Ultimate Guide for Jewelry Making Supplies

Beaded JewelryYou should always be keen to make the right purchase decision whenever in the market looking for the best jewelry making supplies. You must be well informed on how to make the right purchase whether you want to start a jewelry business or for your personal satisfaction. It will be cumbersome getting the best out of your mission in case you are not well prepared. For beginners, the following are some of the jewelry making supplies and equipment that they need to have in place before embarking on anything:

  • Bench pin and anvil– these supplies are very useful whenever there is some bending required. They are also used to sew and hammer.
  • Torch– you can use a torch for varied purposes when working on a jewelry project. They include melting of metal, altering as well as joining materials and many more. The size of the torch to use will be determined by the nature of project you are undertaking.
  • Magnetic tumbler– this helps in polishing of jewelry. It has brought a complete change in the modern world and polishes the undercuts, channels as well as underside of rings.
  • Rolling mill– this will come in handy when you are using metallic material for your jewelry. It presses on metal to make a thin sheet out of it that you can work with easily.
  • Magnifying lamp– since the role of light when working on a jewelry project is supreme, you must be sure to invest in a good source of light like magnifying lamp. That is one of the top jewelry making supplies to consider. It will be used for illumination especially if you are working indoors. Beginners can have just a single lamp but as the business grows, it’s good to invest in many lamps.
  • Flex shaft– among the many jewelry making supplies that you will be lined up to consider buying, this is the one that helps to suppress effects of fatigue. Actually, every beginner must have this equipment because it makes everything at the bench more than easier. You can use it to accomplish a wide range of jewelry making tasks thus it’s reliable enough.

Jewelry Key ChainSome of these jewelry making supplies are new to many people but they are very much suited for satisfying your needs. You must always ensure the selection criteria used for choosing the best ones is flawless. To make sure you don’t take chances with your purchase, consider using the internet because it’s very resourceful, convenient and above all reliable. When you purchase online, it will allow you a number of benefits to enjoy.

It will save you precious time that you take to search for these supplies. With physical shops, you might spend even a whole day because shops are located at far distances from one another. The process of considering jewelry making supplies from each of those shops will be tedious. But when you choose to buy online, you will just search from one website to another simultaneously and it will take few seconds or minutes to complete.


Different Types of Seed Beads

Seed beads are spherical beads that come in different types and sizes. They are often used in embroidery as well as off-loom and loom bead weaving techniques. The material used to make these beads is glass, but there are also some made from ceramic and metal.

seed beads

Selection of seed beads to choose from for jewelry making

  • Bugle beads

These are narrow, small glass beads that are available in cylindrical or twisted designs. They embody tube shapes and are always longer than they are thick and come in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 35 mm. Bugle beads are available in many different finishes and colors hence they can be used to make very creative jewelry pieces. With bugle beads you don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry, you can also use these beads for different craft projects such as cloth embroidery, curtain making and come up with fringes for lampshades.

  • Drop beads

These seed beads are also called fringe beads, and they are shaped like tear drops. The holes of fringe beads run horizontally, and this gives you a chance to get creative as concerns beading projects.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can use these beads to make pendants, drop earrings and even bracelets. These beads are also often used as turning beads when creating jewelry.

  • Rocaille beads

These beads get their name from a French word meaning rock or pebble. They are small round beads with square or round holes. These beads come from glass material and are used in embroidery. They are available in various colors and are silver lined. You will find Rocaille beads stitched on clothes and shoes.

  • Charlotte beads

Charlotte beads were invented in the year 1847, and they were named after the name of the daughter of the inventor. They are single-faceted beads, and this gives them a shine that creates beautiful jewelry pieces. They are available in sizes 8/0, 11/0, 13/0 and 15/0. However, they are often available in size 13/0 a size in which they are referred to as true cut beads.

Purchasing beads online

There are other numerous seed beads available. They are great beads to have in your jewelry supplies cabinet because they can make much more than jewelry. If you are a crafts person, who enjoys making different things aside from jewelry, you can use them as accessories on bags and shoes.

It’s easy to purchase beads from different shops; however, online shopping is a much better choice. Shopping for beads online provides you with flexibility because you can shop online at any time. You also get a wide variety of beads to choose from while sometimes brick and mortar shops limit the types of beads you can buy.

Online wholesale bead sellers offer prices that are significantly lower than retail shop prices. Purchasing your beads from wholesale vendors online will, therefore, save you money. You will also find that various online bead vendors even provide free shipping meaning that you can have the beads delivered right to your doorstep. Seed beads are excellent items to have for crafts or jewelry making.

