Paint your wooden beads on your own

The appeal of contemporary wooden beads might dose off when you set sight onto their plain appearance. I understand that there are many colored ones available too, but many of us seem to not find the right appeal in them.

Wooden beads are one of the fundamental components for many handcrafted jewelry projects. There are limitations in terms of their colors & patterns, which is why I present you a basic guide of painting them according to your style, so that you do not feel the need to abide with the rules.

Painting your wooden beads is also meant as keeping them good for long. Their surfaces would not fall dull or shy of appearance, and you could always use color patterns for decoration. You can even make custom ones for a special project or holiday season.

First of all, make sure you have check listed the following supplies:

  • Wooden beads
  • Wooden dowel
  • Board
  • Spray paint
  • Tray
  • Craft colors
  • Screw
  • Old piece of newspaper
  • Brush
  • Sheet of foam – 1’x6”
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: Spray paint

Arrange your wooden beads on a tray in an area where passage of air is good. Spread them out so they do not come in contact with each other and hide each other’s surfaces at corners.

Shake your spray paint can well and spray paint in a back-and-forth direction at a minimum distance of 6”.

Spare 10 minutes to let them dry and then turn the uncolored sides up. Spray paint them 6” apart.

Step 2: Dowel paint

Get your board and attach your dowel vertically onto it. The height must not cross 6”. You need to use dowels which have a diameter smaller than your wooden beads.

String your beads onto the dowel, one at a time.

Use your left hand to hold the bead from the top while you use your right hand to paint it. Take your brush and craft paints to paint it nicely. If you can think of custom patterns then make sure your darkest shade is your first coating.

Turn around the bead and keep painting the left out sides. Take a moment about 15 minutes to let your wooden beads dry up. Take them out, afterwards.

Now, your beads are semi-painted, you need to paint inside. Spread them on a newspaper and start painting inside. Take 15 minutes, as usual to let the paint dry up.

Now, again on your dowel, put your bead and put your left hand’s index finger on top and tight, so that you could paint various details on the surface with your other hand.

Step 3: Use toothpicks and foam

Lay a sheet of foam on your surface of work. Your foam has to be large enough to accommodate 20 wooden beads.

Pin toothpicks into the surface of your sheet. Keep distance in between them, so that your beads do not come in contact with each other.

Put a bead on every toothpick you skewered on the sheet. Then, paint each using your brush and paints and paint in any way you desire.

You are done! How charming do they look now? Try them in a jewelry project. Happy to have helped you with your wooden beads!


How to make a wooden beads summer necklace?

Summer is around the corner, and the need to wear light also comes down on your jewelry. Summer clothes do not really require jewelry to match with usually, but there are certain ideas that could adorn your summer look on a lateral level.

Today, I present you with another step-to-step guide on a necklace you can make using wooden beads. Let me share you the supplies first. Make sure you have everything ready at hand to work! Just relax, sit tight and focus on each and every step. If you are a small girl, let an elder one to use sharp objects for you. You don’t want to hurt yourself!


  • Wooden beads
  • Rondelle beads
  • Gold spacer beads
  • Amazonite beads
  • Metal chain
  • Crimp beads
  • Elastic beading wire
  • Jump rings
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp pliers
  • Bead board (optional to use)
  • White paint (optional to use)

 Step 1: Make a layout of your necklace design using your bead board. Put your wooden beads along with other and form the best design.

Step 2: Form a loop at an end of your beading wire, slide a crimp bead through and using crimp pliers, secure it tightly. Leave a small part out of your wire so your loop remains fixed.

Step 3: String wooden beads and the rest. Your loop will work as a barrier to keep them in one place. Your small wire part will be covered inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 4: Now let me share one professional tip with you:  

  1. Right after you formed a design, trim away the piece of wire in excess, so you are at easy of working.
  2. At the end of your beaded wire, put a crimp bead and a jump ring, and afterwards, form a loop in the strand.
  3. Using one or more pair of pliers and hold your jump ring in place, pull the extension of your loo in order to tighten it down.
  4. Followed by, crimp your bead. Then, use cutters to trim away the wire extension, but leave enough to hide it inside your final bead’s hole.

