Paint your wooden beads on your own

The appeal of contemporary wooden beads might dose off when you set sight onto their plain appearance. I understand that there are many colored ones available too, but many of us seem to not find the right appeal in them.

Wooden beads are one of the fundamental components for many handcrafted jewelry projects. There are limitations in terms of their colors & patterns, which is why I present you a basic guide of painting them according to your style, so that you do not feel the need to abide with the rules.

Painting your wooden beads is also meant as keeping them good for long. Their surfaces would not fall dull or shy of appearance, and you could always use color patterns for decoration. You can even make custom ones for a special project or holiday season.

First of all, make sure you have check listed the following supplies:

  • Wooden beads
  • Wooden dowel
  • Board
  • Spray paint
  • Tray
  • Craft colors
  • Screw
  • Old piece of newspaper
  • Brush
  • Sheet of foam – 1’x6”
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: Spray paint

Arrange your wooden beads on a tray in an area where passage of air is good. Spread them out so they do not come in contact with each other and hide each other’s surfaces at corners.

Shake your spray paint can well and spray paint in a back-and-forth direction at a minimum distance of 6”.

Spare 10 minutes to let them dry and then turn the uncolored sides up. Spray paint them 6” apart.

Step 2: Dowel paint

Get your board and attach your dowel vertically onto it. The height must not cross 6”. You need to use dowels which have a diameter smaller than your wooden beads.

String your beads onto the dowel, one at a time.

Use your left hand to hold the bead from the top while you use your right hand to paint it. Take your brush and craft paints to paint it nicely. If you can think of custom patterns then make sure your darkest shade is your first coating.

Turn around the bead and keep painting the left out sides. Take a moment about 15 minutes to let your wooden beads dry up. Take them out, afterwards.

Now, your beads are semi-painted, you need to paint inside. Spread them on a newspaper and start painting inside. Take 15 minutes, as usual to let the paint dry up.

Now, again on your dowel, put your bead and put your left hand’s index finger on top and tight, so that you could paint various details on the surface with your other hand.

Step 3: Use toothpicks and foam

Lay a sheet of foam on your surface of work. Your foam has to be large enough to accommodate 20 wooden beads.

Pin toothpicks into the surface of your sheet. Keep distance in between them, so that your beads do not come in contact with each other.

Put a bead on every toothpick you skewered on the sheet. Then, paint each using your brush and paints and paint in any way you desire.

You are done! How charming do they look now? Try them in a jewelry project. Happy to have helped you with your wooden beads!


How to make a napkin ring using wholesale beads?

Hello, friends! It is about time that we admit that getting crafty has rewarded us a creative potential that we can unleash in handcrafting various beautiful projects. Today I am going to present you a step-by-step guide on utilizing wholesale beads to make a napkin ring.

It is as easy as it sounds like, and you require the usual materials and some time off your busy schedule. Just think how you could present them in this year’s Thanksgiving Day in November.

So now, let us begin… First and foremost, make sure you have the following supplies ready at hand:

  • Memory Wire bracelets – Gold; each one would make two napkin rings, so feel free to have any number you want
  • Looping pliers
  • Assorted wholesale beads – you could use gold/orange/brown or loose beige wholesale beads
  • Wire shears
  • Green Leaf beads
  • Jump rings – gold, 10mm

Well, I could tell if you have started getting all worried about a memory wire, but the good news is that you could still use any golden wire that is 18-22 gauges if you are short of memory wires. I just used one because I had it already.

Get started using your memory wire shears and cut your coils. For every ring you make, you require exactly 2 loops. Afterwards, you need to keep the wire separate and cut it using wire cutters. Just do not use your regular scissors because it would ruin the scissors blade. Trust me, I have been there and done that; the wire is too strong.

Now grab your looping pliers and make a tiny loop at one of the finishing points of your memory wire or any wire you use. This way, you will prevent your wholesale beads from falling off to the ground. You now also have a good place to hang dangles.

Now the part we all crave for – stringing our beads. It is as amazing as it gets with time how you become so fond of stringing your wholesale beads. The best part is that this is the part where you get all creative and energetic, so enjoy while it lasts.

Anyway, go for a random pattern of stringing around 3 to 5 beads. Then, string 2 green leaf beads. You could make a pattern out of it, but it’s also good to remain undecided. How about getting your little girls to help? In fact, I prefer you could really use the idea. Even if you do not have kids, let your aunt or any kids to do so.

Now that stringing beads is all done, time to make one more loop at the end that is free. In order to form a dangle, simply string 3 to 5 leaf beads over a jump ring. Followed by, thread the jump ring into a loop and close the opening.

