Key Things to Know About European Beads

European Beads BraceletThe jewelry world has witnessed massive transformation in the recent past with many people opting to use modern beads among them European beads. You might as well be lured into the same trend but it will be good you first understand what you are dealing with. Some people have limited knowledge about these beads but you should be an exception. Seek all the necessary information about the beads to make sure you are not ignorant of what you are working with.

For beginners, European beads are known to be large in size which corresponds with the size of the hole. That makes sure one can accommodate all types of stringing materials regardless of size. They are very flexible and good for a jewelry project. The beads are largely three dimensional and that means they have unmatched charm and beauty. You might as well be interested to know that European beads come in very many types to allow you choose the best one for your project.

You can get those that are silver plated, gold, glass, sterling silver, solid gold and many other materials. Their details are intricate and you will get some encrusted with either rhinestones or gemstones. If its shape, you will come across European beads of any shape that you want to have and will match your apparel in the best way. Common shapes in the market are star, fruit, flower, barrel, abacus, rondelle, oval, flat round and round.

Do wide considerations

Charm BraceletThere will be no excuse for not getting the shape that you are interested in because all these options are available. Do you know that you can ask for a shape and design you want? Yes, that is why customization with European beads is a key possibility. Very few other types of beads will offer you such a privilege. Generally, it’s very easy settling on the ideal beads for your bracelets. But, you must give more concerns to the size you choose since they mostly come in large sizes that will not always be suitable for your jewelry project.

Why does size matter that much with European beads? Well, it’s for the simple and logical reason that you must come up with a bracelet that is of your preferred size. You don’t need an oversized or undersized bracelet. It has to be of the perfect size. You are advised to take measurements for your wrist to help in size considerations. Make an addition of one inch taking into consideration that threading of beads will eat up some space. A fitting bracelet should not slip out of your wrist. The prices for these beads vary from one type to another.

Therefore, you must make due price consideration from all types of beads to note that which meets your budget. Don’t buy something that you will not be able to pay for but stick to your set budget. These beads have become affordable in the modern world giving you the guarantee of getting one that you can afford to pay for.


Decorating Your Jewelry with Glass Beads

Glass BeadsThe art of decorating jewelry at home has been around for as long as it’s possible. There are many accessories available for accomplishing that but glass beads will always be a standout option to use. Why not consider them? You have all the reasons to do so considering their ornamental nature. Traditionally, these beads were manufactured using a wire rod together with mandrel. However, that has become easier these days following the advancement of modern technology.

Do it yourself

You will always have it easy manufacturing beads from glass to decorate your jewelry at home. The period you take in coming up with a bead will depend heavily on its intricacy as well as your proficiency in such tasks. If they are simple and you are used to making glass beads then be sure to spend very minimal time or vice versa. The time taken can as well be determined on the level of details that is required to come up with a single bead.

All in all, you should enjoy the flexibility of coming up with these beads on your own instead of buying. That will be the best way to have your needs fully satisfied. There will be no need to have specialized training for you to effectively decorate your jewelry using glass beads. As long as you have the basics of beading, there will be nothing difficult to deal with. Most of the bead makers who are successful have never stepped into any classroom to get formal training about beading.

You just have to rely on your passion, hard work and determination to have that done. The biggest advantage of this modern world is that internet is very resourceful. You can get very many tutorials online including books, articles and videos to guide you on how to use these beads in decorating your jewelry. You can use them and it will be easy understanding what they entail within a very short period. They will help you to do it yourself without any help.

There are many options

Lampwork Glass BeadWhen you choose to use glass beads for decorating your jewelry, it will be one of the best ways to add beauty and value at minimal cost and effort. This is because you will get beads of as many colors as you will wish to have in choosing the best one. If you want dark colors, light colors or a mixture of both, the market will give you all those options for free. It will be upon you to make wise and wide market considerations in ensuring that you have settled for the best that meets your decoration needs.

You can easily shape your glass beads to any preferred shape especially after heating. They become molten thus manipulating their shape is the easiest thing to do. Whether you want an oval, round or rectangular shape for your beads, it will be all upon you to make the right choice. There will be no limitations on how to use these beads for home decorations.

Considerations Before Choosing Plastic Beads

Plastic BeadsYou should not choose to use plastic beads for your jewelry project without making due considerations and researching well. Some of the information offered is misleading and will only lead you into frustrations. Do due diligence when choosing ideal plastic beads to work with and you will be free from frustrations. One of the key considerations is merits and demerits of using this type of beads. Will your choice be worthy it or it will not?

Know merits and demerits

That is what you should strive to determine in this consideration. Starting with merits, they are very cheap when compared to many other types like crystal and glass beads. You will spend very little money in owning these beads. They will be the ideal choice when you have a very tight budget. They are easy to use thus plastic beads will be good for those who are beginners in this sector. It will offer the best learning platform for beginners.

On the downside, there are not many demerits that are associated with these beads but you should consider that as well. The coin has two sides thus put that in mind. They will not be attractive as other types and are very fragile thus can break easily. The fragility of plastic beads should not be a concern once you are mature enough to handle them professionally. When making purchase, pay more attention to merits over demerits.