Step 5: Open up your jump rings using the pliers and slide onto a metal chain. Using pliers again, close the jump rings. It is up to you how much you keep the measure of your chain’s length. Put it around your neck to make a decision. Make any adjustments until and unless you reach a suitable size. Then, cut it.

You are all done! Wasn’t it too easy? I am sure you loved making a wooden beads necklace and shall make more for your family & friends.

If you want to go more crafty and creative, let me share a sumptuous trick with you about painting the wooden beads. Let your imagination and creative head work here and enjoy it all along! You can reach all possibilities of creativity once you keep on making it. Remember, practice makes a woman perfect, too!

Stay tuned on my blog for more step-by-step tutorials regarding handcrafted jewelry!

Using Wooden Beads in Jewelry Making

mermaid wooden beadWooden beads are quite popular in jewelry making and craft projects. Beads made from wood are available in a number of shades, shapes, textures and sizes. Since they are readily available they are often taken for granted. However, wood bead are quite interesting beads because they are so versatile and can make amazing jewelry items but they are not expensive. In addition, they are broadly used in craft projects and home décor.

As many trees as there are in the world there are wood beads for making jewelry. Some beads are made from hardwood trees such as Ebony. Other beads are made from softwood trees such as Redwood. Based on the type of wood that beads are made from, beads made from wood differ in texture and color. Some jewelers add value to beads by staining, painting or varnishing but they are still beautiful in their natural state.

  • What are the advantages of using wooden beads?

Wood beads are favored by jewelry makers above other types of beads because they are quite affordable. They are affordable compared to beads made from items such as gemstones. Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they make cheap jewelry. In fact jewelry made from wood beads makes excellent statement pieces valued by people that love organic jewelry items.

Wooden beads are also valued for their variety. There is no limit to the number of beads that jewelry makers can use to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are ebony beads, sandalwood beads, redwood beans and rosewood beads among others. The type of wood used to make beads determines their texture and color. For example, ebony beads are dark, sandalwood beads are light in color. The variety in color, texture and density means that wood beads are interesting to work with and can be used to make beautiful and unique jewelry items.

Wooden Bead NecklaceWood beads are quite affordable compared to other beads such as those made using precious stones. They are used to make artistic jewelry for everyday use because they are quite hardy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Jewelry made from wood beads is valued by people that are allergic to different kinds of metals, as well. Few people if any exhibit a bad reaction to wearing jewelry made using wood beads. Some people complain that wood beads are not colorful but this is not true as wood beads can be colored to make them vibrant.

  • Purchase beads online

There are many advantages when it comes to using beads made from wood. Hence, every jewelry maker should have a variety of wood beads in his/her supplies cabinets. In addition, it’s important to buy other beads to mix with the wood beads such as those made from metals and bones. Having a selection of organic materials such as bone beads and wood beads will help create beautiful ethnic jewelry.

The best place to purchase wood beads is online. Reliable online bead vendors have a wide selection of wooden beads to choose from among other jewelry making supplies. Shopping online for beads is easy and can save you money. So why not order your wood beads online today!

Popular Uses of Wooden Beads

Wooden Beaded BraceletWhen you are looking for a natural choice to your jewelry collection, wooden beads will always top the list of those options to consider. These beads are made of pure natural raw material with different types of wood available. You can decide to go for softwoods or hardwoods and the choice will be all yours to make. There will be plenty of options available at hand for your consideration thus wooden material should be prioritized when choosing beads.

