How to make a napkin ring using wholesale beads?

Hello, friends! It is about time that we admit that getting crafty has rewarded us a creative potential that we can unleash in handcrafting various beautiful projects. Today I am going to present you a step-by-step guide on utilizing wholesale beads to make a napkin ring.

It is as easy as it sounds like, and you require the usual materials and some time off your busy schedule. Just think how you could present them in this year’s Thanksgiving Day in November.

So now, let us begin… First and foremost, make sure you have the following supplies ready at hand:

  • Memory Wire bracelets – Gold; each one would make two napkin rings, so feel free to have any number you want
  • Looping pliers
  • Assorted wholesale beads – you could use gold/orange/brown or loose beige wholesale beads
  • Wire shears
  • Green Leaf beads
  • Jump rings – gold, 10mm

Well, I could tell if you have started getting all worried about a memory wire, but the good news is that you could still use any golden wire that is 18-22 gauges if you are short of memory wires. I just used one because I had it already.

Get started using your memory wire shears and cut your coils. For every ring you make, you require exactly 2 loops. Afterwards, you need to keep the wire separate and cut it using wire cutters. Just do not use your regular scissors because it would ruin the scissors blade. Trust me, I have been there and done that; the wire is too strong.

Now grab your looping pliers and make a tiny loop at one of the finishing points of your memory wire or any wire you use. This way, you will prevent your wholesale beads from falling off to the ground. You now also have a good place to hang dangles.

Now the part we all crave for – stringing our beads. It is as amazing as it gets with time how you become so fond of stringing your wholesale beads. The best part is that this is the part where you get all creative and energetic, so enjoy while it lasts.

Anyway, go for a random pattern of stringing around 3 to 5 beads. Then, string 2 green leaf beads. You could make a pattern out of it, but it’s also good to remain undecided. How about getting your little girls to help? In fact, I prefer you could really use the idea. Even if you do not have kids, let your aunt or any kids to do so.

Now that stringing beads is all done, time to make one more loop at the end that is free. In order to form a dangle, simply string 3 to 5 leaf beads over a jump ring. Followed by, thread the jump ring into a loop and close the opening.

That’s it! Quite simple, isn’t it? Look at just what you made. Great job!

I will be back with more crafty tutorials, so stay tuned.


How to make earrings using wholesale beads?

Are you looking for a simple way to hand craft jewelry? You have come to the right place because today I am going to share with you a tutorial of hand crafted earrings using wholesale beads.

All you need is some time off your busy schedule, and the best thing about learning to hand craft jewelry is that it is basically easy and involves many procedures that are followed in almost all other methods of handcrafting jewelry.

You do not need to worry about supplies because you will need some of the most common materials, you might even find them in your home. I will recommend you the color combination of wholesale beads, but there’s no limit to your own choice!

One thing I would like to clear is that you need size 10/10 wholesale beads. You can still try larger sizes like 6/0 or 8/0. Do not go for 2/0 because it would be excessively large.

Follow the list below for the materials you require:

  • Wholesale beads – silver lined aqua, opaque black and opaque white
  • Brass crimp beads
  • Brass jump rings – 4mm
  • Brass earring wires
  • Bronze color beading wire
  • Crimp pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Sharp scissors

Step 1: Let us begin by cutting length of wire about 4-5”. This length is more than what you require because you might need it later on, and it’s safer because you can always trim off eventually.

Step 2: Grab a crimp bead and place it onto the end point, and pull the short end point back into the crimp. You will have a tiny loop. Now you need to crimp it securely to your cord, so crimp it using crimp pliers.

Step 3: You need a very short length now, so cut the short end, but make sure you don’t cut it absolutely. Take measure of a length around 1/8-1/4”.

Step 4: Let me make it easy for you to string your wholesale beads. You can follow the pattern below:

  • 5x white
  • 2x black
  • 10x aqua
  • 2x black
  • 20x white
  • 2x black
  • 10x aqua
  • 2x black
  • 5x white

But wait, you can still follow a pattern of your own! Make sure your length at the end is somewhat 3-4” long.