Shapes are the second thing that you must consider when buying plastic beads. You will need to have a shape that you are comfortable with and do not affect the flow of your appearance. Luckily, there are very many shapes in the market to choose one from. There are shapes of animals, stars, tubes, heart, letters and many more to give you enough options. You will get beads of every shape that you want so don’t limit your considerations in any way. Is color your main thing when choosing beads for your jewelry project?

Choose the ideal colors

Upcycled Plastic BeadsIf yes then you are well sorted out in case you want to buy those made of plastic material. There are very many colors classified into bright and dull that you will get to make a choice from whenever looking to select ideal plastic beads in the market. You will have the freedom to choose what meets your requirements in the best way. If you are to combine different colors, make sure the combination is right. The place where you buy these beads equally matters a lot and you should not take that lightly.

You must buy from a dealer whose material is original and has good market reputation. You should not engage a dealer who will give you headaches when it comes to shipping or even negotiating for a fair price deal. In short, there are some simple mistakes that people make when buying beads but you should not fall into the same trap. Be very careful not to end up frustrated after making wrong choices.

Important Things to Know About Lava Beads

Lava Girl Stacked Beaded BraceletsCan you imagine how easy it is today making jewelry? Is that something you could have anticipated few years back? The reality is that fashion industry has evolved big with the advent of modern technology. Today, we have all types of beads in the market including lava beads that very few people know about. As an individual, you need to know everything about this type of beads because they are the real deal. For starters, these beads are derived from basalt which is a natural rock.

Beads are light in weight

The material is light in weight and porous which are two qualities that make it ideal for jewelry making. Furthermore, basalt comes with holes and bubbles that play a critical role in its unique texture. That explains why you will never get lava beads that have similar appearances. They trace their origin back in the 19th century and have evolved big to date where they are a force to reckon with as far as jewelry and fashion industry is concerned.

You might be wondering how these beads are formed but that is another piece of information that this article will inform you. It all starts with a volcanic eruption. That results in very high temperatures that cause rocks to melt. The molten rocks that come out solidify after getting to the surface. As a result, it leads to the formation of lava beads and they come in diverse shapes. You can choose the one that you want to satisfy your jewelry needs. Colors are also different and are mainly in three categories.

Black, grey and brown are the notable colors for lava beads. Black is the most popular one among the three options and it will be good if you give it top priority in your considerations. Since they are made from natural material, these beads tend to be very abrasive. That explains why they are usually treated using paraffin wax to smoothen and make them ideal for jewelry making. You can even dye these beads in case you want them to have a different color.

You will enjoy limitless benefits

Lava StonesWhen you use lava beads, there will be a number of benefits to enjoy. The fact that they are light will be very welcome. Jewelry products like necklaces, earrings and bracelets are not good when weighty because they can become impossible to put on but these beads address that in their light weight. Also, your purchase is made easier by the fact that you can get the beads in different sizes, colors and shapes to choose what befits your jewelry project. There will be nothing to worry you.

Are you aware that there is special significance attached to lava beads? Yes there are such significance’s that will inform your decision to make purchase. Strength and endurance are two things that lava material signifies and you will want to experience that with your beads. The durability of your beads will be assured which is something missing in several other materials available for jewelry making.

Ultimate Guide for Jewelry Making Supplies

Beaded JewelryYou should always be keen to make the right purchase decision whenever in the market looking for the best jewelry making supplies. You must be well informed on how to make the right purchase whether you want to start a jewelry business or for your personal satisfaction. It will be cumbersome getting the best out of your mission in case you are not well prepared. For beginners, the following are some of the jewelry making supplies and equipment that they need to have in place before embarking on anything:

  • Bench pin and anvil– these supplies are very useful whenever there is some bending required. They are also used to sew and hammer.
  • Torch– you can use a torch for varied purposes when working on a jewelry project. They include melting of metal, altering as well as joining materials and many more. The size of the torch to use will be determined by the nature of project you are undertaking.
  • Magnetic tumbler– this helps in polishing of jewelry. It has brought a complete change in the modern world and polishes the undercuts, channels as well as underside of rings.
  • Rolling mill– this will come in handy when you are using metallic material for your jewelry. It presses on metal to make a thin sheet out of it that you can work with easily.
  • Magnifying lamp– since the role of light when working on a jewelry project is supreme, you must be sure to invest in a good source of light like magnifying lamp. That is one of the top jewelry making supplies to consider. It will be used for illumination especially if you are working indoors. Beginners can have just a single lamp but as the business grows, it’s good to invest in many lamps.
  • Flex shaft– among the many jewelry making supplies that you will be lined up to consider buying, this is the one that helps to suppress effects of fatigue. Actually, every beginner must have this equipment because it makes everything at the bench more than easier. You can use it to accomplish a wide range of jewelry making tasks thus it’s reliable enough.