Wooden Beads DIYWhen looking for beads to buy in the market, you will get to consider those made of wood that has varied colors, shapes as well as sizes. It is a true testimony that your options will not be limited in any way. One question that many people have been asking is for what use are these beads. Wooden beads are very fine for crafting and you can consider using them for the following:

  • Jewelry– this is the main reason why beads are there and those made of wood will always add some natural sparkle to your collection. They are good choice for earrings, bracelets as well as necklaces so it will be your choice to decide which one to go for. Your jewelry will always look great when made of wooden beads. This material is durable and its aesthetic value is always high and second to none. The greatest advantage of beads made of wood is that they have no problem combining with other types to come up with flawless jewelry. They will give you all the opportunities to enhance your looks.
  • Decoration– you don’t need to be reminded that wooden beads are a decorative agent. There are very many things at home that you can decorate using these beads and include handmade cards, wooden vases as well as photo frames. You can as well do interior decoration of your house using these beads and it will be something fun. The beads come with high levels of creativity as far as decoration is concerned. You will have an easy time coordinating multiple colors and shapes of these beads to come up with the right decorative product.
  • Scrapbooking– if you have never had a scrapbook in your life, it is time to come up with one. With scrapbooking, you will get to preserve memories from the past in a good way and wooden beads will help you achieve that. A scrapbook will hold almost anything that you consider important to your life and that of your family. Wooden beads will be a good way to decorate your scrapbook and many people prefer them because of the ease-of-use.

In a nutshell, beads made of wood have become one of the most popular accessories that people consider for their jewelry. This is primarily because of the versatility as well as durability they offer to users. It’s unfortunate that some people still overlook them since they are unaware of the many benefits they offer. You are now duly informed on that so you should not gamble with your choices.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Wooden beads?

Wooden Beaded BraceletWooden beads have in recent times become incredibly popular nowadays and you have every reason in the world why you should use them. The great versatility of these beads and the fact that they are available at greatly affordable prices gives you all the reasons in the world to consider using them. Also, the fact that they are of lightweight means that most people like wearing jewelry pieces made with these beads a lot and are thus used for creating jewelry pieces with some bold and chunky designs.

Get great deals

When you are planning to buy wooden beads for your upcoming project, it is always important that you do your best to get the best deals you possibly can. Fortunately, a great way to ensure this is to buy the beads in wholesale. This gives you a much better option when it comes to procuring these beads as you are assured of incredibly great prices unlike when buying them from a local shop. Buying the beads in bulk makes a lot of sense if you really want to save big and you will certainly be thrilled to know that they are highly affordable. This means that you are able to get the beads at an incredibly great price without leaving you bankrupt.

So, when you decide to purchase wholesale wooden beads, you are assured of being able to make great profit margins when it comes to selling your finished products. This is because you will be able to buy the beads at highly reasonable and affordable prices and this will certainly means that you get the best out of your sales.

Many uses of wooden beads

Wooden Bead NecklaceTechnically speaking, wooden beads have so many uses than you can ever even imagine and you can be sure that you have all the reasons in the world as to why you should purchase them in bulk. For starters, you can use them to make some beautiful jewelry pieces and besides this, you can sew them on clothes and you can be sure that you will be able to make some unique and great designs. In addition to this, you can use the beads for embellishing ornaments not forgetting that kids will find them incredibly useful in their craft projects especially scrapbooking.

Before you purchase the wooden beads in bulk, it is of paramount importance that you give more consideration not just to the quality of the beads but also the price as well. After all is said and done, it is very important that you avoid compromising on the quality even though this means that you have to pay a little more to get the best. People always prefer buying items of high quality and this is why you should always insist on getting the best when you are buying the beads. Buying in wholesale helps you to ensure that you get beads that are the best for your needs and the internet is the best to do your shopping.

Different Types of Natural Wooden Beads

Bracelet Beaded

Wooden beads, as the name suggests, are beads made from wood. These beads are valued by jewelry makers because they are light compared to other beads such as gemstone beads. They are also inexpensive compared to gemstone beads but can be used to make beautiful jewelry items. These beads come in a variety of shades as they are made from different types of wood.

  • How to use wood beads

For as many trees as there are on the planet, there are just as many types of beads. Hence, any jewelry maker who chooses to focus on jewelry making using wooden beads is spoilt for choice. However, beads made from wood are not only used to make jewelry. These beads can also be used in craft projects such as making beaded curtains, making interesting key holders and creating abstract sculptures. Hence, these beads are not only used by jewelry makers but by all creative people interested in creating different types of items from beads and other materials.