Step 5: Once you reach to the end, put one crimp bead, loop the wire end into the crimp bead and add 2-3 wholesale beads more. Lock the crimp bead by your crimp pliers. You are almost there! Now you will have a loop on every end of your flexible length of beaded wire. Then, grab a jump ring and connect the loops simultaneously. Then, put that jump ring to the ring that you have on your earring wire.

That is all! Wasn’t it too simple to make? Look at the clock; took you no time! Thank you for heading out to my blog for this tutorial. Stay tuned for more tutorials using wholesale beads!

Wholesale Beads – The Best Solution To Jewellery

If you like jewellery or want to design your own, the first rule of thumb that you need to understand is that glass beads are going to be the best thing you will ever lay your hands on. The versatility and freedom of creativity that glass beads offer is basically unparalleled. Not only can you make your own beads and have major bragging rights on the things you design, they are cheap. And thus we come to wholesale beads.

Why buy them at bulk?

If you are just starting out, you will not be able to understand why you should buy at a bulk. I did not too when I was starting out. But as it turns out, when you are working with beads, you need quite a bit to design your pieces. This becomes all the more important when you are looking to sell these off. Remember, all businesses start slow. In fact, the jewellery business mostly gains momentum by word of mouth. When someone sees an interesting piece of jewellery on someone else, the first thing that they want is to get one themselves. Hence, it is inevitable that you will have to make multiple copies of the same piece of jewellery. And therein comes the benefit of buying wholesale beads.


Just one word to describe all your hard work. Profit is one of the most important things ever invented (EVER). Thus, when you buy wholesale beads, you can argue for the price. No shop keeper likes to haggle over the price when you are looking to buy 10 pieces of glass beads. I mean why would they? They are not really doing any serious business. Go to them with an order of 500 pieces and you can see the sudden magical transformation the same shopkeeper has. Now, the question remains, how risky is that investment. What I suggest is this: Make about 5 different pieces of jewellery that you think are interesting. Have them appraised by people around you (family and best friends work wonders, trust me). When they have given their opinions on which they like, make a few changes here and there to the designs and make different versions of the same one. Finally, decide on how many you are looking to initially make for each. Count up the beads you need and there you go. Your very first order of wholesale beads confirmed.

Getting the right designs

When you are looking at glass jewellery, remember that there are 2 things that matter: newer designs and the quality of the beads. For the first, you have the internet. Prepare to invest some time to find out new designs. And aim low. Do not start working on highly complex ones at the very beginning. Start slow and once you gain experience, go higher. For the second, be ready to scourge through shops. Do not be encouraged to buy lower quality beads, even if the price is lower. Always ask yourself this: Would I buy it if sold to? Wholesale beads are already pretty cheap; especially if you mix your orders with different ones in a single lot. So always consider quality over quantity.

Keep these small tips in mind and you will be set on your journey to becoming a true craftsman.


Sell Wholesale Beads at Kids Summer Fayre

If you are a parent to a young child, there are higher chances that you will be asked to provide support to the school one day or another. Schools don’t directly ask for donations upright, they organize fundraising events for the purpose of building community spirt. That’s why many schools organize the summer fayre. These fayres are meant for raising money for the school so that the authorities can continue with the repairs and upgrades during the summer holiday. Most of the parents come up with the idea of installing goods to donate for providing support for the event. In case you are looking for fun or inspiration and you don’t want to do the typical thing, it would be a great idea to sell the wholesale beads.

Sell the beads

Every kid wishes that his parents provide the best contribution. I know I would have wanted that. Commonly, parents choose to bake cakes and sell them at the school fair but in case you are a working parent and can’t really sweat in the kitchen, then the best idea to begin with would be choosing wholesale beads. They are widely available and they are inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of colors and they can be fun to use too.