That’s it! Quite simple, isn’t it? Look at just what you made. Great job!

I will be back with more crafty tutorials, so stay tuned.

How to make a wooden beads summer necklace?

Summer is around the corner, and the need to wear light also comes down on your jewelry. Summer clothes do not really require jewelry to match with usually, but there are certain ideas that could adorn your summer look on a lateral level.

Today, I present you with another step-to-step guide on a necklace you can make using wooden beads. Let me share you the supplies first. Make sure you have everything ready at hand to work! Just relax, sit tight and focus on each and every step. If you are a small girl, let an elder one to use sharp objects for you. You don’t want to hurt yourself!


  • Wooden beads
  • Rondelle beads
  • Gold spacer beads
  • Amazonite beads
  • Metal chain
  • Crimp beads
  • Elastic beading wire
  • Jump rings
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp pliers
  • Bead board (optional to use)
  • White paint (optional to use)

 Step 1: Make a layout of your necklace design using your bead board. Put your wooden beads along with other and form the best design.

Step 2: Form a loop at an end of your beading wire, slide a crimp bead through and using crimp pliers, secure it tightly. Leave a small part out of your wire so your loop remains fixed.

Step 3: String wooden beads and the rest. Your loop will work as a barrier to keep them in one place. Your small wire part will be covered inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 4: Now let me share one professional tip with you:  

  1. Right after you formed a design, trim away the piece of wire in excess, so you are at easy of working.
  2. At the end of your beaded wire, put a crimp bead and a jump ring, and afterwards, form a loop in the strand.
  3. Using one or more pair of pliers and hold your jump ring in place, pull the extension of your loo in order to tighten it down.
  4. Followed by, crimp your bead. Then, use cutters to trim away the wire extension, but leave enough to hide it inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 5: Open up your jump rings using the pliers and slide onto a metal chain. Using pliers again, close the jump rings. It is up to you how much you keep the measure of your chain’s length. Put it around your neck to make a decision. Make any adjustments until and unless you reach a suitable size. Then, cut it.

You are all done! Wasn’t it too easy? I am sure you loved making a wooden beads necklace and shall make more for your family & friends.

If you want to go more crafty and creative, let me share a sumptuous trick with you about painting the wooden beads. Let your imagination and creative head work here and enjoy it all along! You can reach all possibilities of creativity once you keep on making it. Remember, practice makes a woman perfect, too!

Stay tuned on my blog for more step-by-step tutorials regarding handcrafted jewelry!

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Clasps

Making jewelry items is a hobby of many people. Not only women but some men are also interested in creating new jewelry pieces. You can check out the major jewelry designers of the world and will come to know that the ratio of men jewelry designers is more than women. Every jewelry item made is created with great care, passion and innovation. Quality materials always sell fast and at the best rates. Making jewelry is definitely an art but with the supplies you can’t do anything about that art or talent. When we talk about the supplies, the magnetic clasps are the ones that are used in many jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and such.

Magnetic clasps have become quite popular when it comes to using jewelry findings. Not all designers love to use clasps in their jewelry items but some love to as they find them convenient. These clasps come in different forms and types that are used according to the style of the jewelry item. They are just like a button that has got a loop on the back. You can find these clasps in the market pretty easily. All kinds are available at very affordable prices.

Kinds of magnetic clasps

The usual clasps used in the jewelry items are:

  • Toggle clasps
  • Snap clasps
  • Stainless steel clasps
  • Bracelet clasps
  • Magnetic jewelry clasp

These magnetic clasps can be used in different kinds of jewelry item depending on the preference of the jewelry maker and the style the jewelry item has got.

Below are the pros and cons of the magnetic clasps on the basis of which you can decide on whether to use them or not:


Clasps with the magnetic field have got tons of benefits to the users. The jewelry designers use them because of several reasons or benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Jewelry that has got clasps with it is easy to put on and remove too.
  • Elderly people can wear the jewelry items easily that have got clasps with them.
  • Clasps add security to the jewelry items and the jewelry won’t unconsciously fall off either.
  • No losing your jewelry anymore and the clasps are strong enough to hold them safely in place.
  • The electric current from these clasps assists in increasing oxygen and heat to the body.
  • Apart from this, clasps also regulate the normal functions of the body and heal shoulder pain, osteoporosis, bed sores, wrist pain and asthma.
  • They increase the worth of your jewelry too.


