Common Types of Bracelet Clasps

aa369c828564013c2c19569847897b84Do not expect that bracelet clasps which appeal to your friends will do the same to you. They are in different shapes, colors and designs so expect varied levels of satisfaction. Notably, you will experience diverse pros and cons of these clasps whenever you have some for personal use and satisfaction. To help you choose on the one that suits your needs satisfaction, the following types of clasps for bracelets will be discussed in details.

  1. Box clasp– it has a unique construction that is commonly referred to as tongue-and-groove. As a result of that, there is a closure formed with the shape of a cube and it makes it to be more secure than any other in the market. Furthermore, these bracelet clasps come with flexibility because you will be able to fasten them as well as unfasten by the use of a single hand.
  2. Lobster claw– you can use this one to fit a rounded ring into a clasp that is oval shaped. It is difficult to understand how that happens but it is a reality. It is among the easiest to use of the many clasps available and is common with necklaces.
  3. Hook– this one is a very simple clasp even though it does not guarantee any security to your jewelry. Its main components are ring and tension hook which are highly attractive when used with bracelets.
  4. Toggle– when using these bracelet clasps, you will see a bar whose main purpose is to fit into the ring. Gold and gemstone are used to cover these clasps for decoration purposes so you are assured of gaining class by choosing to use it. You will definitely enjoy some ease of use with this one.
  5. Spring– there is a rounded tube that features prominently on this clasp together with a handle that are all joined to the spring. The resultant pressure ensures it is tight thus cannot open easily unless you want it to open. You will have a sense of security with this clasp even though not an easy one for use.
  6. Extender– this is a utility chain that comes with short length but used to increase the length of bracelets. That might seem to be very contradicting in some sense. They always have a style that matches that of the bracelets for uniformity reasons. If you are looking for a unified appearance with your bracelets, this is the right type of bracelet clasps to go for. In some cases, they can be used with anklets.

When you are looking for the right clasps to use with your bracelets, consider quality because it is very critical. That will be determined by the type of material used in constructing the clasps and they are many in the market.

e92ef8bdd9cfd600ab74a838dcee85aaGo for a high quality material because that has a durability guarantee. The other thing you might probably want to consider is design. It should match that of the bracelet in relation to color, shape and size. You will look to be odd if designs of the clasps and that of the bracelet contradict.