Jewelry Key ChainSome of these jewelry making supplies are new to many people but they are very much suited for satisfying your needs. You must always ensure the selection criteria used for choosing the best ones is flawless. To make sure you don’t take chances with your purchase, consider using the internet because it’s very resourceful, convenient and above all reliable. When you purchase online, it will allow you a number of benefits to enjoy.

It will save you precious time that you take to search for these supplies. With physical shops, you might spend even a whole day because shops are located at far distances from one another. The process of considering jewelry making supplies from each of those shops will be tedious. But when you choose to buy online, you will just search from one website to another simultaneously and it will take few seconds or minutes to complete.

Glass Beads and What You Can Make Out of Them

Skeleton Key Lampwork Glass Beaded Lariat NecklaceRecent times have seen beading become a very popular hobby for most people. The introduction of beads of different varieties has made it possible for people to try everything they can imagine and make fantastic creations.  By using these beads, it is possible to design all sorts of jewelries such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Glass beads are highly adorable and can be used for many different purposes than you can even imagine of. Depending on your creativity, you can use these beads to make some highly sophisticated jewelry items.

Jewelry making

It is needless to say that jewelry making is the most commonly known usage for glass beads and in fact, this use is what has made them so popular in recent times. Pieces of jewelry made with these types of beads are highly awesome and have the best looks that you can ever wish for. The beads can be used to make different types of jewelries ranging from bracelets to necklaces and everything else in between. The good thing with using these beads to make jewelry is that they are very easy to work with and their great versatility means that they have so many different uses.


These days, the craft of crocheting has increasingly become popular and it is being adopted by many different people. Fortunately, there is no better way to do it than with glass beads and you can be assured of fantastic results. These beads are essentially known to give the items crocheted the elegance and uniqueness that you always desire. You can crochet many different objects and items such as handbags, caps, flower baskets, tote, teapots and cups and you can be certain that you will be thrilled with the end results.


Use of glass beads to make or design wreaths is probably something that you have never though of but the truth of the matter is that this is one of the uses of these items. Once you have finished making the wreath with them, you can be sure and certain that it will appear great and lovely and the beads adds the much needed sparkle and shine to the creations. The beads are incredibly colorful and beautiful and you can be sure that they will make the wreath look at its best.

Floral works

Glass Beaded KeychainFor those who engage in floral projects, glass beads are among the most ideal types of beads that you can ever use. In this regard, the incredibly beautiful beads need to be incorporated in the crafting and you can be sure that you will end up having one of the best creations that you can ever wish for. Most homes usually have flower vases that contain sand and river rock and are among the most beautiful things that you can ever set your eyes on. Through addition of different shapes and sizes of glass beads, you will make your floral project much more interesting and lovely.

Using Wooden Beads in Jewelry Making

mermaid wooden beadWooden beads are quite popular in jewelry making and craft projects. Beads made from wood are available in a number of shades, shapes, textures and sizes. Since they are readily available they are often taken for granted. However, wood bead are quite interesting beads because they are so versatile and can make amazing jewelry items but they are not expensive. In addition, they are broadly used in craft projects and home décor.

As many trees as there are in the world there are wood beads for making jewelry. Some beads are made from hardwood trees such as Ebony. Other beads are made from softwood trees such as Redwood. Based on the type of wood that beads are made from, beads made from wood differ in texture and color. Some jewelers add value to beads by staining, painting or varnishing but they are still beautiful in their natural state.

  • What are the advantages of using wooden beads?

Wood beads are favored by jewelry makers above other types of beads because they are quite affordable. They are affordable compared to beads made from items such as gemstones. Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they make cheap jewelry. In fact jewelry made from wood beads makes excellent statement pieces valued by people that love organic jewelry items.

Wooden beads are also valued for their variety. There is no limit to the number of beads that jewelry makers can use to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are ebony beads, sandalwood beads, redwood beans and rosewood beads among others. The type of wood used to make beads determines their texture and color. For example, ebony beads are dark, sandalwood beads are light in color. The variety in color, texture and density means that wood beads are interesting to work with and can be used to make beautiful and unique jewelry items.

Wooden Bead NecklaceWood beads are quite affordable compared to other beads such as those made using precious stones. They are used to make artistic jewelry for everyday use because they are quite hardy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Jewelry made from wood beads is valued by people that are allergic to different kinds of metals, as well. Few people if any exhibit a bad reaction to wearing jewelry made using wood beads. Some people complain that wood beads are not colorful but this is not true as wood beads can be colored to make them vibrant.

  • Purchase beads online

There are many advantages when it comes to using beads made from wood. Hence, every jewelry maker should have a variety of wood beads in his/her supplies cabinets. In addition, it’s important to buy other beads to mix with the wood beads such as those made from metals and bones. Having a selection of organic materials such as bone beads and wood beads will help create beautiful ethnic jewelry.

The best place to purchase wood beads is online. Reliable online bead vendors have a wide selection of wooden beads to choose from among other jewelry making supplies. Shopping online for beads is easy and can save you money. So why not order your wood beads online today!