The magnetic clasps do not have much disadvantages with them as they widely used but in some cases they do not suit people. Where there are roses, the thorns come along as well. Here are the flaws that clasps carry with them:

  • The jewelry with clasps should not be used in places of the body that can be affected by the magnetic fields.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using the jewelry made with clasps.
  • Heavy pollution and wearing jewelry with clasps can be dangerous to the immune system.

Overall, using clasps with magnetic field in jewelry items works in all situations. Only some rare cases demolish them.

DIY Beaded Bracelet with Chain

Good afternoon dear friends, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY beaded bracelet with chain. Are you expecting it? Let’s get down to business now~
Jewelry making supplies needed to make the easy DIY bracelet with chain:
Chain, elastic beading thread, beads (bronze spacers), glue~
Instructions on how to make the DIY beaded bracelet with chain:
First, trim off a proper length of chain and cut a long piece of elastic, and thread the elastic through the chain.
Second, begin to slide the cheap beads on the elastic.
Third, thread the beads up, the size is at your own will. Then pass the other end of the elastic through the other end of the chain.
Fourth, make a knot and fix the knot with the glue, then cut off the unnecessary part. Please see the picture below.
Here is the final look of the pretty DIY bracelet with chain:
Hey guys, how do you feel like the DIY beaded bracelet? Is it super fabulous and easy to make? Absolutely yes! So I f you are charmed with it, just try to make it yourself. And if you have any confusion, please leave a reply, good luck! Hope you like it and wish you a happy day.

Tutorial about Easy DIY Fashion Accessories

Good afternoon dear friends, how’s everything going? As usual, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make cute fashion accessories, do you wanna try? Let’s see together.
Jewelry making supplies needed for making the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
30mm flat round wooden beads, 9mm colorful heart acrylic beads, 1mm black leather cord, scissors, lighter, hot glue gun.
Instructions on how to make the cute fashion accessories for girls:
Step 1: thread the wooden beads
First, trim off a length about 25cm of leather cord and thread both ends through the wooden beads;
Second, make a knot of the leather cord and melt the unnecessary part with lighter showing as the picture below;
Step 2: paste the eyes and ears
First, paste 2 yellow heart acrylic beads with glue on the wooden beads and paste 2 red heart acrylic beads in the ears’ place of the wooden beads, please see the picture below;
Second, trim off a proper length of leather cord and tie it on the double leather cord about 3cm far from the bottom;
Third, form loops through wrapping the long leather cord into the circles and fix them with glue, then trim off the unnecessary cord. Now, here is the final look of the DIY fashion accessories for girls:
Wow, what an adorable hanging accessory! Are you attracted with it? If yes, why don’t you try to make it yourself? It’s very funny and easy to make. If you have any confusion, please leave a reply. Hope you like it and wish you a happy day!

A Series of Fabulous Necklace Deserving Your Attention!

Good afternoon dears, it’s true that every girl has jewelry of her own style. So how about necklaces? Today I am going to introduce you a series of stylish necklaces, I guarantee they won’t let you down~ let’s see together.
Coco Nut Beaded Necklaces

  1. Coconut Beaded Necklaces

How do feel like this one guys? Do you think it’s special? I cannot imagine that we can make necklace with coconut beads if I don’t see it in person. This is a pretty innovative jewelry making idea! Besides, it’s also quite environmentally friendly. So it’s a good choice for chic girls~
Punk Rock Style Leather Skull and Leaf Necklaces
2.Punk Rock Style Leather Skull and Leaf Necklaces
Wow, so personalized! It will be cool to wear such a necklace. You see the skull ornaments? Do you think they are horrible? Absolutely not! On the contrary, they are so adorable! If they are placed with studs of other shapes, the necklace would be a commonplace. In addition, the leaf pendants are also a charming component. I have a special preference for Tibetan silver jewelry~ by the way, the punk rock style necklace suits girls who are cool and outgoing.
Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace for Women
3. Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace for Women
I love the necklace pattern sooo much! White pearl beads plus red beads is pretty perfect, which gives people a feeling of enthusiasm and vitality. Besides, shell pearl beads look so pure and because of its sleek surface and smooth edge, it has been adored by jewelry making suppliers and customers for a long time~
alloy coin pendant necklace
4. Trendy Women’s Alloy Coin Pendant Bib Statement Necklaces
Stunning! It bears a splendor of royalty, which is the first impression I have on it~ Frankly speaking, the golden coin pendants fascinate me most! I don’t know why the designer select golden coin as the pendants, maybe it stands out nobleness and richness! Do you like this one guys?
Which one impresses you deepest? Do they broaden your horizons? Anyway, I wannna share them with you and hope you all like them. Wish you a wonderful day~