Wholesale Buttons for Attire Decoration

ButtonsFrom childhood, we all know that the importance of buttons is to fasten shirts, jackets, blouses, trousers and every other attire that is designed to use buttons as fasteners. However, there is more to buttons that just fastening, because in these modern days they are being used as decorative for enhancing the appearance of the product is being used on. Decorative buttons are used on clothes, bags, seat covers and other things according to the creativity of the designer. A single button can make all the difference in the attractiveness of a product, when it is strategically placed in a balanced manner to attract the attention of the beholder. Jewelry designers use all means to diversify their art, and wholesale buttons are one of the ways to enhance the value of the products they create.

Where to Buy the Buttons

The types of wholesale buttons that you as a designer should focus on being will depend on the particular project you are working on. You can get the buttons from the local store but they are limited in the area of variety, and hence your work may be constrained.  You definitely want to diversify your designing business and hence you ought to look for greener pastures in terms of finding the right sources for your wholesale buttons.

The internet has come to improve our lives in the way we do things, and you can attest to that as this information comes to you through technological advancement. Many jewelry supplies traders have taken their businesses to the internet where they are sure of attracting many customers and increase their sales. You can therefore benefit from buying your wholesale buttons from these online stores, which avail the products to you affordable, faster and with a wide variety.

In addition to buying the buttons at cheaper rates, there is another advantage of initiating the buying and transaction process right from the comfort of your home or office desk. Simply target a trustworthy and reputable source of the wholesale buttons, which has been in the business for long and are known to keep their promise in the delivering order as required.

Types of Buttons

Buttons VarietyWholesale buttons for decorations are made from different material such as glass, enamel, wood and even precious metals. You ought to specify the type of buttons you need, based on the amount of money you have. Apart from the material that makes the buttons, the shapes sizes and number of holes on the button will determine your selection. They come with two or four holes, and the usage will determine the number of holes required. For instance, the flap that covers handbags will require strong and steady fastener, and hence a strong four-holed button will suffice. Decorative buttons that are not meant for fastening can have two holes and last for long.

The quality of buttons will matter and so you will need to do a good research on the online stores you need to source the buttons from. Remember that the durable material you buy for your product will help you to create durable product and hence win the trust from your customers.

Buying Tips for Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Elaborate-bead-necklace-ideas-Golden-and-turquoise-diy-statement-necklacesMost people have nowadays realized that they can make a lot of money simply by selling jewelry pieces that they can manage to make at home. With designing jewelry becoming such a popular art and hobby, demand for wholesale jewelry supplies has increased nowadays. Every jewelry designer is with time and slowly realizing the incredible benefits they stand to reap by buying these supplies in bulk and are certainly not ready to let this pass them by.

A Wide Range of Supplies Available

Metal-Bead-Caps-BC-11021101-While you are in the market place trying to find wholesale jewelry supplies, you will be thrilled to know that there are so many different types of supplies available at your disposal. As a jewelry designer, you certainly need most of these supplies for you to be able to complete your project successfully. You will for example need the jewelry tools that you will be using to make these jewelry pieces and other supplies that you can as well buy in bulk include the likes of beads, jewelry findings and even threading wire for making necklaces and the like. All these supplies are very essential and you will need them if you want to complete your project successfully.

Where to Buy

After understanding why you need to buy your jewelry supplies in bulk, the next most important thing that you should be concerned about is where to actually buy them. The truth of the matter is that there are so many places that sell these supplies, whether online or offline and you will be thrilled to know that you can be able to get the best deals. Your local stores are an option that you should certainly avoid as this is the last place in the world where you can get great bargains. While these sellers will of course tell you that they are selling you the supplies in bulk, the price is certainly very different from this.


The internet option is certainly the best way to procure Wholesale jewelry supplies and you will be amazed at what you can possibly get by procuring these supplies through this option. With so many great stores selling these jewelry supplies on the web, you can be sure that incredible deals await you and this is surely something that you really can’t afford not to take full advantage of. The best way to go about it is to compare deals and offers from different websites before finally settling on a given option. Comparable shopping will really help you make better and more informed decisions on exactly where you are getting the best deals.

The beauty of buying your jewelry supplies on the internet is that it is incredibly convenient and the whole thing is incredibly easy. You can afford to purchase all the different types of supplies that you want from www.pandahall.com and start making your jewelry pieces right away. You don’t have to pay more to get the jewelry supplies you want and this is the beauty of buying online.

Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Jewelry Supplies Online

wholsale-jewelry-suppliesWhether you are a novice jewelry maker or an experienced one, you will benefit a lot from wholesale jewelry supplies from Pandahall. Buying items on wholesale means buying them in bulk instead of on a piece by piece basis. Whether you are making jewelry for pleasure or to make an extra buck, there is no denying that we all love to save money and time.

This is where jewelry supplies from Panda Hall come in. If you are conscious of the value of money, then you will always be on the lookout for ways in which you can save money – especially in these tough economic times. Buying jewelry supplies in bulk means you can do that. You see wholesale prices are set much less than retail prices. This is because you are buying many items at once instead of one item at a time. You are helping the vendor offload his items in bulk and in return he can afford to cut the price down. It’s a win – win situation!

International Gem & Jewelry Show ChicagoYou can save money even more by making your wholesale purchases online. This means that instead of leaving the comfort of your home or workshop you simply get your purchases done online. Online shopping has become quite popular in this day and age because people don’t have the time to go out and browse shops anymore.

Now, as long as you have access to the internet the shops will come to you. Because these are not physical shops, they don’t have costly overheads as do physical shops, so they often have good sold at quite fair prices. In many cases, they even hold sales and offer amazing discounts that will give you the chance to get your wholesale jewelry supplies at a steal.

wholesale jewelry suppliesOnline shopping has now gone a step further by helping you to save on transport costs. You purchase items from these online shops and they ship them right to your doorstep. This is especially the case when you buy your items in bulk. This means you save transport costs and also save on the items being delivered to you.

The process of shopping for jewelry supplies from reputable vendors such as pandahall is easy because they have such a good set up. The items are organized in sections and there are pictures so that you know what you are purchasing. You simply click through the merchandise picking what you want. It’s stress-free and can be done in a matter of minutes. The payment portals are also secure so there is no chance that your private information will be accessible to others. Many jewelry makers shop for their wholesale jewelry supplies online everyday- try it!

Make Flower Hair Band with Seed Beads

Every girl loves to wear flower hair band. But hair bands displayed in boutiques are usually quite expensive and they are nearly the same in styles. How about making one hair band by your own hand? This will save you a lot and your friends will surely envy your creation!

You will need these following jewelry making supplies:

4mm glass seed beads
2mm glass seed beads
8mm Mashan jade beads
125mm Iron hair bands
0.3mm beading needle
0.3mm nylon wire

Let’s check this video and get started!

Shopping for Cabochon Settings

Red Abstract all3

Cabochons used with cabochon settings are gems that are not faceted, but polished. This results in a gemstone that has a convex shaped top and a flat bottom.  These gems are held in place in jewelry items by using settings. These are a sort of frame that is of the same size and shape of the gem being set, and they work at holding the gem in place securely. They also bring out the beauty of the gem being used and are essential for making a cabochon inspired jewelry piece.

When shopping for settings from reputable vendors such as Panda Hall, you will find that it offers you an easy shopping experience. You should start by being aware of the material that you want your settings to be made out of. Cabochon settings come in a variety of materials such as silver, copper, brass, gold and steel among others.  The settings are shaped in different forms. There are round settings, oval settings, marquise settings and emerald settings among others to choose from. This is to allow you to match the shape of your cabochon to the setting.

Different mountings types to choose from


You will find that cabochon settings come in a number of mounting types. There are ring settings, pendant settings, bezel cups and drop and link settings among others. The idea is to purchase the mounting according to the type of jewelry item you are trying to create. You will find that the type of mounting you choose has the power to enhance the beauty of the stones you use such that you cannot afford to be random with your choices. You have to choose a setting made out of material and of the sort of mounting that can enhance your jewelry in the best way possible.

Shop for your settings online

These tips mean that you need to take your time when shopping for settings. Hence, you will find that it is advisable to shop for these setting online. This is because in stores such as at pandahall you find a wide selection of settings to choose from. You also find that they are grouped in terms of size and material and you get to see them in picture format so that you have an idea of how they will look. This means you can mix and match them with the cabochons you have at home and only purchase what you feel matches well with your gems.

Buying cabochons and setting at Panda Hall will offer you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or workshop. These items are quite affordable as well so that you not only save time while shopping at Panda Hall but you also save some money. So why not buy your cabochons and settings from Panda Hall today!