If you think it is not a really good idea then I would like to tell you one thing here. Many kids would love to come to your stall to buy these wholesale beads because it would attract any eye to come and make crafts with beads and similar other jewelry findings. Don’t just keep the beads at your stall, have some jewelry items and craft items along too so that your audience gets to know they can make different things from these supplies.

Make the arrangements

On the summer fayre, all you will need a table and some chairs. The setting of the table should be according to the color of the boxes, and the size and shape of the beads you want to sell. Once the boxes are arranged, you are ready to go. Invite the kids to buy a seat and table and play with the beads. You can give 20 minutes to each kid and then play all they want with the beads. Talk to them and help them in tying the bracelet made from the cotton thread. You can give away these bracelets to the kids as a remainder of this exhibition at the fayre.

Make sure that you can find beads of bigger sizes so that it becomes simple for the kids use these beads and other parents would be satisfied that these beads are safe to use for kids. Make sure that you advise the children in picking the wholesale beads and let them use their creativity for creating the funny and funky jewelry pieces. It will even make them curious to learn more about beads and jewelry making. Wholesale beads would make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of making the jewelry with their creativity.


Why Should You Buy Wholesale Wooden beads?

Wooden Beaded BraceletWooden beads have in recent times become incredibly popular nowadays and you have every reason in the world why you should use them. The great versatility of these beads and the fact that they are available at greatly affordable prices gives you all the reasons in the world to consider using them. Also, the fact that they are of lightweight means that most people like wearing jewelry pieces made with these beads a lot and are thus used for creating jewelry pieces with some bold and chunky designs.

Get great deals

When you are planning to buy wooden beads for your upcoming project, it is always important that you do your best to get the best deals you possibly can. Fortunately, a great way to ensure this is to buy the beads in wholesale. This gives you a much better option when it comes to procuring these beads as you are assured of incredibly great prices unlike when buying them from a local shop. Buying the beads in bulk makes a lot of sense if you really want to save big and you will certainly be thrilled to know that they are highly affordable. This means that you are able to get the beads at an incredibly great price without leaving you bankrupt.

So, when you decide to purchase wholesale wooden beads, you are assured of being able to make great profit margins when it comes to selling your finished products. This is because you will be able to buy the beads at highly reasonable and affordable prices and this will certainly means that you get the best out of your sales.

Many uses of wooden beads

Wooden Bead NecklaceTechnically speaking, wooden beads have so many uses than you can ever even imagine and you can be sure that you have all the reasons in the world as to why you should purchase them in bulk. For starters, you can use them to make some beautiful jewelry pieces and besides this, you can sew them on clothes and you can be sure that you will be able to make some unique and great designs. In addition to this, you can use the beads for embellishing ornaments not forgetting that kids will find them incredibly useful in their craft projects especially scrapbooking.

Before you purchase the wooden beads in bulk, it is of paramount importance that you give more consideration not just to the quality of the beads but also the price as well. After all is said and done, it is very important that you avoid compromising on the quality even though this means that you have to pay a little more to get the best. People always prefer buying items of high quality and this is why you should always insist on getting the best when you are buying the beads. Buying in wholesale helps you to ensure that you get beads that are the best for your needs and the internet is the best to do your shopping.

Information about Wholesale Beads

Beaded jewelry using wholesale beads is a common form of jewelry making that many people use to make an extra income.  Many people enjoy making beaded jewelry because of a few reasons;

  • First off, it’s not hard to do because to create a basic piece of jewelry you only need to thread beads together in a design of your choice
  • Secondly, the materials used to make basic beaded jewelry such as bulk beads are quite affordable
  • Thirdly, beaded jewelry is always in demand as these accessories are simple but adequately complement most outfits

Apart from jewelry, wholesale beads can also be used in craft projects. For example, these beads can be used to make lamp fringes and beaded partitions. Beads can also be used in cloth embroidery to beautify clothing items. Hence, the art of beading does not just end at jewelry making. Wholesale beads are in great demand all over the world. They can be used to beautify items or create beautiful accessories.