  • Benefits of purchasing beads made from wood

Wood beads are valued because they are easy to find as they are always available in the market. Apart from how easy it is to access these beads, many people love using these beads because they are quite affordable. Compared to the price of crystal beads and metal beads, these wood beads are often cheap to purchase. In spite of how easy it is to purchase wood beads, they make excellent jewelry when used by talented jewelry makers.

  • Wood beads and ethnic jewelry

Wood beads can be painted or embossed to come up with different textures and appearances. These beads often work well with organic materials such as bone, shell, feathers and leather to make excellent ethnic jewelry. Ethnic jewelry pieces make great statement jewelry pieces yet they don’t cost an arm and a leg like many jewelry items on the market made from precious stones.

Wood Necklace

  • Variety of beads at your disposal

Even without altering the look of wooden beads by painting or embossing, you will still find wood beads in different shades, textures, and finishes. The type of tree used to make these beads determines the color and texture. For example, Bayong wood beads are light brown in color with a lovely soft wood grain pattern and soft sheen to them. Ebony wood beads are the color of dark chocolate with a tight wood grain. Sibucao wood beads are a beautiful orange color with a fine light grain pattern. You have a lot of varieties when it comes to wood beads.

  • Buy your beads wholesale

Since wooden beads are available in so many shades and textures, it makes sense to buy different types at wholesale prices. It makes sense to purchase your wood beads from wholesale bead sellers because they offer cheaper prices than retail sellers. Wholesale bead sellers also have a wide variety of bead selections to choose from hence you can purchase different wood beads for your jewelry making business. Why not purchase your wholesale wood beads today!

Give Your Jewelry That Antique Feel with Wooden Beads

4 color wooden beads with fluro tasselMaking jewelries is an art and there are many ways to go around it. The jewelries get enhanced in their beauty with the addition of valuable elements that come with their specific aesthetic values. Be it beads or embellishments, all do add something or other to a jewelry piece. One of such additions that can largely uplift the beauty of a piece is wooden bead. Wooden beads bring a whole new dimension to this art of jewel making. They not only provide an innovative way of weaving together a jewelry that comes out with an antique look but is also so friendly to the skin at all the times, with its cold touch bringing comfort and a feeling of serenity at all the times. Touch wood they say, and with the wooden beads adorning your skin you will always be in plenty of luck. They have also been a form which has been for use over the longest periods of the time by us. Back in the early days when humans had no access to any metals and later failed to carve them with lack of technical know how, it were these beads which were there for the rescue. They have been part of every culture, and the remains found everyday indicate how crucial a part they have played in our fashion routines. wooden beaded boutique necklace Wooden Beads are known plenty for their aesthetic value too. The sort of elegance that a wooden bead can add to your jewelry can hardly be matched by any metal, say any however precious. Perhaps the beauty does lies on in the eyes of beholder who is going to see the real beauty of the bead and is never going to care much about the cost being involved with the ornament. The wooden beads are now available in plenty of colors with artistic carvings and die-work being done on them. The market has welcomed this nature’s angle into its industry and the increasing popularity has ensured that new designs are available in plenty. The woods are definitely conducive to be turned and molded in a wide variety of shapes. Molded in different shapes and contours, they appear rich in design and add to the elegance of your personality. They will be your ideal wing-man if you happen to go on occasions wearing them and will definitely ensure that you are the real charm of the party. Value for money One major advantage that wooden beads have over other forms is the value that you get for the money spent. You might always look for precious metal carvings attached to your loops. They sure will be very beautiful, but the beauty of the wooden beads is one of their own, and unique to add to that. The underlying advantage will always be about low cost and you will be saving good deal of money even with expensively carved beads. So look for these wooden strands whenever you go after any precious embellishment for your jewelry. And who knows, maybe wooden beads will turn up to be the best addition on you.