You might be wondering how these beads are formed but that is another piece of information that this article will inform you. It all starts with a volcanic eruption. That results in very high temperatures that cause rocks to melt. The molten rocks that come out solidify after getting to the surface. As a result, it leads to the formation of lava beads and they come in diverse shapes. You can choose the one that you want to satisfy your jewelry needs. Colors are also different and are mainly in three categories.

Black, grey and brown are the notable colors for lava beads. Black is the most popular one among the three options and it will be good if you give it top priority in your considerations. Since they are made from natural material, these beads tend to be very abrasive. That explains why they are usually treated using paraffin wax to smoothen and make them ideal for jewelry making. You can even dye these beads in case you want them to have a different color.

You will enjoy limitless benefits

Lava StonesWhen you use lava beads, there will be a number of benefits to enjoy. The fact that they are light will be very welcome. Jewelry products like necklaces, earrings and bracelets are not good when weighty because they can become impossible to put on but these beads address that in their light weight. Also, your purchase is made easier by the fact that you can get the beads in different sizes, colors and shapes to choose what befits your jewelry project. There will be nothing to worry you.

Are you aware that there is special significance attached to lava beads? Yes there are such significance’s that will inform your decision to make purchase. Strength and endurance are two things that lava material signifies and you will want to experience that with your beads. The durability of your beads will be assured which is something missing in several other materials available for jewelry making.

Guide for Using Cabochons in Jewelry

Jewelry Glass CabochonFor starters, Cabochons are flattened stones that are used as replacements for beads and gemstones in jewelry. They are very popular today that a big number of designers have opted to have them for their projects. The main reason why they are increasingly becoming popular is their availability in varied sizes, styles and colors. You will have the freedom of choosing the one that best suits your needs satisfaction.  You can have Cabochons used to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings among many other types of jewelry.

Use the right tools

You should not be worried about how they are mounted to your jewelry. They can come alone or with beads and gemstones all of which will help achieve your mission. They will bring in the unique feel as well as fresh touch to your jewelry in the best way. Make sure you have the right tools of trade if you hope to make the best out of your Cabochons. It will be very easy and stress-free to create the best jewelry designs since nothing will have the room to go awry.

In case you are very fresh in this field of jewelry making, it is recommended that you take it easy at first. Be very careful on the type of Cabochons you have for your creations. They must be easy and simple to create. You can choose to start with earrings because they are not complex and will be a good starting point. You can then graduate to more intricate projects the moment you gain experience. The process has to be gradual as a beginner but you can start with anything if you are a professional jewelry designer.

One of the top things to do is gathering around all the supplies that you intend to use for making your jewelry. Ensure the setting and stone of your Cabochons are of the same size. Uniformity is very critical in this one and must be upheld all the time. If one is bigger or smaller than the other, they will not work as you may wish and will create a bad impression about your general looks. Both have to be joined together in a sturdy way to make sure nothing falls apart. Super glue is the best one to use and its flat back will make gluing very easy.

Choose quality glue

stone cabochonsWhen making a choice on the glue to use, pay huge attention to the brands you consider since there are some that don’t offer the best bond. You must use glue that will hold both sets intact and for longer times. Once you are through with creating your jewelry with Cabochons, it is advisable that you leave it free for some time to dry. You should not use your jewelry when glue is wet because that might compromise on its durability.

That is the simple guideline that will help you to come up with outstanding jewelry using these materials. Make sure you follow everything strictly without overlooking any step whether it’s minor or major.

Glass Beads and What You Can Make Out of Them

Skeleton Key Lampwork Glass Beaded Lariat NecklaceRecent times have seen beading become a very popular hobby for most people. The introduction of beads of different varieties has made it possible for people to try everything they can imagine and make fantastic creations.  By using these beads, it is possible to design all sorts of jewelries such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Glass beads are highly adorable and can be used for many different purposes than you can even imagine of. Depending on your creativity, you can use these beads to make some highly sophisticated jewelry items.

Jewelry making

It is needless to say that jewelry making is the most commonly known usage for glass beads and in fact, this use is what has made them so popular in recent times. Pieces of jewelry made with these types of beads are highly awesome and have the best looks that you can ever wish for. The beads can be used to make different types of jewelries ranging from bracelets to necklaces and everything else in between. The good thing with using these beads to make jewelry is that they are very easy to work with and their great versatility means that they have so many different uses.


These days, the craft of crocheting has increasingly become popular and it is being adopted by many different people. Fortunately, there is no better way to do it than with glass beads and you can be assured of fantastic results. These beads are essentially known to give the items crocheted the elegance and uniqueness that you always desire. You can crochet many different objects and items such as handbags, caps, flower baskets, tote, teapots and cups and you can be certain that you will be thrilled with the end results.


Use of glass beads to make or design wreaths is probably something that you have never though of but the truth of the matter is that this is one of the uses of these items. Once you have finished making the wreath with them, you can be sure and certain that it will appear great and lovely and the beads adds the much needed sparkle and shine to the creations. The beads are incredibly colorful and beautiful and you can be sure that they will make the wreath look at its best.

Floral works

Glass Beaded KeychainFor those who engage in floral projects, glass beads are among the most ideal types of beads that you can ever use. In this regard, the incredibly beautiful beads need to be incorporated in the crafting and you can be sure that you will end up having one of the best creations that you can ever wish for. Most homes usually have flower vases that contain sand and river rock and are among the most beautiful things that you can ever set your eyes on. Through addition of different shapes and sizes of glass beads, you will make your floral project much more interesting and lovely.