There are many retail jewelry supply shops that sell beads. While they offer good quality beads at great prices, the best way to go is to purchase wholesale. The wholesale trade involves selling items in bulk and for jewelry makers and craft people this is the right way to purchase jewelry supplies such as beads in bulk.

Benefits of wholesale purchase of jewelry supplies

The reason that jewelry makers purchase beads and supplies at wholesale prices are as follows;

–    Buying wholesale beads will save you money as opposed to buying your beads on a retail basis. Buying items in bulk means there is less money spent on packaging and stock moves faster. Fast moving goods offer vendors the incentive to sell wholesale jewelry items on a wholesale basis.

–    For jewelry makers and craft people, buying beads in bulk saves a lot of time. You save time because purchases are done at a go instead of making trips to the retail store every other time to replenish stocks.

–    Bulk beads are also popular when there are sales or offers. There are always times when beads sell at discounted prices as jewelry makers buy fresh beads during this time to replenish stocks.

–    On the other hand, bead sellers use discount offers during sales to get rid of outstanding stock so as to bring in new stock.

Different types of  bead you can buy

  • Plastic beads: These are light weight beads often made of acrylic. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are ideal for jewelry makers who are just beginning their craft.
  • Wood bead: As the name suggests they are beads made of wood. They are in different shades depending on the tree used to make them. They can also be painted in different colors or stained to improve their appearance.
  • Gemstone beads: These are beads made from precious stones while some are created from semi-precious stones.

Apart from the above other types of beads you can purchase from bead suppliers are seed beads, glass beads, and pearl beads. The choice of beads purchased is governed by the money available to purchase the beads. The type of jewelry or item that one needs to make will also determine the type of beads they purchase. However, no matter the type of beads you want, you will find them at wholesale beads suppliers.

How to Buy Wholesale Beads

Charms Bracelet

When you think of purchasing wholesale beads, be ready to reap a heap of benefits that comes with the online purchase. For instance, most online merchandisers will pay for the shipping charges for clients who buy beads on wholesale. You can also enjoy selecting for a wide range of options that are available. The advantage of buying the beads on wholesale is that the discounts are turned into huge profits.

At the end of the day, there is no downside to purchasing beads on wholesale. Various stores online boast a wide range of wholesale beads and it is always advisable for an interested buyer to first comb through the various online stores before settling for one. Most importantly, ask for referrals from bead sellers that have managed to successfully buy wholesale beads online or locally.

Be Precise When Choosing Beads Store

Beads VarietyWhen looking for the right store to buy your wholesale beads, always consider the following;

  • Discounts and offers – various stores will not shy away from rewarding wholesale buyers and it is always advisable to understand the kind of discounts that various stores have on offer. In the case of online stores, you will find that a good number of them foot shipping costs for wholesale beads buyers as a reward. Other local stores will slash off a certain percentage of the original price.
  • Reputation – Given that many beads stores are mushrooming by the day, you can be sure that a few of them are fraudulent. It is therefore advisable to always consider the reputation of a store especially if it an online one. The quickest way to tell if a bead store is worth your time is to test their knowledge on different beads and confirm how long they have been in the business.
  • Flexibility – The right bead store should be flexible in that the storeowner should be open for a bargain, discount or even offers. You could ask your loved ones who have shopped for beads to show you the best beads store.
  • Variety – The right bead shop should boast a wide range of variety. This gives you the freedom to select as per your taste. You can check out their different options in the catalogs or on the internet. In addition, confirm if they can supply custom-made wholesale beads.
  • Knowledge and Experience – when hunting for the right bead store, always consider the knowledge and experience that the storeowner posses. This goes a long way in assisting you to get the right products and assistance whenever necessary. You can never go wrong with bead sellers that have been in the business for a while.

Various beading fanatics and retailers stand to benefit from wholesale beads purchases and the best part is that they have the freedom of variety when purchasing these beads. Do some thorough research on the type of beads you wish to buy if you want to have a smooth time purchasing the beads. This will save you a lot of time and in some instances, your hard earned money. Know what you want and specify it to your supplier in good time.